Magic in You :18: You have ability to find Good in Bad

I have all the emotions that you possess, anger hatred love, sympathy, bitterness ,goodness , kindness , cruelty and many more . But when I shift my focus on other end to see the things my feeling to the event or the things get changed .it is not happen just like switching good mood to bad mode but it will take time. You need practice to see the things from different perspective.

I was also a part of crowd who enjoy in blaming and criticising. Each one of his right for our likes and dislikes ,to accept and reject or has opinion in or against .One thing is true like nature hasn’t created a perfectly duplicate flowers we are also unique and we all respond to different situation differently .Most difficult lesson to learn in life is to know how to not judge the things or create opinion .

There were several occasion in my life where I found I had been misjudges for the things which I haven’t intended to do .Then I used to think , “Are my actions  wrong? Are my intensions wrong? Is my timing wrong ? “ . I am doing my job or playing my role , still I get misjudged by others .Even Sometimes you hurt your near ones , I know the same will happen with you as well, Then You waste a lot of time to explain the things to them what was your intent .

There was no fault of you .But fault is we all are judge the things. We are human we have ability to speculate the things .we can imagine the unknown, we can guess ,we build the stories based on our experiences . To avoid this just think if I would be the other, How would he react?

I come across a story on internet which I feel like worth sharing

There is an Oriental legend that one day, Christ, wandering through the streets of Jerusalem, came suddenly on an idle crowd of jeerers over the dead body of a dog. Each spoke contemptuously, each condemning some phase, each contributing some meanness to add to the cruel merriment. Christ stood silent for a moment, and then, pointing to the open mouth of the dead dog, said—” Ah, but no pearls are whiter than his teeth.” This spirit of seeking ever the best side in our daily living would absolutely transform it.

When God can saw the good even in a dead animal. You can see the good and Brightside of the person who is alive. You need to judged him with sympathy but the degree of the sympathy should be such that it should not become your weakness.

You need to hold the your judgment to the last minute like, judges do, they saw all the evidences ,they listen to the allegation cross questioning ,they analyses the situation than they decide .But as we are not learned persons or judge of a court I have still a better point to share .if you need to judge someone .You should consider the fact that persons are closely associated with you may in relationship, in love or in friendship or business . It more important for us to understand the intent – from their words, their acts, their motives, and their emotions – and vice versa .


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