Magic in you series :15: Accept What You are ….

To be honest I am not align with the old age advice ,”Love your job” , Reason is you Job or your career is always working for others .There is almost no scope for you . On top of that, with lots of opportunities and growing competition, Most of us hoping around from one job to other, due to various personal reasons. We only love those things in which we feel our emotions are attached .When we do job for someone , internally we know that we are being paid for the work..If kid has to start he has to climb the ladder again .We make the hobbies for the things we love we don’t make those things as career Life is compromising .

If you wanted extra ordinary success and attach and dedicated to it .The road is never full of joy .It is always going against the things you love. I love to eat chocolates and love to drink bear ,if I wanted to be a best athlete in the world because I love running .I hate waking up in the morning also I hate to go to gym. is it possible to go all the things side by side .if you devote more time on one activity ,the time for the other activity will shrunk . You need to balance the activities in your life . Don’t love you work .Never be satisfied by the result you are getting always trying to go against the establish facts and perceptions.

If you still addicted to this old idea to do the things which you love .If You fascinated by this idea .Than you should decide that . I have to do the work in my field ,if I didn’t get the job or work ,I will create work for me . I will take my work to the new heights . Big business ideas are generated by need and necessities not by because they love the work . Nobody wants to fail . But when we work on our failure of feedback we ultimately make a success .

You don’t need to impress others you need to be as your are . Makeup are done by artist on the stage . [ For the ladies: Some time facial make is needed as we are living in social world you have to be look nice ] . I had come across one of the best lines about thinking of others ,” Don’t thing about the people what they think about you. because they are busy in thinking what do you think about themselves .” . Lots of people make false presumptions about you .You do not need to break their assumptions. You need to live your life as you are living. You should not bother about justifying your point as long as you know what your doing is right .it is in good interest of you or in your organization. I have firm believe that nobody in this world is god or bad, right or wrong. It is the action of the people that make them sometime unpopular among some groups . In Hindi there is one saying ,” SABSE BADA ROG , KAYA KAHENGEY LOG ‘ (biggest ill is what people think about us ).

I have firm advocacy to know thyself. When we know our self and your capabilities and you knuckle down to your work and stop worrying about the past or future .You need to get busy and do the work without worrying about the feedbacks fro others .You have make believe and promise to make self not to stop unless you get he success . You don’t have to ne realistic .being realist is another pitfall advice most of time people provide you ,Being realistic mean you are accepting the forces of determination or the rule lied by the world for you . You get the extra ordinary by become not realistic by generously accepting sometime your failures and moving ahead with perseverance. You Should know how to forgive yourself for mistakes .You have to understand the stupidity in you. If you are sad or mad or want to cry .just let all of the negative feeling completely flow through you. You should .Know how to be Good to be you. You should have treat to you once you achieve something. Because road to success s not Love your job that you do but to   Accept what you are …”


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