Magic in You Series :10: Your Truly … Yours Sincerely….Yours Faithfully…Y O U

I start learning English in class sixth, I was taught English alphabets at the age 10 ..After I learnt alphabets , we were told how to write small sentence making like “This is John “ ,”That is Marry ” .We also be taught to write small sick leave application after we learn the basic small sentences  , Since then I had write down lots of letters and applications. I was always confused when you have to use “Your truly” or “Yours sincerely” or “Yours faithfully” till yesterday [ Frankly I do not ask this question to teachers or people around me that they may make a fun of me ] .I check one online resourse and find following ,I m sure you know all this but still I am sharing this ;

  • if you don’t know the name of the recipient…you should use Yours faithfully ( British usage) or Yours truly(American usage)
  • When you do know the name of the recipient…you should use Yours sincerely ( British usage) ,Sincerely yours (American usage)

Also, I learnt that only the first word is need to be capitalised.e.g Yours faithfully

Now I just want to ask simple three questions, In your life …

  • Are you true to you?
  • Are you sincere to you?
  • Are you faithful to you?

You don’t have to justify me or god or to anybody else in your life .It is you to whom your are liable to give yourself a brief talk . We were once discussing the topic why people fail ,why people does not learn from mistakes ? Why some persons get the divorces ? Why all the problems exist in personal life . The answer of all those is with in you. You need to be sincere and faithful to you . We all are imperfects including me .But if we do not want change that’s our problem. We are not creating to others we are cheating to others. , Last time when I went India, my wife ask me do you have joy with “OTHERS”. I said no .she say it is open culture , I am not with you .I told her I can’t expect a faith from you .if I am not faithful to you .It does matter you are with me or not .I need to answer myself first .

Same is with your life, Strong character is not build in a day .Every small event in your life contribute towards It. We evolve ourselves in pursuit of that. Quest of being perfect never ends.” Imperfection is always greater that perfection If you see holistic view of the world, Nothing is perfect “ .It depends on what comparator or criteria we are using to measure the perfection . Every perfect thing will become imperfect when we know more about the things. Every imperfect thing has become perfect when make that item or thing to our measuring or selection criteria.

I love to play cricket since I was child, I was never make that as my career, I was not very good at bowling and bating ,But I was good at fielding .[actually I never worked on batting or bowling ].After a long gap I started playing cricket .i practice to bowl fast bowling .I found now I bowl fairy good wicket to wicket bowl .yesterday I played with some Aussie workmates and I took one wicket . Picking that wicket will never be counted anywhere in the history or It may be not a great thing to achieve .but for me it did marvellous job .I feel like I have done something .I now know how to bowl. It gave me confidence again in me I can do the things .I can learn the new things.

To get better in life you have to treat yourself better ,You need to be sincere and true to youself ,


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