I am Busy

I went to India in august this year to fix my dental RCT and to meet my family . My elder daughter’s birthday was also due .Whenever I try to contact my old colleagues or friend they always said they are busy . One day when , I went to doctor .In the clinic ,when I enquired and requested .can I  meet Doctor “.Receptionist said ,”Doctor is busy “. When I  said ,” I talked to him phone and he knows that I am coming, also he is friend of mine as well” .She didn’t said any word tome ,I went inside Doctor’s cabin. I found Doctor was not there . Receptionist said ,”He has gone , he will be coming back soon. He is bussy ” . Next day when ,I went to see my colleague in my old office I was told they were busy and most of them were not in office .One of them gone for visiting the premises of new VAT applicant. Later I found they went for lunch.

Most of us are infected by this “Busyness” syndrome . What happen to the time now.  I always wonder ask my self a question ,”Is it shrunken now “. Today ,new gadgets ,laptops and smart phone wipe out the boundaries of office and home .Even My 4 year old daughter when I ask what are you doing , she said,” Dad ,I am busy ,I am watching TV”. Next moment ,” I am busy , I am playing” . Next time ,”Dad I’m busy look I am studying .

My spouse responses were ,”Look Raj , we can’t talk now , I am cooking “. “Oh ! Sorry dear , I am washing the dishes “. One day I remember , Although , We haven’t finished the breakfast yet my spouse is keep on thinking what should I make for lunch . She works all the time . She took two week off as I come home after three months Bust most of the time I found her busy . Than, i feel I am the only one who is free . I flew 10000 miles to meet my family .They are now physically near but they are busy .Wife has  work off but still she is  busy . This happen with most of us in daily life .

It made me think , Are we still human or just turned ourselves to machines. .Even we have lots of gadgets and appliances which saves our time ,But still we are busy . We made our life full of stress . We are not able to find the time for us and for the near ones.

“I’m busy ” .This is the most common excuse we gave to others , when we don’t want to involve ourselves in extra work . Why some person always happily accept the work . Are they too free ? The answer is No . The difference between the two is one take the responsibility and held accountable for his work .if somebody is approaching to me with some task .it means I am being paid for it .i can’t afford to say I can’t except if the work is not related to me .In that case I can help to channelize that work to the specific person.

This is one of my best motivation line sometimes I learnt I on the internet, “ if you want extra , you need to do extra , otherwise, you will be an extra for others . Like extra players in the sport teams They are capable of doing the things but most of the time the missing the first field player . Why the coach does not have faith in them .Because during practice session they didn’t perform to the coaches’ expectation . If they are having some medical reason that is different.

Line up your things to do list priorities them .Finish them one by one. You need to steal time from your daily routine .This can be done by careful planning of days of time and stick to it . Shrae some responsibilities with kids husband .if in work share some work with co-workers .Clear your desks. clarity is power .Put sticky notes . Make bullet list .plan your holidays in advance . plan your bills in advance .Save time by making list of shopping . You are the one who knows you best .

God has given equal amount of hour to each of us. He won’t provide each one of us an assistant to manage our time .we need to manage time our self . When you reach to a level you will automatically get a assistant to manage you time. But still the final call is yours. It is you who decide where you wanted to go .it you who decide which meeting you wanted to attend .He or she can only reminds you because you had claimed the ladder so high . I am busy is a indicator that you are not having skill to manage your time .or you don’t know when to say yes or when to say No . Sometimes you take more fruit s in your plate than your appetite . The result you won’t able to eat them all . You will end up in mismanaging the things. You need to priorities the work .The best way is to learn how to manage your self .if you can’t manage yourself .You can’t be able to manage your work ,your finances or your family properly . You may be able to finish the tasks or work .But the work is just mechanical and of routine type with lots of stress and running .


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