Magic in You Series: 24: Power of small Acts

I heard a lot like, big is bold, better to think big, if you think big you will at least ends up in achieving at least some thing. It is just like you are preparing for Indian administrative examinations or preparing for common entrance tests for Indian institute of technology or for Indian institute of management ( among the world’s toughest examinations for academics and administrative service ). if you can’t get through you can land at least in some other institute or in some other public service job .

I don’t think dream big or think big is bad , but I rather have more faith in make small achievable realistic targets and work on those than you explore for the next challenge for you. Small is the key for most of us

  • If write two pages in a day you can publish two book with 365 pages.
  • If you burning 200 calories you will burn 73000 .
  • Write a blog at the end of the year you will have collection of 350 blogs .
  • Just jump for 10 minutes you will inhale around one truck full oxygen in a year .
  • Drink 4 litter of water .at the end of the year your bladder is getting cleaned 2000 times in year with improved bowl movement .
  • Write a mail to a friend which you were not in contact from long time. You will found the power of networking again.
  • Stop watching TV for half hour .You will have spare 10950 minutes to spend the way want
  • Each ay plan to wake up early in the morning you will have extra 29000 minute extra for your disposal.
  • Skip two smokes in day can save you 36 packets of 20 of any brand @18.00 AUD i.e 657 AUD
  • Just save 10 AUD daily will enable you a surprises sum of 3650 AUD at the year end .
  • Just go and plant a tree in the community park every week. you will help the planet by planting 500 trees in 10 years .
  • You read 20 junk mails will enable to enrich your knowledge new 500 new business and marketing tricks and tools.
  • Along with flowering plant just plant garlic ginger or onion or vegetables or shrubs in your open space saves your 1000 AUD yearly .
  • Instead of multiple pair of socks undergarments just have a few and use them to the fullest. Will reduce your annual budget of 400 AUD .
  • Just make 2 calls to the your distant relatives or friends will refresh the feeling of being connected.
  • Spare one hour of volunteering will help to make your neighboring and surrounding society to a good place. it will give to chance to increase your social circle .
  • Talk for 10 minutes to know more about your mother father / your sister /your brother /your son / your daughter what they have done in a day .
  • Be a dummy and neutral observant for 10 minutes and just observe the things around you for inspiration in a train, in school , in festival ,in a park , in office you will find surprising and inspirational things ,astonishing sounds around you.
  • If you write 5 sentences in day how one can make this better and share on social media .Think how many ideas going to create in a day.
  • You can’t change world but you can stop sharing hatred negativity report one negative post in you inbox think how many negativities we can kill in a day.

BIG is good but small is BEST


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