Magic in You Series :8: yOU can CHANNELISE Your Negative Energy constructively.

I am Bad ,I am Good, I am hero I am zero , We have limited or almost no control on the world around us But we can control of the feedback what we received from the outer world or from the other people . I often been told this world is a big well .when you speak to it .You will get the same echo back to you .But I didn’t find the world in the same way . I found when I laugh people around me laugh and happy but when I cry I found I am all alone, sometime the nights are so lonely quite ,dark and cold .

We all observe and learn though our senses. In our Hindu mythology we have a God Named as “ARDHNARISHWAR” ,It is God who is having half body of women and half of man. .We also have one incarnation of Lord Vishnoo “NARSIMA”,This incarnation has face of lion and body of man..We also have many faces ,we keeps on changing our face masks as per our different roles. Likewise in our personal life we have lots of positive and negative emotions within us .Some of the negative emotions are anger ,hatred , jealousy ,disgust ,sorrow ,grief, frustration ,lazy, moody, self pity etc..

We all learn the basic concept of mathematic of modulus in our early classes

i.e if you put –X in |-X|it results you = X that is Modulus of any number whether number is positive or negative. The result is positive number. When you multiple -1 wih a negative number it gave you positive number .. What that’s mean? Does it means we can put the emotions in to modulus and convert that to positive .Is that possible ? For philosophically reason you can do that but in real life ,The truth is there is no universal principle or turbine which can convert your negative energy in to positive energy .Only way to get over it is to feel it, because you are human. If you are angry jealous, sad ,feeling hatred ,lazy or frustrated , you need to thank the good that you are still alive you haven’t died yet .

Most of the negative emotions are secondary emotions. When I say negative emptions, it mean they are controllable .These can be avoided but complete elimination is only possible when you are in grave. Secondary emotions are created by some trigger events.

But you need to understand that Negative feeling can be constructive or it can be destructive. In spite of people practicing Yoga and meditation I had seen 99% fail , when the secondary feeling reach to their head . if someone he saying he can control the negative energy as per me he is laying . tell to control the rhythm of your breathing and so is to delay the process of getting the negative emotion in to your head

When we experience someof the feeling our mind release different kind of enzymes in our mind, wish results in physiologicalchanges. Our behaviour become violent ,our action are does not remained in our control. The solution is you can channelize the energy in to different stream .

  • Don’t be in rush in . Do the things in routine .
  • If it is your ego , just have peep talk with your ego .Give it a name Mr X .Then just say thank you Mr.X.. I am not interested in your suggestion.
  • Separate your work life from personnel life .
  • Do not take much in your plate than your appetite .don’t over burden yourself.
  • Permit yourself to be human ,let some time emotions runs on you .if you want to cry ,go any cry , if you are angry go to gym and exercise .
  • This one technique was told to me by my father , “Just slowly count for ne to ten .have deep breath ” .
  • When you feel fear , Just give a funny name to your fear ,write that on paper ,crush under your feat . just do that ,just face the fear.
  • You need to understand these are simple words. Words are just simple words.
  • Tell your mind to forgive the other ,Just feel egoless .
  • You need to understand the life is ore important .these conditions will change after sometime .You need to remember Tough things sometimes never lasts but Tough people does

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