More Decisive You:4: How to Gather relevant information?

Congratulation to you, you made yourself to walk on the road to more decisive you. Once you are clear about situation or issue or the problem you need to deal and you empower yourself the skill of asking question or rather I say you enhance your capability to know more by increasing your skill to be more inquisitive.

If you have seem a movie of a court case or proceeding or witness any trail you would had seen that the final decision of the decision authority is based on facts, data, evidence, and experiences or observations made by the enquiring officers and as per the provision of the law . In real life we need the same, we need the information gathered and then analyze it to seek the answer or arrive at a solution. It’s important that all information is appropriate, current , clear, and accurate ,though I earlier told that there may be certain factors which affect the quality of judgment of the decision making but information is more crucial .

One can qualify the information and can be able to find the facts, data, evidence which is free from any kind of cognitive bias , this will leads to more accurate disposal of issue or solving any problem . I will share a few tips

  • Just ask from you, is this information relevant to the purpose or goal?
  • Will these facts are current? Check in any of the search engine on the internet for latest fact (if solving any scientific or research problem).Try to phrase out the search in different ways. Find the accurate facts.
  • How do I know this information is accurate? Search a comparison sites and put the phase in the negative manner like .for example if you want to search for ”what are the point to be consider in merger “ . You should put some alternative ways like search for “what are the points that should spoil a merger “ or “what are the pitfalls of mergers “ or “ what can be the point to consider in merger and their weightage “ or “ latest merger deeds “ or “legality involve in mergers” and I assure you , there are n number of ways to get more information
  • You need to know that whatever you ae reading or consulting there are always some kind bias of the author .The data may be relevant to him but it may no be relevant o you , or suits to your kind of problem . you b=need to know difference between global or genial or specific information . if you are reading my blog that are my view point , you may find other sites or blogs which will counter my points .
  • Is this information understandable? Just check if I tell this information to my kid what he or she will make out it .Is it cover the scope or the problem statement?
  • Is this enough information to properly understand the question?
  • What additional information is needed to answer this question relevant to the situation?
  • Do I missed or any of the important information is being overlooked?
  • Are you only the decision maker or group of people that involve in making the decision?
  • If it is a group decision do I frame the information in logical manner that everyone will be able to understand it .if you are making some presentation prepare one sheet with all of the bullet points of the information. It will enable to stich to your point and flow of information with missing essential information.
  • Are the claims I’m making about the question at hand supported by the information?
  • It is better to take some time to make sure the meaning behind your thinking is clear. When you more clear it will give you a booster kick.
  • What are the key areas or factor to be considered or things which have maximum impact?
  • What is the priority to these key factors ?

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