Few words about my Wonderful Friend Shadow..

Shadows are remarkable things. When I was kid I was making lots of figures with my hand in the light of table lamp like Dear ,Dog ,Fish ,Flying bird and so on.. I love one thing about it ,it Moves with you when you move. Sometimes it become long sometime it becomes short .I used to watch it we I was going for walk. Best thing it remain with you .

When you are sad or laugh or depressed or in anger .It listen to you .it does not utter a single word to you .It never argue with you .When you are in light it remains with you But it disappear there is absence of light . Life is like that nobody will remain forever with you .Even your shadow goes away from you when you are facing dark times .But really it goes out of you .or you are not able to see that in absence of light source.

It is not any financial Burdon, you don’t have feed it ,you don’t have to buy tickets for it . It doesn’t demand any gifts from you , It is your back when you are facing odd hots Its feet attached to your feet. Why, because you are attached to Ground. .Shadows is considered as your other part of personality, It is symbol of your unconsciousness. .You can’t find ego in your shadow. You can’t find anger in it .It remain cool and silent always .It does not worry about where it is falling in mud in water in ditches in fireplace in flowers. On you bed .because it does not have any feeling. You should attached to your dream keepyour self-attached to it despite ,of the weather sometimes you find you lost your dream as you lost your shadow in dark ,You will regain it when you again come in light ,Brighter is the light darker is the shadow .When light sources on your face ,people does not see your face, When light Is informant of your shadows cast on your back .to see your shadow you need to turn back again . It is fun and interesting part .it gave to insight to look in to your dream don’t be too much fascinated by the illumination just attached your to ground, We can’t remain all the time calm, cool and quite as our shadow . We have to speak some time speak a bit loud as well .We cry, we laugh .because we are living


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