Heroes Beyond Borders :2: Dr BR Ambedkar

On 14 April i.e one legend was born .His name was Bhimrao …..Later he turned out to be one of the greatest Scholar of all times ,Who was major architect to create constitution of INDIA and work for unprivileged sections of Society and still are consider untouchables in certain part of India .

People  even went to western countries learn new things but they are still in glitches of narrow-mindedness of  cast-ism and narrow mindedness.
I would like to share his inspirational immortal beautiful thoughts ….which I think are more practical teaching than any of the religious books ….

” Life should be great rather than long.”
Know Why you are here What are YOU doing ….Make YOUSELF accountable for YOU and take some action
“I like the religion that teaches liberty, equality and fraternity.”
There no BAD religion in the town only the interpreters or followers can be misguided

“I measure the progress of a community by the degree of progress which women have achieved.”

“Cultivation of mind should be the ultimate aim of human existence.”

“Men are mortal. So are ideas. An idea needs propagation as much as a plant needs watering. Otherwise both will wither and die.”

Do something … Create Something … Share Something …. May be some day somewhere…. it will inspire Someone ….. Your digital words have unimaginable lasting effects …..

“The relationship between husband and wife should be one of closest friends.”
Sparing sometime is easy once you are in initial years of marriage but as the time goes you don’t find time to spend with your soulmate …Do it NOW …. Your never know Tomorrow You will see the rising SUN or NOT
“So long as you do not achieve social liberty, whatever freedom is provided by the law is of no avail to you.”

I would like to add here social liberty of society can’t be achieved without increasing economic security as Dr Ambedkar himself that told once if there is fight between ethics and money most of the times money wins … that is the root cause of all social evils like pollution , corruption and so on …

“Law and order are the medicine of the body politic and when the body politic gets sick, medicine must be administered.”
But like medicines it does not cure the cause but suppress for some time complete eradication can be difficult and only be archived by changing ones. Habits and rituals

“Political tyranny is nothing compared to the social tyranny and a reformer who defies society is a more courageous man than a politician who defies Government.”
World is changing and even when you are sleeping or gossiping What you do where do you live Who you are doesn’t matter if you are not doing something to change you … You can’t change the world alone but you can change You … and I would appreciate your small change which will help You or the things or people around YOU ….For me You are champion .. If nobody cares about You or recognize your effort still You are doing great …

If You are not doing anything ….. Still world is  changing but your stack in it …. Believe me you are nothing more than a count in population and ….. in other words  a liability on the earth ……



Few words about my Wonderful Friend Shadow..

Shadows are remarkable things. When I was kid I was making lots of figures with my hand in the light of table lamp like Dear ,Dog ,Fish ,Flying bird and so on.. I love one thing about it ,it Moves with you when you move. Sometimes it become long sometime it becomes short .I used to watch it we I was going for walk. Best thing it remain with you .

When you are sad or laugh or depressed or in anger .It listen to you .it does not utter a single word to you .It never argue with you .When you are in light it remains with you But it disappear there is absence of light . Life is like that nobody will remain forever with you .Even your shadow goes away from you when you are facing dark times .But really it goes out of you .or you are not able to see that in absence of light source.

It is not any financial Burdon, you don’t have feed it ,you don’t have to buy tickets for it . It doesn’t demand any gifts from you , It is your back when you are facing odd hots Its feet attached to your feet. Why, because you are attached to Ground. .Shadows is considered as your other part of personality, It is symbol of your unconsciousness. .You can’t find ego in your shadow. You can’t find anger in it .It remain cool and silent always .It does not worry about where it is falling in mud in water in ditches in fireplace in flowers. On you bed .because it does not have any feeling. You should attached to your dream keepyour self-attached to it despite ,of the weather sometimes you find you lost your dream as you lost your shadow in dark ,You will regain it when you again come in light ,Brighter is the light darker is the shadow .When light sources on your face ,people does not see your face, When light Is informant of your shadows cast on your back .to see your shadow you need to turn back again . It is fun and interesting part .it gave to insight to look in to your dream don’t be too much fascinated by the illumination just attached your to ground, We can’t remain all the time calm, cool and quite as our shadow . We have to speak some time speak a bit loud as well .We cry, we laugh .because we are living

Magic in You Series : 7: Know Your invisible wings for flying….

I as grow in my life I have constant question in my mind. We often travel by road trail or by tracks when we here going from one place to others .We human learn by observing to follow the paths. That someone one else has created .We have faith that road . Roads tracks or trails does not bear any name who has built how it was built, Who has the person to walk through that road .We walk we run we drive on the worlds various routes to reach to destination. But do we ever find a trail in the sky when a bird fly ? It takes its own flight and decides when to fly for food .and when fly for amusement and pleasure. You can’t see the difference between thesetwo most of the time. .

Like every bird is born to fly , we are also have fundamental right to learn and excel . They are born to fly , you are also born to be unique and different . You have various inviable feathers in your wings to success. They are in your disposal once you gave command to your mind .Most of the time we don’t give command to our mind. We can recall courage, determination, firm resolve dedication. It is not only positive qualities that you lead you to your destination .but you need sometime fear ego ,jealously and .People say ego /fear and jealousy are bad things .I found these are one of the main drivers of us.

Compassion, faith and believes are some of the others feathers that constitute a good part of your invisible flying wings. It is good to be kind to others but you should kind to you than to the world. You must have faith and believe in something, It may be your family ,your God , your goals .when you have a faith you rarely have doubt on it .Like You hardly question the God and religion .

Dreams and Goals are just only empty words and just light feather. if are not associated with actions towards them .we need to attached time schedule with our goals .we need to layout the steps and action plan towards the desired outcome.

I am just ordinary person like you. You need to keep your goals simple and straight. I have simple advice, “Do whatever you good at “. Practice that to the best like no one ever done or perform that thing. Success is not a definition or commodity that you can learn or buy from outer world. It lies within you .it lies in the choices you make in your life .it depends on whether to fly or to crawl in the life . It depends upon to create your own path or to Fly on your terms with unlimited boundaries

Magic in You Series :8: yOU can CHANNELISE Your Negative Energy constructively.

I am Bad ,I am Good, I am hero I am zero , We have limited or almost no control on the world around us But we can control of the feedback what we received from the outer world or from the other people . I often been told this world is a big well .when you speak to it .You will get the same echo back to you .But I didn’t find the world in the same way . I found when I laugh people around me laugh and happy but when I cry I found I am all alone, sometime the nights are so lonely quite ,dark and cold .

We all observe and learn though our senses. In our Hindu mythology we have a God Named as “ARDHNARISHWAR” ,It is God who is having half body of women and half of man. .We also have one incarnation of Lord Vishnoo “NARSIMA”,This incarnation has face of lion and body of man..We also have many faces ,we keeps on changing our face masks as per our different roles. Likewise in our personal life we have lots of positive and negative emotions within us .Some of the negative emotions are anger ,hatred , jealousy ,disgust ,sorrow ,grief, frustration ,lazy, moody, self pity etc..

We all learn the basic concept of mathematic of modulus in our early classes

i.e if you put –X in |-X|it results you = X that is Modulus of any number whether number is positive or negative. The result is positive number. When you multiple -1 wih a negative number it gave you positive number .. What that’s mean? Does it means we can put the emotions in to modulus and convert that to positive .Is that possible ? For philosophically reason you can do that but in real life ,The truth is there is no universal principle or turbine which can convert your negative energy in to positive energy .Only way to get over it is to feel it, because you are human. If you are angry jealous, sad ,feeling hatred ,lazy or frustrated , you need to thank the good that you are still alive you haven’t died yet .

Most of the negative emotions are secondary emotions. When I say negative emptions, it mean they are controllable .These can be avoided but complete elimination is only possible when you are in grave. Secondary emotions are created by some trigger events.

But you need to understand that Negative feeling can be constructive or it can be destructive. In spite of people practicing Yoga and meditation I had seen 99% fail , when the secondary feeling reach to their head . if someone he saying he can control the negative energy as per me he is laying . tell to control the rhythm of your breathing and so is to delay the process of getting the negative emotion in to your head

When we experience someof the feeling our mind release different kind of enzymes in our mind, wish results in physiologicalchanges. Our behaviour become violent ,our action are does not remained in our control. The solution is you can channelize the energy in to different stream .

  • Don’t be in rush in . Do the things in routine .
  • If it is your ego , just have peep talk with your ego .Give it a name Mr X .Then just say thank you Mr.X.. I am not interested in your suggestion.
  • Separate your work life from personnel life .
  • Do not take much in your plate than your appetite .don’t over burden yourself.
  • Permit yourself to be human ,let some time emotions runs on you .if you want to cry ,go any cry , if you are angry go to gym and exercise .
  • This one technique was told to me by my father , “Just slowly count for ne to ten .have deep breath ” .
  • When you feel fear , Just give a funny name to your fear ,write that on paper ,crush under your feat . just do that ,just face the fear.
  • You need to understand these are simple words. Words are just simple words.
  • Tell your mind to forgive the other ,Just feel egoless .
  • You need to understand the life is ore important .these conditions will change after sometime .You need to remember Tough things sometimes never lasts but Tough people does

Magic in You Series : 2 : Wear Your Luck

In India there is brand of men’s inner wears .It is having famously advertisement punch line as ,”APNA LUCK PEHANKE CAHLO “(Wear your luck when you walk ) .i had watched that advertisement so many times . I always wonder is there anything which we called Luck .You may say ,”yes, there is Luck in life” , others may say.”No . there is nothing like luck” . I asked my e-God Wikipedia ,what is luck .when i navigate to various links in wiki,I would like to share with you the following information I got ;

Richard Wiseman did a ten-year scientific study into the nature of luck that has revealed that, to a large extent, people make their own good and bad fortune. His research revealed that “Lucky people generate their own good fortune via four basic principles. They are skilled at creating and noticing chance opportunities, making lucky decisions by listening to their intuition, creating self-fulfilling prophecies via positive expectations, and adopting a resilient attitude that transforms bad luck into good.

For me luck is combination of ability and opportunity .When you enhance your capabilities by practicing a skillover a time again and again until that skill become your habit , a part of your life. You become master of the things . Like Twelve-year-old Dre Parker [Jaden Smith] learn to master one move from Mr. Han [Jackie Chan] in Karate kid Movie[2010] . This movies was remake of 1984 movie .it is having modest budget of 40 Million ,But is had business of more than $350 million worldwide .When you utilize that skill once you found the opportunity .I am  certain  you will hit the bulls eye.

I seen this quote ,” Luck is just luck “.Certain things are beyond your control. Luck term is good for lottery vendor or the casinos not for you .I hate to do the questions of game theory when i was in school ,we were taught permutations and combinations with game  theory  in mathematics.

In religion like Buddhism, Jainism Sikhism , Hinduism ,Christianity ,Islam or Judaism or other religion dose not support of Luck .they veiveinKARMA ,CAUSE & EFFECT ,CHOCIE ONE MAKES.

Generally we influenced by the event that occur in our life . we attach one event as a reason for the others .like

  • If , I wear blue shirt ,i got selected in interview .
  • If , lizard fall on my head it will be a lucky omen for me .
  • If Black cat cross my way it is bad omen. I won’t be able get the good results. It was happen to Last time Mr Gupta ,he ignored and met an accident .
  • If birds makes nest in home it is a good luck. That was happen to Mrs.Smith
  • If, I am walking out of the door someone had sneeze, it is bad omen .
  • If, I saw a cow it will be a lucky day .Last time i saw my teacher forget to check the homework.
  • Number 13 number 4 number 43 are bad or may be other number not lucky for me .
  • Stepping on grave is bad sign .
  • You should not walk under the stairs. it brings you bad luck.
  • If, I have itching on ear i will hear good news.
  • If my right eye flickers it is a sign of good luck.

These are all believes and passes from one generation to others without any conclusive evidences, But we still believe in those.

If you believe in God ,You should always pray ,God give me strength to change the things, if certain things are beyond my control give strength to accept those .Also give me knowledge to identify between these two .

If you don’t believe in God , still You can get wisdom to know you than to wait for luck to teach you .because there is nothing like Luck , luck is just Luck WEAR YOUR LUCK

Why are You Reading my blog ..

Why are you reading my blog. I know it may be , you accidentally landed here  ,or may be told by someone  ,or may be you love to investigate the things ,may be you need to learn the new things, One thing is sure, I know You are different than others and  you are hungry for the knowledge .You need to explore the world of possibilities. I  just want to share you only .I am writing these blogs for , Those  who gave up their dreams I just want to ignite their brains again by sharing my experiences. All of above are just my guesses But the best reason is only you knows how you landed here .

Do You ever feel shock of electricity ? ,when you drink a glass of water .or when put your hand in ocean or in river . You will say Raj are you kidding or foolish, when there is no electric source. How I am going to experience the shock. You are right.

Now ,when you already reached here than I will ask you a silly question. When we saw big Hydel projects is it the water which have Electricity ?or is it the falling water or streamed water which fall down on the blade of the turbine ? that water then which convert the potential energy in to kinetic energy .My whole point of putting this logic is to say that once you streamline all of you energy like laser. It will give you amazing results .

We all know Water is always flowing towards the lower gradient .When you have to move that to higher level to you need change the flow or to change the direction .you need to build the dams .You need to put some blockage the steam .Than you have to devised the channels so that the water reached to the needed places .You don’t need any hard work to stay at the bottom .If you want to raise you need to put some extra efforts.

May by this time you won’t able to make up your mind Why are You Reading my blog …No I will tell you why you are reading my posts.

You are reading my blog because life is worth sharing and learning from others .Next Thing it is crazy you did met me I didn’t saw you .still we are exchanging our ideas .[I still waiting for your feed back if you want to share your experience with me ]It is amazing fact of the technology . We have a special kind of bond between you and me .That’s the reason that I like you .I have written this material just for you . I least care about what world think about you . For me you are just guest to me .

No effort is needed to get up late in the morning .It takes effort to get up early and go to gym or for meditation or for writing your blogs . I don’t want to teach anything or promote anything.

The last thing it is YouRAj. ,it is a Kindom of you .Although maintained by me for You .Now and for always . You are always welcome to back again and share your thoughts…..You are the king /Queen /Prince /Princess   here .You can write the things as you like .You can comment as you like it …..

Letter to You ,

Hi , Mr. Z / Miss. Y / Mrs. X ,

I don’t know how you landed here to read my blog ,I would like to welcome you to my blog .This is your space to explore the things. No material written here is under copyright laws, This blog I had started to challenge myself and to share my thoughts for you . You can either take it or reject it. But one thing is sure you going to love the material

I am not from other planet but may be from different side of the globe. I am not born on tress or came out of egg .I am another human just same as you ,I am a normal human being living normal life .I have extra ordinary dreams .This is one of the small step to make my dreams come true.

My biggest fear was how to write in English .I thought a lot about peoples feedback in past .I suffer a lot because I took peoples advice too personal. I use to let them play with my emotions. I failed so many times in my life . I try to be good to others rather i should be good to me. I give opportunity to the sometimes to humiliate me. I gave opportunity to others make me corrupt. People make me to direct what they wanted from me.

I was more of yes than and wanted to be pleasant all the time .later in life I learnt you can’t satisfy all the people at same time. The action you are taking have different meaning for different people around you .I use to blame others for most of my miseries .I use to say too many thanks and too many sorry in a day . It lower my self esteem. I gave too much weightage to others .I learnt that it is better to be nice to you rather than to others .

It is ok to respect others .But most important is self-respect .Self-respect is not an ego it is a driving force to get the things done .it give awareness what you are , What you wanted to be .Why you wanted the things for you . It doesn’t matter who you are .It doesn’t matter how old or how young you are .No matter in which region or locality you lives in .

I don’t know what your beliefs and dreams are . No matter you are rich or poor . One thing I am going to assure you .That whatever your dream is .That is possible in this life .When you able to see the things in your mind .That is all possible. Only thing you need is your perseverance and dedication and never to say die attitude .Don’t be afraid to take the risk .You don’t have to be baffled or hurt from the feed backs of others . Opinion of others should not become part of your reality .

You should keep on doing the things. Love you dream just like your spouse or kid or just like god. Learn to challenge the things within you and outside you .You need to be different. Because you are Born different ….. Your road to success is not outside you .it begins from inside of you ……



Do you know ,who I am ?

I was assigned job to monitor the activities , near Chakki Bank Railway Station , for illegal parcel passers to stop the sale tax evasion. Because the good were transported from Delhi to various cities . Most of the goods were not covered by any of the transaction papers or invoices. I usually park my motor cycle at one of the near by hotel and I start patrolling posing that I was just doing morning walk .Sometime early at 4 in the morning sometime late around 6 Most of transaction was done in cash when local traders go to Delhi for purchase . They book the parcel in railway thus avoiding the interstate and intra state road tax barriers and information collection centers .Traders use this technique to avoid the payment of Vat tax r interstate taxes. Thus they are able to sell the commodities with good margin. if we found the good were not covered by any Bill / Bilty / Challan or invoices .It was liable to penalty Under section 51 of Punjab vat tax to the 50% of the cost of goods , if the consignee or consignor were not clearly identifiable then in additional to that local rate of tax was also imposed . We assess the Fair market value based on the three quotations

Whenever we caught some traders or parcel passer ,they usually react by saying ,Tu Jaanda main kaun haan? ,(Do you know ,who I am ? ).Just to tell that they have some nexus with some high posts or to political person . But most of the case we found their claims is always bogus. Some time It makes me laugh from inside .What he is talking to me ? How can I know this person or his godfathers ?.How he is supposing that I know him? .

After that they try to use all possible means and influence from local trade union or local acquaintances to reduce the assessment price of the good in order to reduce the penalty .Because the good is only release once  amount in terms of security money equal to penalty amount is paid. They were free to file the appeal. But most of the cases traders do not file the appeal .as they know they were on fault. Moreover they record their statements and signed in the notices and proceedings. Still some times traders file the cases to the district Excise and taxation Commissioner.

Once when a person ask me ,Do you know who i am , I asked him back ,”.Do you know who you are? .Why are you doing all this ? You seems to belong to a good family .he told me he was engineering graduate .He has good family settle in good locality in Pathankot ..His parent were on good government job .He told me he hasn’t got any job .He has to do something for living ,If he pass the things he can easily make 2 to 3 thousand in day ..

We usually ask others ,”Do you know who I am ?”.But do we know ourselves really. We are the one who is always with us .still we are doing the things as per the others directions and expectation . Why we don’t listen to ourselves. We believe in others more than us .We want to be like Mr X or Mr Y .Why can’t we concentrate on becoming Mr. ME, Mr I or Mr. Myself .We can copy the habits of others be can copy the life style .But believes me you can’t be the best copycat .However I am sure that you can be BEST MR.I .You Know Mr I since the day you born .He play with you ,He laugh with you .He was sad when you were sad. The best recipe to make magic potion for converting extra ordinary person from ordinary person is the combination of MIND, Body and Soul.

If you eat healthy, think healthy and have focus what you want in our life .You will get it . Onlything you have toknow the you will not stop doing your actions until you achieve your target. Nobody can change each of these three things only you can change them.

Mind ,You can change by visual nourishment visualising the to place .have a clear understanding of the things .it is said the most successful people fore see the things . They are not astrologers or card readers or wizards. But they conceive their idea in their mind .What know ,What they want to achieve in their life .What they wanted to be . They work for that.

They know the dynamics of body . They spend extra hours to build their bodies . They don’t smoke like chimneys or they don’t drink like horse with two legs . They know what food good for them . They limit the intakes they exercise regularly .we all know Exercise is necessary for good mental concentration and good body . But how many of us has made that a routine habit ? We made churches , We made temples We made good looking buildings of Mosques and Gurudawaras. We went there to pray .Nothing bad in that . One has to pray the almighty no matter what name you give to the supreme power . But have you ever see your body. If I gave you a Premises for living ;

  • which having disrepair or dilapidation beyond repair
  • having defects in drainage, it’s plumbing is leaking , lighting is faulty with fluctuating voltage , having broken window panes for its ventilation or half of the construction has already been destroyed.
  • Cockroaches and rats have full control .Tap water is not clear , there is chances of having infection with a contagious disease,
  • having unsanitary conditions likely to cause sickness to occupants.

Also beside there is graveyard as well and no locality within five kilometer .would you like live in it with your family and kids for your life .Most of us say NO.

Like wise , if we treat our body as garbage bin .Your soul inside you will not be happy to live .This is your temple .if you maintain it properly. Soul within you takes you to the heights that you never imagined

So Know thyself .Don’t ask others ”Do you know ,who I am ?”

Never Pre-Judge the things or persons .

I have learnt this principle back in 2003 when first time went outside my country . I was going to United Kingdom . I was traveling through Turkmenistan Airline .we have a connected flight and we need to change the flight at Ashgabat .It is the first time I am boarding the flight so my brother has gone with me to drop me at the Amritsar airport . Amritsar airport is been built out the Holy City of Amritsar .Amritsar is a city established by Sikh Guru RamdasJi . It is having famous Golden temple and Durgayana Mandir .

I always enjoy company of my brother. I love to hang out .We both used to drink and smoked together many time . He is buddy to me always as big B . We have a good understanding on several issues . Before flight we had drink together. He gave me quarter of the whisky bottle .and said “ Chotey, isey sath le ja “.(younger brother take it with you ) . Suddenly,I found a tap on my shoulder when I turned around I found a 6 and half feet old Gentlemen standing .He asked me do you got the lighter i am short of whisky do you mind to share your whisky with me . I opened the remaining whisky in to three pegs and said cheers to each others .He was too much drunk when he left us  .He told us that he was also going to London. He had to board the  same flight. My brother said ,”Vicky , You need to take care of that old man ,He had drunk too much “. I was too casual and said,”We don’t know him ,why i should bother about him .I don’t know where he will go to sit in the plane”. My brother being more experienced said,” No. look Vicky ,I have some strange feeling that that person will help you out someway .”

When we board the flight he was siting just two seat behind me .Occasionally he was looking at me. I was not comfortable. When we reach Ashgabat .it was snowing and we have to go out from the plan from stairs and below there was bus that we have board. Which would be taking us to the transit area .The weather is cold and chilly. Beautiful buildings with round Doms were visible from desk of staircase. The tall gentlemen was just behind me .as we were step down to the stairs . After two or three step he lost his control. he has drank to much in the airplane as well . I manage to catch him from his coat despite of the small suitcase was with me in my hand .And help him to get down from the stairs and help him to move in to the transit area.

When again had to board the next connected flight. .Airlines issued new boarding passes to us . I look for him but I couldn’t find him . I was bit concerned but I feel relieved when I I saw him . He was sitting to the front seat in the transit bus when I boarded the bus. He was sitting in next backward compartment of the Airplane . I feel that how can people like him have no control on themselves. May be he is having some family kids or wife. if he would had been toppled all the way down from airplane stair and if he had been died . What will be the effect on them . I don’t know why but I was just making some stories about him . Plane landed in Heathrow airport at around 6 or 630 Pm . It was about to dark .I had some endorsed pounds on my passport and I had some traveler cheque with me . I feel very awkward. I have three day hotel booking in hotel. but I don’t have any booking for to night .i was confident that I have lots of relative in Southall and I collected all the pone numbers from all the possible social connection . that in case I got some trouble I may be able to get some help . I had spent around one and half hour making countless call to all the numbers that I have with me .I also made back calls to my home in India and got some additional phone numbers .results were the   same . But most the number either they pick the phone. And when I start conversation, hello I am Rajnish from Hoshiarpur …… the next moment phone line disconnected on the other end . I was so sad. and literally in tears . I was thinking that I had landed in some alien planet. I have feel a lot of fear at that moment, I don’t why .But that happen . This was one of my most fearful moment of the life . Night were getting more dark . I dragged my trolley with my bag and suitcase to outside the airport . . It was drizzling outside .Sky was cloudy .I was thinking that ,as god was also crying for me . I have no idea  where to go I had already spend more than 200 pound on making the phone calls .I don’t know that I can buy a calling card .

Suddenly I feel the tap on my should .When,I turned around I found the tall gentleman is standing at my back . he asked me,”Haan paii kar laeyaan callan sareya nu. Kis ney haath pallh phadaya ke nahi” .,(have you made all the possible calls to your friends and relatives . Did someone responded to you  ). I said yes I did made calls, but nobody has responded to me .I don’t have any place to go . I have the hotel booking started from tomorrow. He said You can come with me and stay for tonight with me at my home. I don’t have any option. So I decided to go for it . But inside my mind I was afraid to go with him .He signed stop hand to a taxi CAB . I boarded the taxi with him .i have all the horror stories going on my mind .if he will kill me .if he take all the money I have. Meanwhile I saw Cab Driver has made ablink of eye to him. .I got further frightened, what is all this. He gave the address to the cab driver. .When the taxi stopped after 30 mins .I found in front of a home. During the ride to his home He had made a couple of calls to some one .As we reach the front door get opened and I found a little girl around age of 10 was just running down towards him .She gave a hug to him and said, Dad, I miss you .Who is this man with you. He told he is one who saved your papa for you. Then home lady appeared. I couldn’t believe this sudden miracle will happen to me. I was just cursing myself for imagining the all the evil stories and bad things about tall gentleman. But he is just appeared to be an angel for me. Name of her daughter was,”Gloria”.  I remember his hospitality and gratitude .When I was blessed with my second girl I named her Gloria.

We come across lots of people or situation, and we think in advance that what will be the person or what will be the outcome. We are constantly drive ourselves with our myths and believes. But my life taught me “Never Pre-Judge the things and persons”

My first offline feedback for my blog

I had shared my blog’s link with one of my colleagues .He was joking about my blog .He told Rajnish what are you doing you are just telling the things that I know .Like oxygen content we know this from our safety meeting what is extra ordinary in that ?What I am going to learn from you blog ?Who will read your blog ? You just write the FALTOO (unimportant stuff ) things . I can write hundred of blog similar to your. I calmly replied ,It is good that you know the things and thanks for your comments .But it hardly matters to me ,I am not writing for one person I am writing because I love to write .What you will earn from those ? I will earn happiness. He again ask me .”No ,No, What you will earn in terms of money “,I said , “I don’t know .I never think of it . I am writing for me and for the person who want to read my experience because I think my experience is worth sharing. And I am not writing anything which is new or uncommon. I don’t want to teach anyone .There are already enough teachers in the world to teach. But my understanding is none of the best teachers of the world made you to learn anything unless one is willing to learn or understand. I just want make my habit to write at least three blogs in one week So that ,after three months when I will have my birthday I can have at least 50 Blogs .This one of my short term goal .My best target is to write minimum 100 blogs .”

But I took his comments. Although my primary objective is not to teach someone or to change someone’s beliefs yet I will make sure I should have some content that is worth sharing and somebody should be able to learn something out of my blog.

I am Busy

I went to India in august this year to fix my dental RCT and to meet my family . My elder daughter’s birthday was also due .Whenever I try to contact my old colleagues or friend they always said they are busy . One day when , I went to doctor .In the clinic ,when I enquired and requested .can I  meet Doctor “.Receptionist said ,”Doctor is busy “. When I  said ,” I talked to him phone and he knows that I am coming, also he is friend of mine as well” .She didn’t said any word tome ,I went inside Doctor’s cabin. I found Doctor was not there . Receptionist said ,”He has gone , he will be coming back soon. He is bussy ” . Next day when ,I went to see my colleague in my old office I was told they were busy and most of them were not in office .One of them gone for visiting the premises of new VAT applicant. Later I found they went for lunch.

Most of us are infected by this “Busyness” syndrome . What happen to the time now.  I always wonder ask my self a question ,”Is it shrunken now “. Today ,new gadgets ,laptops and smart phone wipe out the boundaries of office and home .Even My 4 year old daughter when I ask what are you doing , she said,” Dad ,I am busy ,I am watching TV”. Next moment ,” I am busy , I am playing” . Next time ,”Dad I’m busy look I am studying .

My spouse responses were ,”Look Raj , we can’t talk now , I am cooking “. “Oh ! Sorry dear , I am washing the dishes “. One day I remember , Although , We haven’t finished the breakfast yet my spouse is keep on thinking what should I make for lunch . She works all the time . She took two week off as I come home after three months Bust most of the time I found her busy . Than, i feel I am the only one who is free . I flew 10000 miles to meet my family .They are now physically near but they are busy .Wife has  work off but still she is  busy . This happen with most of us in daily life .

It made me think , Are we still human or just turned ourselves to machines. .Even we have lots of gadgets and appliances which saves our time ,But still we are busy . We made our life full of stress . We are not able to find the time for us and for the near ones.

“I’m busy ” .This is the most common excuse we gave to others , when we don’t want to involve ourselves in extra work . Why some person always happily accept the work . Are they too free ? The answer is No . The difference between the two is one take the responsibility and held accountable for his work .if somebody is approaching to me with some task .it means I am being paid for it .i can’t afford to say I can’t except if the work is not related to me .In that case I can help to channelize that work to the specific person.

This is one of my best motivation line sometimes I learnt I on the internet, “ if you want extra , you need to do extra , otherwise, you will be an extra for others . Like extra players in the sport teams They are capable of doing the things but most of the time the missing the first field player . Why the coach does not have faith in them .Because during practice session they didn’t perform to the coaches’ expectation . If they are having some medical reason that is different.

Line up your things to do list priorities them .Finish them one by one. You need to steal time from your daily routine .This can be done by careful planning of days of time and stick to it . Shrae some responsibilities with kids husband .if in work share some work with co-workers .Clear your desks. clarity is power .Put sticky notes . Make bullet list .plan your holidays in advance . plan your bills in advance .Save time by making list of shopping . You are the one who knows you best .

God has given equal amount of hour to each of us. He won’t provide each one of us an assistant to manage our time .we need to manage time our self . When you reach to a level you will automatically get a assistant to manage you time. But still the final call is yours. It is you who decide where you wanted to go .it you who decide which meeting you wanted to attend .He or she can only reminds you because you had claimed the ladder so high . I am busy is a indicator that you are not having skill to manage your time .or you don’t know when to say yes or when to say No . Sometimes you take more fruit s in your plate than your appetite . The result you won’t able to eat them all . You will end up in mismanaging the things. You need to priorities the work .The best way is to learn how to manage your self .if you can’t manage yourself .You can’t be able to manage your work ,your finances or your family properly . You may be able to finish the tasks or work .But the work is just mechanical and of routine type with lots of stress and running .

Great Marathons starts with first step…

I was working with Ministry of Micro and medium enterprises in Ludhiana , We were living in BRS Nagar ,in Ludhiana .We were living in rented accommodation on first floor. We had a small balcony and having two small bedroom with one long living room.

It was birthday of my daughter in 2008, when I brought my daughter a pair of small size skates to her . She is just turned four years . She look at them with  surprise ,It is a new thing for her .She was revolving the roller-skate tires with her small hands , and ,ask ,Me papa what is this ? My wife had become concerned ,You will make my child to break her ankle or bone , She is too small for this . I said no problem she can first skate inside rooms  or in balcony. I said,” if she can’t try she can’t learn at all .I will make sure that I will hold her hand whenever I will teach her how to skates”.

Angelina was very happy to get the gift . She ask me What are they and ?.. I told them these are skates and you can ride them and .when you ride them you will feel like running in air . She ask How to ride them ?i was telling her ,”It will help you to grow fast . But make sure when you will ride them I must accompany you”. She say ,”Ok .Should we start now” .I ask her to brought the shoes .She was having black and white school shoes . she brought her black bally i said no if you wear black one then strap the skates may hurt you. So go and get your white canvas shoes. Meanwhile I tried to size up the adjustable roller skates matching to her size and I found the straps needed an additional hole so that it can adjust on her foot . I use a nail and make an additional hole in the strap . I told her to have to wear full sleeve and full length lower .She got her cloths changed from her mother .I tied her shoes and adjusts the roller-skate to her foot size and he is now ready to skate . I held her hand and let her stand with the aid of balcony wall .She said papa just leave me ,I won’t fall ,If ,I am about to fall ,I can catch balcony wall . I can walk myself along with balcony wall. I warn her that you will fall .She said with little smile , I know you will catch me If I will fall. As I left she is about to slip because full floor of the house is tiled . I caught her from her wrist . Then I say just lift one step and move ahead and concentrate on front. After few steps she feel bored and told papa I am not feeling like floating in air .Next time when she tries by her own she fall. She got some hurt on her ankle . She started crying . I told her don’t worry ,You only rise once you fall and now you have rise . However, if you quit, and if you don’t able to walk then how you will learn to run .I told her this is your first day . Once you practice .One day you will ride by your own . It took her two years to stand properly when we moved to Pathankot . She learn how to slowly run .She practice in school and been taught how to learn to skates properly .

After 6 years when she participated in interschool District level roller-skates completion, She won Bronze Medal and next year she won Gold Medal. Last year, I was not in home ,I was in Australia to work assignment ,though my wife brought her inline skates .She didn’t practice and she won’t secured a place . She was saying papa why she didn’t I get medal this time. I told her, look completion is completion one who perform well , he or she usually won .May be this time your competitors practiced more than you also you have now more loads of study and you have to spend some time with your younger sister .You are helping Gloria to study and completing her homework. . But there is one thing, if you are not practicing somewhere your competitor is still practicing .Best way to compete is compete with you . Improve your timing and just enjoy the things that you are doing .I can understand now load of education is also increased. I am happy that you participated that and accepted your defeat that is more important to me ..

She is too young but learning and improving .But most of us forget this thing it is deeply buried in our brain .This is now new this is within you . You know how to start and move with baby steps. If you want to develop any Habit . The first thing is to move and take action Like I had my decision to improve on my written skills .I Love to share my things I was keep thinking this long back since the first time I touch the computer back in 1993 . When we had the big Floppies 3.2 inch .We do have lotus 123 and FORTAN /Foxpro learning language . But I afraid to write online. The most fearful was that How people think about me and my material , next thing is English is my second language , do I will be able to put the things in order . I started learning a b c in class sixth .   I took this as challenge and make commitment to me that I will write at least 50 blogs till my Birthday i.e by 13/12/2015 .

Games of the words people play …….

We have only a to z , 26 alphabet in English language . But we made many words out of their permutation and combination. People made different sentences out of the same words .They arrange the words in different order in a sentence, to make different sentences .People arrange the same sentences in to different order and combinations .It gives different meaning . Anyone can read those sentences it further gave different meaning to different persons. Just as an example Like sacred / holy books like Holy Bible / Holy Gita / Holy Kuran or Guru Granth sahib Ji etc they are having constant words in each of their copies all over the globe . When people read them they gave different explanation for each of the sentences . Most of the them ,they made the meaning suited to their own believes and benefits in peculiar manner .

As per my thought , Knowledge was constant and it remain constant .It is on us when we see or reorganise something new we say it is new ,But is it really new as there already .You discovered it now. It doesn’t means it is new .It To me only new thing is change. Things keeps on changing themselves . They have definite life cycle and they repeat them self . We may be not be able to live long to understand or able to estimate the time of the repetition. Only True thing I know till date is Death. . I am sure within next 100 years (time is also made by we humans – time it is not constant as well it varies ) most of us will die unless some magic drug is evolved for eternal life . That is only definite truth so far rest all is game of words imaginations and calculations to get superiority or power or to have a better control on natural resources. This all leads by hunger. Hunger was present in Stone Age it is present now as well .Only some equations changed. But the Hunger has raised to high magnitude.

People play the games of words to get the things done . Top 0.0001% of the word population govern the other 99.9999% .Why , because they know how to govern the masses through the words .They do it by and carefully planning and manipulating the human psychology . They create various propagandas in terms of nationalism, creating regional or religious issues. They market their strategy through mass media, print media or electronic media. There is no bird name like ethical behavior in outside world. World is too crazy to understand .Best thing to understand you properly and develop Ethical behavior in you and the people around you. Ethical behavior is not a physical commodity that you can found and but on the street shops. .It lies with in you. It takes long time to build Ethical behaviors.

I believe strongly that change begins with you and you can’t change the world but you can definitely change yourself. If you want to make world a better place to live , you need to start by making yourself good and your home good. You need to understand the difference between people’s games and you or your family’s priorities

My recomended 7 key of success

I am not going to tell you something that you don’t know . I just want to tell you what you already know when you were born . But you forget when you grow old .

I was working with Ministry of Micro and Medium Enterprises-Development Institute  in Ludhiana , We were living in BRS Nagar ,in Ludhiana .The locality is named after Bhai Sahib Randhir Singh Ji (1878-1961) ,who was a noted  Indian Freedom Fighter, Reformer, Theologian, and Hero of Lahore Conspiracy Case . He was First Prisoner of Gurduara Reform Movement in Delhi  .Ludhiana is famous town in Punjab and is also known as Manchester of India because it is the industrial hub of Punjab.

On one evening when my wife was cooking the food ,I took any daughter Angelina to the near by park. This event took place in 2008 . She asked me, by pointed out on the one of the purple colour flower ,the flower was having different shape. What is this ,papa ? . I replied ,It is a kind of flower . She posed me next question ,”Who made these flowers? . I told her mother nature made them .She asked me again ,If she made them why they are of different colours and shapes , I said it depends up on the seed ? Her next question was ,”What is seed ?”. I told when you eat apple you find small brown shape small pointed flat shape thing ,that is seed for apple. She ask me ,”How seeds are formed ?”.I told her when a tree grow up and in flowering season .it got the flowers on its branches .I took deep breath and stop for while ,She asked me again ,”Ok,What happen then? .I told her after some time these flowers become fruit becauseFruit and seeds are present in miniature form in the flower. “How tree eat and grow ?”. I replied it has deep roots and leaves on its branches .It’s roots get good food and water from soil and its leaves cook the food for tree from sun light , because she was too young too understand the concept of mineral embryo, reproductive parts of flowers , germination ,photosynthesis ,I just wanted to make the simple things so that she can understand ..

We start learning from our atmosphere, our immediate company of people around us .when we born we don’t know the language we don’t know the things, shapes or colours .Our faculties of mind are about to develop .We are not conscious about our body . We don’t have any ego .Only thing we know is our hunger and make sound to get attention .Slow we learn and observe the things .We learn to walk , learn to talk .We develop our mind by asking lots of questions .We don’t feel shame to ask any questions . we don’t have any feeling of hatred. We had Cuutty and Abba (Breaking friendship and making friendship) so frequently . We never stay angry with someone for long. We got lots of love and attention. We were encouraged to do even the silly things again and again . Because it makes people around us happy .We were inquisitive in nature .Most part of the brain is developed in first three years.

So ,What happen after three years , Why our mind is not getting developed .Why our brain lost the keys of golden treasurer in our mind . Reasons is we lost ,”The 7 Golden keys for our brain developments “. The seven golden keys are

  • Who
  • What
  • When
  • Why
  • Where
  • Which &
  • How .

These are our best friends and reliable companions for the whole life . But sadly we don’t care too often for them .we neglect them. We don’t use their power to ignite the brain turbine to churn the movements of mind mechanism. Our neuron remained hungry. If you hungry from three days would you be able to do the work properly? I am sure you don’t .Just ask , When did you fed your mind last time? How did you feed your mind?

You need to use them again without any ego or shyness. People around you are ready to listen you. Most of them respond to you .if no one respond to you, there are great search engine on the internet to help you out . Just type your question in those.

I hope you will utilise these 7 golden keys for your success.

How much oxygen you needed to be happy?

When I was in class sixth,I was living in Kullu with my parents , it is a hill station in Himcahal Pradesh (india).The Kullu valley is known as Devbhumi (land of gods) .This Vally is formed by river Beas . Air and water were very pure at that time .

I was moved from Primary school to Senior Secondary school. We had a regular yoga class once in a week in our school .Most of the students use that time for gossiping and playing fun games .Occasionally our yoga teacher dictate the small lecture on yoga and various Asnaas (Yogic Body Postures) .There was no credential examination for the yoga.

I still remember one thing .One day our yoga teacher ,asked us ,”Who want to be happy for full life?”.Most of us raise our hands .He said ,”Student ,god has given us free things to use. If we can utilize and take those things in life we will be always healthy and happy .Like water and air are in abundance .If you wanted to be happy and healthy,then you have to follow my advice .When you get up early in the morning drink two glass of water without brushing your teeth ,Go for morning walk or run and count 1-2—1-2—and for start first two steps take breath in and next two steps breath out the air .Air is composed of oxygen .and our blood need oxygen to clear our blood. More we inhale oxygen more our blood would be , Also 5 time just before of sunrise face the sun with open arms. Do SURYA NAMASKAAR Asana it gave you energy for the day

Now ,I am working on construction project site .We have to undergo to understand the safety risk assessment and to complete Job hazards assessment before we do or start any task or job. When I was attending one safety related task I come to aware that too lean oxygen environment or enriched environment are both not safe to work .if the percentage of oxygen is less than 19.5% it is risk of getting suffocation and if the oxygen content is more than 23.5% it added a risk of getting more prone to fire if some ignition source is around, being oxygen is inflammable in nature

Life is also like that .Too less or too more is always fatal. You need to be have balance each aspect of life with in permissible limits in order to sustain the constant growth and happiness. You can get quick success or results by putting 100% in one field but when you see your life as whole, you will recognize that you had missed something in other aspects of life . You can’t have too much involve yourself in spiritual goals, you can’t have too much personnel relations, You can’t have too much professional working life .Life is a balancing act. You must have some floats for doing the things .

I often make the big targets for me instead of make small manageable and achievable targets .And most of the time, I ended up by either partially or marginally completed my target. I found guilty in my own eyes. My self-respect diminishes my inner strength. I was once browsing through the internet and ,I came across beautiful line ,”If you can’t stand by one you will fall for everything “. Since then, I trust my own commitments and I make sure to make small goals and achieve those. I believe We are not super humans or machines that can’t susceptible to error , mistake or failures, we often get failures .I had tried several times to quit the smoking habit ,but most of the times I failed. Then I realise what are my triggers for this habit. I go a step further and analyse ,what goes inside my brain, at the time I have strong urge to smoke. I made a list and I keep watch for them and make sure giving no attention to those triggers ,  I eventually kill those triggers.

Nothing in this world was started as big .Every small thing starts from some seed or from small decision. The decisions are first conceived in your mind. The one who visualise and see the things before it happened are the one who separate themselves from a general head count of a country .All the extra ordinary things were ordinary at some point of time. People took a simple product and after slightly modifying it’s features  they got the new products or formulas .Also in history of mankind certain things were discovered due to mistake or failure .But they were big commercial hits e.g Choco-cookies , corn-flacks ,slinky ,penicillin pace maker ,potato chips x-rays ,fireworks etc. We still use them

My point of discussion is never afraid of doing the things .If you don’t take any action , things won’t turn themselves in your favor. It may be your relations, your material goal , your spiritual goals or anything else you desire. You have to clearly plan your targets, and plan your actions and then execute the plan.

Journey to self-awareness: What is God ?

I was going for my RRB ( Railway recruitment board) examination to madras (Now Chennai) way back in 2001 .when I met a monk . He was Follower of Krishna mission .We both were traveling to madras in Rajdhani Express .The journey was of more than one day long from Delhi to Chennai . in day time we  were engaged in talks .I just come up with question ,Soami ji ,There are so many bad events took place in this world ,is there any god ? We start discussing and arguing . Being monk ,he had given me each and every aspect from the secret books and even reference from Bhagwat Gita , But being me as an atheist and graduate of engineering, I always gave him a counter reason .

At last he say, Ok ,Raj now you tell me , what the things are made of ? I said, things are made  of matter.He asked me again ,What matter made them ? .I replied it is composed of atoms and atoms composed of electrons, protons and neutrons .He again questioned me who created electron neutron and other micro elements . I told him, It is energy . He said OK how energy formed in to shape of electron proton or neutron by itself? I said due to some external forces. He asked me again,” What the external forces?”. I replied it may be thermal ,hydraulic electric, convection, conduction or radiation energy? He again asked ok who created the energy. I think hard and explained him another Newton Law ,,Energy can’t be created ,it can’t be destroyed ,But it can change it’s form from one to another .He counter question me ,”Raj, As per law of thermodynamics , no energy can flow from lower gradient to higher gradient without external means or force . Now tell me ,What is the means by which your so called energy change it’s form?” I have no answer.

He smiled at me and said here the concept of God got formulated. God is not any entity or body it is supreme form of energy which does not follow the laws of thermodynamics. I said ok Soamiji ,So why in our Hindu methodology there are different name and face shapes of Deities and Devtas. . He replied like earlier you told me energy is having different form . Similarly different Gods possess the different qualities of energy. In order to live in civilized society heads of the societies build these believes .These stories pass from one generation to another . In order to live in the society we must have some ideal characters to follow .We need some symbolic characters to mark good and bad .This was done so that group of people or individuals comply to religious practices. When their believe and principles matches to the faiths . They follow those religions. By following . the practices and rituals ,They live life with in society with socially acceptable behaviors. Later he told me ,he was science  graduate but he along with his wife were full time devotee of Krishna and preaching religious lectures  .He is living life in simple way .He was not monk but wearing Dhoti and Kurta , bald head with sandal three finger marking on his forehead , gave me impression that he was monk.

I am spiritual in nature but I am not religious. I respect all the religions of the world but I follow none. I have strong believed that there is supreme power present in the universe and that power lies in the Words and in the people. The words are not only those words which are part of  holy & secrete books of every religion. But the words of daily use as well .Words remain words if they are not practiced in real sense .Real sense mean different to different person . I leave that on you to decide what it means to you

Change your words to change the world ,in and around you…..

I want to share you my thoughts and insight on the power of words. This is most effective and most powerful weapon and tool ,that mankind has ever discovered . It enable you to share the thoughts and your observance and how you predict the things .Plain words when sitting in the dictionary are so much calm and dead than whole graveyards of the world. Word become live ,full of emotions and energetic when one attach emotions and action to it when conveying the words to others. I have one of my favorite songs by band Boyzone .It is having beautiful lyrics goes like this

Smile, an everlasting smile , A smile can bring you near to me. Don’t ever let me find you gone

Cause that would bring a tear to me

This world has lost it’s glory. Lets start a brand new story, Now , my love.

You think, that I don’t even mean, A single word I sayyyyyy…

It’s only words .And words are all I have, To take your heart awayyyyyyy

Da da daraara da da… dadraara ……

Through words one can move the masses and achieve big changes in the societies . History has witness number of times the leader are not extra ordinary , they are made of same flesh and bone they are having same 24 hours .they are also eating the stuff from lands of mother earth .They are not super human ,eating secret stuff or having extra hours to work . what is the difference between them and us . They know how to utilise the power of word in right time at right place with right energy and emotions. They motivate the crowds to fight for their rights , they push the invaders out of their motherland ,they freed their countrymen from the slavery of the others nations. Single man is handling the country by power of mouth .he does not know every things .But he know how to get the things done by the power of words.

Words are the medium of conveying the information from one generation toother , from one innovation to others and from history to future . Best manager are not trained to do the things but to get the things done by others and how to communicate the management expectations to the craft or working hands.

it is an establishing fact that that words are only 7 % part of the communication that a receiver get .Rest all are conveyed by the nonverbal communication by gestures , body language and expressions.

Our mind does not recognise the words or phrases .It only recognise the patterns .Like computer only understand 0 and 1 .Similarly the 0 1 pulse and pattern are created in the mind of the person when we listen or observe something around us .The our mind compare those signals or triggers with already stored information in our neuron cell .i am not doctor .i am a mechanical engineer. I know only one thing that everything is energy. when we spoke out the words .it create a pulse /vibration /sound and our ear capture that sound and our brain after comparison with its various comparators converted this raw date to useful information .

I will share you small secret to be happy when you sad or at the time of loneliness, sadness .Just write a few lines for you . Like Just enlist 5 things that makes you happy . What are your greatest achievement in your life .Enlist best 5 moments of life that you enjoyed the  most and then utter them aloud. It flow a wave of positive-ness in your brain .And your brain release a chemical called Dopamine .It is  a neurotransmitter which helps to  control the brain’s reward and pleasure centers.It regulate movement and emotional responses, and it enables us not only to see rewards, but to take action to move toward them .Believe me , we become more realistic and feeling of sadness replaced by happiness .I have personally experience it . We can change our self by selecting and changing the words .Just read this sentence “ I have firm believe that I can change my world by changing my words.” . We should learn art of speaking less  with profound words .It makes a huge difference in yourself and your respondents.

Advertising companies knows this fact .Just for example when you saw advertisements or if you listen a radio advertisement zinggle for 30 second daily .It will build and create an image of the company in your subconscious mind. When you go to market with your kids or alone .You will prefer the product of the company that is known to you by the power of Mouth of your friend or power of the media campaigns.

We spoke approximately 130 words per minute on an average. If a teacher or preacher talk about 30 minutes .He will be using approximately 2500 words some of them are repeated words .But at the end of the talk it is only a couple of words that our mind capture .Why this happen ? . in class of 40 pupils each one will be capturing different aspect of the teaches speech .when you check each one will be having different kind of notes Three are number of reason for that .But the most important is .Orator has not delivered the words to them in the manner they are being written in the speech or planned in the lecture.

If you want to success in your life you have to understand the dynamics of the words . Tongue is not having any bones, but if,  it utter something wrong ,It may cause breaking of  your bones .It can crown you to the top of the world or can crush you and can throw you in the ocean of the death .So you need to choose the words intelligently and use them at right time at right spot .Last but not least just a reminder ,words can be sometimes act as double edged sword. So use them with cautious .

What’s on your Mind

” What’s on your mind ” when I see these lines on Facebook whenever I try to post my status I feel great that one on the top most IT company want to know what’s in my mind . But why . Did you ever think about it . It reminds you nothing more important than your mind and the thoughts in your mind . It is the powerhouse within you if utilize properly it can take you to moon to Mars even to farthest galaxies .. Your ability go think is unique every as per CIA world survey as was on 23-08/2014 in a minute 255 is birth rate of the world and 108 death rate and total population is and total 7.3 billion total population of the world . There are 7.3 million thoughts in any given point of time . It may be verbal or nonverbal . But why only a few thoughts travel around the world . Only handful headlines in the newspapers . Reason is we come across only those thoughts which we like or we want to listen Hear or see or feel . This is really irony that we know the world but we don’t know ourselves . So listen to you and write what is in your mind and what you want to accomplish in your life . And what steps you will take to accomplish this . Men belong to a place where he wanted to be … It happens . We should not afraid of anything we should learn to live with our fears and work towards our dreams . There is nothing like perfect world . Just for example in perfect world there should not be any resistance or friction. If I throw a ball it should not stop any where and it should keep on bouncing and rolling .But in real Like ball stop due to friction or resistance or environmental forces . This is same in your life as you have to identify what are the forces that is Stopping your motion . People of every kind and every type you will find at all over the places. It is you who decide with whom you wanted to Be and with whom you don’t wanted to be . Don’t let others to take decision for you . Take your own decision and stick to it . And work towards it . We can’t take all the time right decisions but we all can make decisions and can work for it to make it right . Don’t let other judge you . If you are true to you . You will be the Happiest person on this world . Have faith in you . Motion or your efforts clear your mind so keep trying and the early the action the more quicker you will become Clear . If you have more bigger WHY then your mind will work for you to have the more clear and bigger HOW .. But unless until you take actions your dream won’t turned to reality but it will remained as wish and at the end of your life it will go with you . Just like 7.2 billion thoughts getting killed every day if we assume every one is having at least one good idea . Help world and make it a beautiful place to live . Take actions and be actionate in your life . People do not listen what you say but they follow and do what you do .

Letter to Me


“Both of us don’t need each other’s credentials that we are great souls that ever lived on this earth.”

Hi I am writing this letter is to learn and get some of best tips and tricks on public speaking and about motivation industry from one of the pioneer … in my chosen and passionate field

My name is Rajnish Kajla. I born in beautiful motherland India though wonderful parent one ever have in this world .I am 40 year old man .I am mechanical Engineer by profession .I am married to most beautiful lady and blessed with God’s best fairies Angelina and Gloria as daughters. I am Hindu/Sikh by family religion. Although I am not religious yet I am spiritual in nature. I am presently working in Australia with Best American Engineering and Procurement Company of the world despite of l am last in my entire batch of engineering 1996. At our Job site around 4000 workers work and project is One of the world Mega Project of LNG. I am just sending you this mail to challenge myself to be the Best in the talking industry

I have strong urge to share my small story along with my vision and mission with you .

I was smoking from 1992 till 2 June 2015.I had quitted for 6 years from 2003 to 2009.After loss of my boy kid in delivery I start smoking again. On 2 June2015 I just decided that i need to live and inspire the world and I have to live to my words. Because I need to be true to myself .i haven’t taken any medicines or substitute .It was very hard to resist during very first week .i have small talk to me that I have not seen great leaders who smokes. So please get rid of this habit .You have to live longer to enjoy the  earned wealth and family life . it shows my commitment to me .and if you are not  committed to you . You can’t be committed to someone else. Nobody knows me better than i did and nobody makes me to stop this habit unless i wanted .it is simple . Then I apply simple strategy that I won’t smoke for next hour . I never said to me that I am going to quit I just say I won’t smoke for an hour as my fairies Angelina Gloria , my elderly parent and beautiful wife just stand next to me .As i never smoke in front of them .then hours will turned to days and days will turn to weeks and weeks turned to months . and believe me after one month I don’t feel like smoking .Now Believe me my mind has not even have a small urge to smoke. This was wonderful moment .But I waited for 10day to inform my wife that I have quit to smoke . She was happy as well as sad .Reason is she is happy that I have quitted and sad because I had hide this from her last 6 years . I share this story with my workmates .My story was published in my company’s newsletter in Aug 2015.

My Vision


“My vision is to be an honest, Compassionate and Demonstrative leader and to be recognized internationally who can motivate the people to deliver their best and help them to attain their goals. I am committed to growing as a leader and delivering value-added talks and foster one’s true capabilities.”‘

My Mission

“My mission is to create and lead a dream team where everyone is playing to their strengths. My mission is to start Non Governmental Organization NUVYUG and transform youth in to impactful leaders within one year from now 20/07/2015”