Magic in You Series: 22: You need only YOU to keep you healthy.

Health is the most important living value in one’s life .There are various things apart from basic needs which are essential gradient for good health .The basic fact that we all know is that Health is a combination of mind and body .You only need to mindful in only three areas, your emotional state , eating habits& atmosphere .I am not a dietician but you can find a lot of good websites and pages on the internet for now the good nutrition   food.

  1. A) Emotional state: Being happy is a choice that lies in your hand .I will suggest a few tips by which You can avoid stress and anxiety .Your actions are automatically changed when you are being driven by emotional triggers ..One take decisions in half minute but they regret that for entire life . Calm mind take sound and calculative decisions. Mind is very powerful beyond our imagination. To be health you need to stay cool and calm .s I will suggest a good resource for stress and anxiety
  2. B) Food you eat :Food is the fuel for body .Our body extract the essential nutrient from food .There is a old saying “garbage in garbage out “. You should held yourself accountable for the food you eat .I am not going to tell you what food you should eat .but I will tell you a few tips to be mindful while eating
  • Just create a simple excel sheet or work sheet or a pocket diary in your pocket. Add the food you eat for a whole month.
  • Group the items that are your are tempted to. Just find out the calories from internet. Know the triggers for your temptations. try to minimize the triggers best if you can eliminate those .
  • Know you BMI from calculator. It is measure of mass body index .Click to find more
  • Find out , What will be your need of calories for your body as per your weight height and job , click here for more information .
  • You don’t need designer menu , You are the one who knows about you better than any body else in the world so design your own menu for you .
  • Drink plenty of water. You need to drink as much water as you can.
  • if you drink water before taking food ,it lessen the craving for food.
  • Avoid carbonated /bear /alcohol / Juice added with artificial sugar.
  • don’t’ put extra limitation on you that you can’t resists best solution is eat the food you like but in less quantity.
  • Eat food in small portions and after small intervals .
  • In Hindu methodology it is said that you got 32 teeth so you should chew at least 32 time your food before you swallow it .

C)Surrounding or Atmosphere:

  • Oxygen is essential for cleaning of impure blood. Try to wake up early in the morning .Morning walk for 10 minute in good clean environment can give you strength for the day.
  • Have full laugh or join a laughter club or learn breathing exercise for increasing the air intake .
  • Quitting is good in case of smoking if not just reduce by have small pep talk to you successful people don’t smoke , I won’t smoke for next one hour , I won’t smoke in front of my kids , don’t put lighter in your pocket .
  • I will recommend to find out some of the best resources for your health

WHY ,I Choose to be Vegan Now …

I am raised in north Indian Punjabi family . We Punjabi love to eat chicken mutton and goat meat . We were liveing in Hilly Station in Kullu in eighties.There was butcher market in Sarwari Bazar .I used to go with my father to buy the meat .

Like you all I love the food made by my Mother .Like for every child the taste of Mother is cooking always best in the world .[but now my wife’ If I can’t say that she will going to kill me Ha Ha… ] .Both of my parents are good cooks. Father is greater advocate of high value food but my mother preference is to make the food which tastes good . In my family I am the only one who love the food made my father after my mother. But mother cook the best meat. When My elder brother met accident and one plate was inserted in to his leg .Doctor has advised him to gave him KHARODA’s soup (KHAROGDA is lamb or Goat’s leg ) My mother is one of the Best chef .She always make the soap for him. I learnt a great deal from her about cooking .I learn a great deal of doing experiments with food from my father .He rather a creative food cook than a tasty backing chef .I love cooking as well .

So once or twice in a week or fortnight my mother used to cook the meat .Meat was always a preference food if any guest visit out home .Or if there was any festival .Because my father love drinking at home .He love eat meat with drink . I never found him drinking outside or staying late outside home .He love to live and enjoy in family . He is my Hero,like you have your parent as your hero.

After 41 Years, On Sunday 13/09/2015 , I was just thinking why I am eating meat ,.Although last night on Saturday we had made Indian barbeque with chicken Egg Burgee , Cauliflower meal , South Indian Sambhar .Mix Vegetable .I was thinking can’t I get the same thing and food calories or proteins from other vegan foods .I searched on net and I just make a small plan to be vegan from that day . I just wanted to gave a try. can I resist because most of the time in camp we have 80% non-vegetarian menu . Even after the BBQ the left over food I packed Chicken and Egg burgee for next days .But after making my mind I  had given the some  to one of my colleague .He is happy because it is of indian taste .We rarely food Indian style food in camp dining hall . He thanks me for the cooked food.

There are various reason that you should opt to be vegan .

You will find a plenty of option and reason for and against to be vegan or no vegan. For me I have some personal reasons to believe that this is one of the best options. These were my beliefs since my early age but I never gave thema strong thought and dare to be vegan .Thistime I challenge myself to be fully vegan with and an excretion that I still I use milk and milk product.

  • We are now not livingin Stone age we have option to choose our food from the mega stores.
  • I was admitted in hospital for my chest pain .than I was air lifted to Brisance Royal Brisbane hospital for my angiography . I learned there on one of the pamphlet in coronary unit .that vegan has less chances to have coronary disease.
  • Since childhood I was told you will be like the food you eat .i used to ask my father will I be chicken or Goat when I grow up .He always smiled at me .He said no your body convert food to energy .i don’t have option to buy and choose than but now I can opt for being vegan ,vegan food got digested quicker than non vegan meals .
  • It can save you bills and cut short your expenses on buying and in cooking as well .
  • You can have the variety of the foods .It is not cheap but healthy option .
  • It is good for environment to save the animals. They have right to live. There is no fun first to raise them then you kill them just for your pleasure and taste of your tongue. Why this you can’t do with human race than.
  • When i was child I visited Hadimba temple in MANALI , a famous Hill station in Himachal . I found big heads of animal hanging out on the walls .Those animals were offered to Devi Hadimba as holy meat . I didn’t told since that date to any one that it made me curse to the people who killed them . They said they were beautiful. we love our kids and parent do we do the same ?
  • There is no evidence that you can’t survive without meat unless you are doing some crazy TV show living without clothes or jumping in the hell and survive.
  • Nature gave us herbivore’s teeth than a carnivore’s teeth it made me believes that food we eat should be vegan .

Just give yourself a try for next two days. Search for delicious recipes. Cook for You. It will make you happy and This is my experience that you will find yourself clear more energetic and your mind can focus on the things more clearly.