Magic in You Series : 9 : Choose to live in the reality or in a Dream.

We have potential reality and self-owned reality .What we see is the self-owned reality of our brain. Potential reality are the things which exists in the nature but you haven’t explored that yet . It is just like If you are in dark and you have torch in your hand , you will only see the things on which the ray of the light is falling . We spend our full life by taking torch in our hand .We won’t care about what else exist in the world. All of us has experienced in our life when we move torch to the others side we see different things. Earth is continually rotating and revolving around the Sun .Things are changing on each atomic second and so is our reality

So many times we aimed for the things which are beyond our capacity .There is no harm you can aim for anything in your life .Even you can dream for the things which is still not evolved or discovered .To accomplish that for to chase your target you need to redesign yourself again . I have a equation of happiness to share with you that I learnt once I attend a seminar of life coaching. We can expect [E] anything from life .If E is expectation and R is reality .

The condition of happiness is      E = R that is if your expectations is equal to your reality you are in happy metal stage .

If you are having Expectation less than reality [ E < R ]   or Expectation more than reality [ E>R ] both condition leads you in a state of stress and self-pity . If you want to live your dream and attach that to realty .If you are no able to meet the gaol still you can get the happiness. It is solely on you to get access to more realities .No matter what other think about you .You should know why you are doing that .

God has given us wonderful ability to imagine and  make the things and create images in our mind. We create the images in our mind before we see them . Reality can be factual or data base . One person reality may not be the reality of the other man. He is carrying his own torch to see the things in his own prospective

Some philosopher said Dreams are also our reality .We had lots of things in our life which earlier were never exists. But people make them in to reality. You can have you reality .If you believe in that than you can create as well. But is hard .It is hard to achieve .There will be some moment when you fail. It is not always that all the successful people are happy .The wear the pain .they are lonely .they know how to sacrifice today for tomorrow .They create the things not in second but it took them years .Most of us we only see them on success stage . If you want to live in your dream .You have to separate yourself other from the crowd. You need to define your own values. You should be ready fail and experience the pain . The path of success is not easy Believe me you can you can . You need to work on each day each moment .Your journey to make your dreams to reality is full of road breakers and thorns.


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