Thy Governors :Part 7:Your Family Governors ..

Happiness does not come from comparison of our lives with others. We have our own life to live at its best, not—the lives of others. Our parents and family members  foster us their acquired believes and faith .They feel this right is fundamental right and duty to given advice ,Irony is they don’t want to take any suggestion or  advice . Though they are  one’s best connection that one can ever have in her or his life .

I will share some of the hard and harsh words of a young and so called new generation boy talking to his parents  ,”i haven’t given an application to you to be my  parents to bring me in this world.” .He didn’t stopped at this he continue to talk like this ,”You had entertain yourself  and i born out of it accidentally .” . All though theses are plain facts but putting in  words like this not appreciated ,We are the impure of the pure. I called this because we are the generation of the Adam and Eve .We all are originated from the one the supreme cosmic energy . They were the purest form of the god.

We live in this for the sake of HUM DO HAMARE DO (a famous family planning slogan in eighties by government of india that we are two and we will produce two ).Our whole life is spinning around the axis of the children parents and our friend and acquaintances. When we born to this earth from the ultimate cosmic energy of the universe. We were alone and when we depart from this world we remain single

one’s family life has greatly governed one’s own values , commitment , ego ,mutual faith ,understanding compromising nature. When we give an opportunity to third person in our life either get shaped or get  shattered .It is not bad to take the advice or getting influence from others .but before implementing  the advice in your life you must evaluate the  person who is giving it . What is the intent of it .what can be the results of it .

Does it suits  to you or  align with you goals in you life ..In Order to keep our relation healthy like in married life one should not allow even the air to pass between you and your spouse .it create the channel of misunderstanding and miscommunications

External governors are the society , maternal or paternal side relatives, friends colleagues your own children brothers or sisters .No doubt the are your well wishers but the life you have to spent in our own full prepared way .

Don’t produced the children. if you are not mentally prepared for them  .There are already enough of population. Don’t bring the angels in to earth just for the sake of fun ,family or for the society.

Listen to every advice read all books watch all movies but before putting it to the practice in your marital life if the same thing is done by your partner how will you feel wear your partner shoes first .

Life is just a bubble you cannot  the timing when it will break and you will extinct from this planet .So take  the time to make your own decisions and respect the opinions and advices of others . We had been two eras to listen and one mouth to speak and one brain to  evaluate the things .

the mother father sister brother wife husband daughter son and all other relative has place in you life and you should listen to them but choose the action which is relevant to your life ,Because one does not have the eight  lives like cat have .So live your only life with your choices .


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