Take the Control of You Series: 1 : Wake up before its’ too late..

Take the Control of You Series: 1 : Wake up before its’ too late

Wake up before its’ too late ,I was child and it was the most common sentence I heard from my parents . They usually make me and my siblings  to wake up early in the morning because its always a habit of morning walk in my family .It is not the habit that we desired and inculcate in us because we want to adopt it,   that it is good to wake up early in the morning , but it is the necessity of the time and it was the arrangement of the life .

We were living in Kullu .The House in which we were living has no facility of moderntoilet . We need to walk and I have to go to finish my potty time on the bank of the river. I never has shame for this .Itwas common practice in the hilly region at that time. But if the sun rises one feel little awkward to do the morning task.

This was an import part of our routine ,To get up early in the morning .But the sentence is a great meaning in itself .You take any situation of your life when you apply this you will find relevance that it help out in every situation . You may have to catch a train, you may have to attend a urgent meeting, You may have attend a marriage or celebration . You may have to board anairplane.

I have incidence I was in Melbourne I haveto come back to my worksite at Gladstone. our company has already provided the itinerary . it was Sunday .the flight time was 2pm to Brisbane and from Brisbane I have to caught another plane to Gladstone . I was pretty sure that one must arrive at airport at least 1 hour before for domestic flights. One of my friend suggested that we must have a cup of tea afer that we will go for airport .It take around 20 to 25 minutes from Truganina to Tullamarine airport and we do have more than 2 hours in hand , so I said ok . One of my friend prepared the tea . Although we left the home and we have all the margins for traffic yet when I reach at the counter .I was told you are late . The airline counter executive told that shecan help me to board the plane but, she won’t be assure that my baggage will come with me or not . I said I am here exactly 50 min before flight. I waved back to my friends.

When I reach at the Gladsome .I was told that my suitcase will come on next flight .Thanks to Airline that they drop the bag to my doorstep at my camp in Gladstone . But all this drama and series of events creates a situation of hassleto my and to carrier services .If I would have skip the tea and start when I had planned I would be able to save all this .

So it s always good to wake up before its’ too late to have a  gain on the situation.


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