You and your Time: 4: How to balance Life

n Sanskrit there is a word –BhavChakra – It mean wheels of life and it is one of the Buddhist philosophy representing the cycle of conditioned existence, birth and death. It represent the goodness evilness, feeling of happiness and suffering. We find ourselves behaving differently in different situation. Our temperament towards the things changes with passage of time. Things remain the same but our perception of viewing the things changed .Have you ever taken time out to take a long, hard look at your life? By stopping to review all aspects of your life, you can take the first step to addressing imbalance, and move toward leading a more energizing life.

Each one of us been guided by different values and fears or rather says mostly by fears. Fear can be of losing or not being recognized, or being caught or of uncertainty or of unknown. .Reason is best known to individual. Majorly there are three focus of your life and you need to balance these three.

  • YOUR own focus of basic needs: Health /Food /Shelter /Career / Finances /Money
  • YOUR responsibilities focus or social needs: Social Life/ Relationships /Family
  • YOUR focus to grow or intellectual needs: Spiritual wellbeing / inner peace /charity /personal growth

These are just tripod if any leg is week the table won’t be stable. It may be inclined to onside. Some psychologist cover these focus of life as a spokes of a wheel, and you need to rate from 1 to 10 on each spoke and then you need to connect the dots. Because you have different priorities so you will ended up in different shape than a circle .Suppose your Life is vehicle and it has four wheels just like your life wheel as the tires to your vehicle. It means when you have ride your life vehicle  car on these kind of non-circular tires your ride won’t be smooth it will experiences lots of jerks and bumps even on straight plain well metaled road .

You need to ask questions from you

  • What are my aspects of my life in terms of health /Money / finances?
  • What I want to achieve in one year / two years / 5 years in my life and what tis more important to me?
  • List out the ways by which you can achieve these things?
  • Attach a date to your plan? And if you achieve how you going to treat yourself?
  • What are my abilities and how can I enhance more skills?
  • Based on my abilities and experience, what kind of career I need to have?
  • What are really good aspects of your work and the not-so-good aspects ?
  • What are my aspirations and my frustrations ?
  • What are the factor or triggers that are creating the frustrations? it will help you to determine what’s important.
  • You should examine your current financial position, including your expenses and earnings, but you should also consider your future. Think about your attitude toward, and behavior around, money.
  • You need to not only think about your physical health, and how you care for yourself but you need to act on what you going to do . This means considering diet, exercise, and opportunities for relaxation.
  • Know what kind of social life you want , what kind of relationships you need , what your family is expecting from you ?
  • You need to consider all of your relationships, and what they mean to you. So consider your partner, children, family, friends, and work colleagues.
  • You need to know what kind of sports you enjoy? What kind of books or activity makes you happy? You need to know what means to you a lot. This might include hobbies, sports, personal development, and meditation and down time for reflection.

To help you understand your preferences, examine your answers or life focus statements for the following words:

  • Can, enjoy, like, will, value, and do – These words usually indicate that you are generally satisfied with these aspects of your life.
  • Sometimes, maybe, perhaps, or possibly – These words usually mean that you are moderately satisfied with these areas of your life, but there are things that you might change.
  • Ought to, can’t, hate, and have to – These words probably mean you are dissatisfied with these aspects of your life.

Reviewing the different areas of your life can produce surprises. You may find that your big issues don’t look so important when you consider them next to your whole life, which is what achieving work-life balance is all about.


You and your Time: 3: How to Record your time

Once I brought two packets of toffees to my elder daughter for her birthday. She wants to distribute toffees in her class. She opened the packet, I asked ,” Why did you open this ?” She said ,” I have 45 class mates , so I need to count these just to make sure I will carry enough toffees with me for them .“ She counted for her school-van friends and her teachers as well . She was right the as packets were marked with weight not by the quantities in it . This is equally applicable to time, we need to know what we have with us, it will help us to manage it .You will say each one has 24 hours what calculation we need that how much time one have, you not only need to know how much time you have but you need to know, how you spend your time , you can’t plan to save time or manage the time unless you make a record of our time or plan your time.

There are various methods to record you time, you may choose to use one, or a combination, of the following methods, you need to make you habit to record your time because it is only habit that keeps you going.

Activity Log: You should start to record for a few days, to build a log of the activities that you engaged during a day. It will help you to paint an picture of what you do during the day, and how you invest your time on each activity . Memory has limitation and it is bad tool to solely depends on your memory. You need to record on papers or if possible use any spread sheet to record this.

Time logs: This is advancement to the previous in this you record the time with activity you engaged in Time logs are used to record the amount of time spent on various activities. You can sub divided the time under each activity , like if you are working on multiple projects keep track of the amount of time you spend, then a time log is a good method..

Calendars: These are more than a simple date calendar, it will help you to coordinate your activities and manage your time over a period of time. It is useful for planning ahead, and keeping track of all of your appointments. It is helpful like major engagements anniversaries, birthdays, celebrations, children school function , Monthly payment of bills .

Office Desktop tools : Lots of desktop monthly planner are in the market which will help you to keep you appointment on time by placing the desktop planner on your desk , you can have inbox /outbox/priority .routine pigeon hole on your Desk . You can use stick-slips as a reminder of your important tasks attached to your computer monitor

Project planners: If you working in a big company you will find there are Project planners who coordinate the activities of a number of people who are all working on the same project for a period of time. There are number o software available to do the planning and scheduling. On the personal level there are several mobile apps available which you can install on your phone, it helps you to ensure that you dedicate you time when it is required .Nothing come easily, no application or software going to work if you don’t commit to yourself and to your routine.

Priority Lists or To-do lists: To-do list is the method of recording the things that need to done over a period of time . Priority list used to set priority of a task over a number of other tasks. First you list out what are the tasks you have to do in a day, then you assign the urgency or priority of the task .Sometimes there may be a case when time is more important than the task .Assigning priority take care of the urgency of the task in terms of time can be used as an immediate record of what needs to be done. Effect of making simple to do list with assigning priority limits its effectiveness

“ No method is bad only applicability of the methods differs and each one has their limitations. it is based on your situation. It is you who decided which method is fitting in your need and providing the information you need. I am sure that these will help you to manage your time and will develop efficient way of working and saving your time.”

You and your Time: 2: Know your Personality

We are not what we born, we are what we learn and observe throughout our life , people claim they know the world but it is most of them spent their life in delusion with the perception that was told to them by others about them . I would like to share some of the key concepts formed by Carl Jung , German psychologist in 1921 , proposed the existence of two dichotomous pairs of cognitive functions, first is  “rational” function which involve  thinking and feeling [thinking is function of intellectual cognition it help in  the forming the logical conclusions  & feeling is function of subjective estimation]and second is  “irrational”  function  involving  sensation and intuition[ Sensation means observance or perception by means of the sense organs &  intuition is  perceiving in unconscious way or perception of unconscious contents]

Last two are information-gathering and former are decision-making (judging) functions. He said that we have two kind of attitudes either extravert or introvert and he listed out the  main difference between these two :

  • Extraverts are action-oriented, while introverts are thought-oriented.
  • Extraverts seek breadth of knowledge and influence, while introverts seek depth of knowledge and influence.
  • Extraverts often prefer more frequent interaction, while introverts prefer more substantial interaction.
  • Extraverts recharge and get their energy from spending time with people, while introverts recharge and get their energy from spending time alone

The four functions operate in conjunction with the attitudes (extraversion and introversion). And based on the concepts Individual can be Control oriented, idea oriented, people oriented or structure oriented , when you know what kind of personality you will be able to focus the what kind of strategy you need to adopt to discipline yourself . It is always happened when someone other want to control other fellow there is always kind of resistance , it will happen to you as well even when you want to change your body will some time not cooperate with you . I find very difficult to get up early in the morning I need to reason with my mind sometime. I said ,” Mr.Mind Just keep you mouth shut, I have to do it and I am going to do it. I will talk to you once I am done with it “.And when I complete the thing I don’t find my mind is there to reason me .so the best thing is to do and take action .

Features of person having governor approach: They love to control the situation. This person took responsibility mostly voluntarily. They look for only few or often without any consultation based on their own expertise they make the decision .People see them sometime impose their orders or dominate them .They are multitasking leaders with force personality.

Time management tip :This kind of person need to know the risks and impacts of hasty decisions. They should devote time to improve on their listening ability as opinions of others can be good and need to be appreciated,. Control approach person must inculcate the habit to invite proposals, ideas and thoughts wherever possible. It will improve the effectiveness of the decision

Features of person having idea oriented approach: These creative people find innovative methods to solve any problem but at the same they easily get bored because they need variety and do not struck to a single idea attracted by new approaches. Most of them have a tendency to leave lots of things unfinished because they get bored

Time management tip :This kind of person needs constant motivation and if possible one need to generate the inspiration from within oneself. Their work should be divided in to small time bound tasks.

Features of person having people oriented approach: These are pleasers and sensitive people concerned about others and like to please them. They are not persuaders and easily get influenced by others. These are less confident people and sometimes these can be indecisive. It took time for them to make understand other their own view point

Time management tip: This person need to set his own dead line and stick to it .He should focus on his strength. One need to be more communicative and invest=gate the things in deep before taking new responsibly and value his own time. This personnel to be take less person and need that he should not take everything in emotional way.

Features of person having structured oriented approach: These are orthodox people they like the things to be carefully planned and expect clear instructions from others .They are not flexible as the Idea oriented people and resist the immediately to change .They are detailed oriented people , rational and fair and try to record everything .There may be time when one consider them as slow and has ;tendency to micro-manage detail

Time management tip: They need to understand the balance of planning and time in doing the things .They need to be more flexible and try to work in different ways to do the task .Planning time is important but execution is equally important , unless we took action we don’t able to gauge the effectiveness of the planning

You and your Time: 1: Benefits of Time Management

One day I was in dining room at my project site camp. I was sharing table with two of my colleague both work in startup group .One was from Iran and another lady was from my home land India. I and the lady had vegetarian meals in the plates and he was eating non vegetarian. They were already discussing about being vegetarian is better or a meat eater is good. She pointed towards my plate and told him ,”Hey, look he also have vegetarian meal”. I told I was previously non-vegetarian but in this project site , I decided to be vegetarian and I haven’t taken any oath that I won’t eat meat .I told that I had quit smoking and drinking alcohol. She was then tease Iranian Guy , “You need to learn from him “, I said but I haven’t quit drinking bear . Now it is his turn to speak out to her,” Now look men will be men. They know the things which are good for them ,so more advice “.

You will surprise why I mention this episode, reason is that we are mostly slave of out habits and it is very difficult to change, if it is easy to change then I won’t be here writing the blog and you won’t be here to read my blog .We know what times mean to us and what is the benefit to manage your time. I had studied the day scheduled of successful people and i found they are no more different than us the difference between them and us is the way they manage their time and action they took

I will assure you once you will undergo this series, you will find that you will empower yourself with new skills and you will get benefited by managing you time ,Time management means staying on top of your time, life, and activities. You may find something or some concepts are not applicable to you. but to practice this is solely depends on you mere studying the concepts does not bring you change but your need to practices the things to get the maximum benefit from this series There are lots of benefits of time management .

  • You will be more in control of personnel life
  • We will feel that we are more satisfied by judicially giving time to work and to family
  • You become more effective communicator and attain a focused approach to the things
  • You will be more happy and fresh and it will leads to better life with fulfillment
  • You are able to better manage your workload
  • People will see you are a role model despite of all the pressure you manage the things.
  • Your relationships with the people around improve.
  • You will find time to grow yourself mentally and physically.
  • It will allows you to spend your time on the things that matter most to you
  • It saves lots of efforts of rework and efforts, thus saving your money.
  • Being on top of your time and work produces more opportunities
  • You will find you are in better control your destiny than others
  • Time is inversely proportional to your stress level more availability of time means reduction in your stress level.
  • You will value the time of the others and mastering the skill to manage the relations.

You know what are your core drivers and triggers which can results in wastage of time

More Decisive You :7: Decision is a game of mind and application of strategies to your thinking

You may be a father or mother, Brother or sister , you may be a working professional or may be self-employed, you may be a job seeker or may be a house wife , you may be young or old reading this but you undoubtedly have numerous skills to do your job. However, one skill surpasses and affects all others. That skill is the ability to think and act. Your thinking and action are the two most important things to solve any problem. These impact every situation you face, perhaps making the ability to think well the most beneficial and practical skill you can possess.

The best way to enhance the ability to think is small talk to self and being self-critic. It help to direct your thinking in more focused way. I repeatedly put emphasis on the concept that, nobody else than you know you better than anybody. You are the best chef of the food you are cooking in your mind.

How to be you own critic   – You need to question your own judgments or action that you are going to take. There is not good or bad thinking .Every thinking has some bases and influential factors .The result depends upon the process you followed to arrive at a conclusion. Nobody can stop the firm resolve of any soul. There are various kinds of persons. Some think and don’t act, some act but put less time on planning. The best is think thousands times before making your decisions and once you decided just stick to it .You need to know what are your core drivers and factors that can lead to a good feedbacks or bad failures  ,which are not desirable or expected .

How to maneuver mind strategiesYou add value to your thinking process by asking questions to critique your own thinking. It will give to options to see the other faces of the problem. I found when one applies certain strategies in a process to improve your thinking. These strategies that recommend are not a principle of rocket science, I am sure that some of you already know about these.

  • You must have clear about your thing rather vague thinking.
  • You focus must be focused – by this I just want to put emphasis that you need to focus on what is relevant.
  • We have already discussed in previous blog the how to formulate effective question results you effective information which is precise and relevant to issue .it will help in forming a better solution to a problem.
  • Diverge and converge – this lets you to find out various alternative views and then converges to a statement which is most suitable and explanatory to understand the concept, describe a problem or form a solution .
  • SWOT analysis by this one can view situation in strength – weakness- opportunities & threats .One can enlists pointwise against each of the heads. I found this tool is beneficial in any kind of situations .
  • STAR analysis, this acronym stood for –situation – task –action- resolution. This is another tool that decision maker use to find the resolution of an issue and action .The heads are self-explanatory .

Applying each of these strategies to your thinking will help improve it in specific ways

More Decisive You:6:How to identify your point of view?

I was trained to Organise the brain storming session and I remember one exercise our trainers told us to do ,I will share with you .On the white board one of the instructor wrote down three words ,water , house & glass .He gave each one of us to write down what will be the use of these things . There were 28 participants .After 15 minutes ,they took out the papers and it take more than 3 hours to discuss the uses and new usage of the things .some of the things I never even dreamt of . The reason is total experience in the room was 28x 35 years (average age) and plus of instructor more than 1000 years , and we took only 15 minutes to consolidate in to individual lists thus overall spending 15×28 = 420 minutes, that is 7 hours .

Like cube have six faces , prism has five ,pyramid has four , coin has 3 faces (one cylindrical ), each of the thing or situation have multiple views. So if I am holing only one view I may be not able to see the other face or the thing completely. A problem is multifaceted and can have multilayers. But in order to support you decision you must aware why you are holding that view backed up by sound facts and data. There may be chances that your solution may be the most feasible solution to the problem.

  • Do I understand the problem?
  • What are the things that I don’t understand about the problem?
  • If, I am the only one who will be affected person by these decisions, what will be more favorable outcome of the situation?
  • If, I don’t have to put brain or logic what will be my emotional response to the situation?
  • If, I have to put brain or logic what will be my emotional response to the situation?
  • Is my understanding the only reasonable view?
  • What are assumptions I am making that are influencing how I understand this?
  • Does my view ignore anything?
  • Look at the problem or issue from other points of view
  • Do I have information from all relevant points of view?
  • Are there other ways of looking at this issue that I’ve not yet considered?
  • Consider how your assumptions may be impacting your point of view/
  • What are factor you are considering to frame your view ?
  • What are the theories or concepts you are using or that need to be applied to your point of view?
  • How credible those concepts or philosophies that make your point of view ?

More Decisive You:5: How to eliminate your own bias


There are elements like Age and family responsibilities , Fear or uncertainty , Past experience or observations ,Cognitive abilities or physical barriers ,Socioeconomic status (SES) ,Personal or influential biases, Behavioral attributes and personal values which influence decision .Cognitive faculties of brain should be more involve than ” I”. But I found that I-Factor is more prominent in decision making. I-factor is egocentric approach to any situation.

Preconceived knowledge, your assumptions, one beliefs and points of view are the key factor which leads to bias .

There are number of occasion in the history which establish the fact that,” When arrogance guides the thought process, it’s hard for reason, logic, or fairness to prevail”. It is evident from the fall of kingdoms and raise of new democracies. That principle is applicable to decision making process when one is prejudiced or opinioned one can’t expect a good decision all the time. It is less likelihood that your gut feeling is always right but one can rely on the decision which is based on sound unbiased thinking, facts and information.

Sometime one may think in terms of absolutes, such as right and wrong or favorable or unfavorable or yes or no sometimes. It is possible that there may be some other alternatives exist, but are overlooked because of this tendency

You must be willing to accept he counter point of view . I remember one incident of my declamation contest when I was in school the winner hasn’t put forth any new point or put only his point of view ,he consider his own point of view and points against his own point of view and found sound reasoning to counter those reasons against to his own motion of house .

Know your assumption for any conclusion and check it that only your assumption or that is assumption accepted to all that may be affected from your decision, ask yourself, what am I assuming? Is my assumption leading me to this conclusion? Are there assumptions underlying this information?

Another way to discourage you to involve in listening mode .There may be some people in your organization or in your relations or in friend circle to whom you are not comfortable .But when they are delivering you some information don’t concentrate on person just  concentrate on the information he or she is providing . An unwillingness to listen and engage in the reasoning process can result the ideas, beliefs, or viewpoints of others remained uncounted. I will enlist  number of questions that you should work on and write down the responses against each to avoid the bias in the decision in this series .

It is good to know your own beliefs and point of view so that you must be able to find out the counter factors to your view .This need to get overall picture of the situation. I found from my experience that knowing self is hard and it is one of the most difficult thing .Reason behind it is that we always see outside and being influenced by number of external factors, we hardly spend time with us to know our strengths and views

More Decisive You:4: How to Gather relevant information?

Congratulation to you, you made yourself to walk on the road to more decisive you. Once you are clear about situation or issue or the problem you need to deal and you empower yourself the skill of asking question or rather I say you enhance your capability to know more by increasing your skill to be more inquisitive.

If you have seem a movie of a court case or proceeding or witness any trail you would had seen that the final decision of the decision authority is based on facts, data, evidence, and experiences or observations made by the enquiring officers and as per the provision of the law . In real life we need the same, we need the information gathered and then analyze it to seek the answer or arrive at a solution. It’s important that all information is appropriate, current , clear, and accurate ,though I earlier told that there may be certain factors which affect the quality of judgment of the decision making but information is more crucial .

One can qualify the information and can be able to find the facts, data, evidence which is free from any kind of cognitive bias , this will leads to more accurate disposal of issue or solving any problem . I will share a few tips

  • Just ask from you, is this information relevant to the purpose or goal?
  • Will these facts are current? Check in any of the search engine on the internet for latest fact (if solving any scientific or research problem).Try to phrase out the search in different ways. Find the accurate facts.
  • How do I know this information is accurate? Search a comparison sites and put the phase in the negative manner like .for example if you want to search for ”what are the point to be consider in merger “ . You should put some alternative ways like search for “what are the points that should spoil a merger “ or “what are the pitfalls of mergers “ or “ what can be the point to consider in merger and their weightage “ or “ latest merger deeds “ or “legality involve in mergers” and I assure you , there are n number of ways to get more information
  • You need to know that whatever you ae reading or consulting there are always some kind bias of the author .The data may be relevant to him but it may no be relevant o you , or suits to your kind of problem . you b=need to know difference between global or genial or specific information . if you are reading my blog that are my view point , you may find other sites or blogs which will counter my points .
  • Is this information understandable? Just check if I tell this information to my kid what he or she will make out it .Is it cover the scope or the problem statement?
  • Is this enough information to properly understand the question?
  • What additional information is needed to answer this question relevant to the situation?
  • Do I missed or any of the important information is being overlooked?
  • Are you only the decision maker or group of people that involve in making the decision?
  • If it is a group decision do I frame the information in logical manner that everyone will be able to understand it .if you are making some presentation prepare one sheet with all of the bullet points of the information. It will enable to stich to your point and flow of information with missing essential information.
  • Are the claims I’m making about the question at hand supported by the information?
  • It is better to take some time to make sure the meaning behind your thinking is clear. When you more clear it will give you a booster kick.
  • What are the key areas or factor to be considered or things which have maximum impact?
  • What is the priority to these key factors ?

More Decisive You :3: How to get more out of your question?

We learn as we grow in life, we learn a lot of things by observing and by experiencing , experimenting studying and most by asking questions.

The interrogative pronouns who, what, whom, whose, which and the interrogative adverbs where, when, why and how are used to frame information questions .So ,Why some people gather more information or more response from others?

When somebody asks someone,” Why you ask such a question?” , the other fellow either enquiring or gathering more information about an aspect . Although, the response one get depends on various external factors , Yet if one precisely formulate the structure of the question ,he will get better information.

No doubt about that no question is a silly questions but i am sure that vague questions leads to vague answers .You need to know , why are you asking question ? You should be clearer about you problem or issue .You need to define your purpose and clearly and precisely formulate a question to guide your thinking. In order to do you need to ask a fewer questions from you,

  • Is this question clear?
  • Am I clear about my issue or problem?
  • What is the purpose of asking this question? (Seek help from your mind Hi Mr Mind ,what will be the purpose if I ask you this question )
  • Are there other ways to express the question?(Seek help from your mind Hi Mr Mind ,What can be other ways to frame the query , and write down as much as question statements , don’t qualify the quality of question )
  • What can be other way to ask the question without changing the intent?
  • Are there any sub questions that should also be asked and answered to properly address the main question?
  • What are sub questions? Did a write down the question? (Don’t qualify the question is that reasonable or not , if your mind come to say anything Just say ,thank you Mr Mind , I will get help from you after )
  • Am I giving enough information what I seek? (Ask, Do I have provided as much as information as have with me ? , Did I hide anything? Did some of the crucial information missing? )
  • Narrow down the stream of questions to more meaningful and open ended questions . (Call Mr Mind to put logic behind each of the question )
  • You will need to be extra careful when analyzing non-definitive questions when you are funneling down or narrow down to the final list of questions, sometimes questions are more vulnerable to prejudice, preconception, notion, and bias.
  • When you asking questions summarize what you think the other person has said in your own words and noted down the thing that you are still not clear out ,once the person has stopped you telling you can ask the connected question or your can put your concern and your own point.
  • Don’t stop another person who is telling you anything, if you cut in middle. You will stopped his or her thinking or thought process , and 99% chances are that he or she won’t be able to recall same sort of thought again once the stream of communication is changed .

More Decisive You :2: How to understand the situation


When I was in class eight and live in Kullu . I learn taekwondo for three months .I usually got up and walk for two kilometer to reach the practice ground at lower Dhalpur primary school ground . I with my one of my friend used to go to the training sessions .Our trainer told us to count like hich , ni , sang , shee , go , rukh ,sish ,hachi ,Que .It is just strange language for us . He told us it is Japanese language .if you need to learn taekwondo you need to practice the move with these sound. It is good exercise of control of breath. He always insisted that attacking is the best move for defense. Don’t let your opponent to think .Before he even blink just start kicking and it is good to have good capacity to get hit and keeps moving on . You should not be scared of kicking .At the same time you must analyses the situation .

Our trainers told us to watch how your opponent moves his legs and how he moves his eyes. Just watch closely his face and observe the little change in the expression and when he is about to hit you, you will find his expression will become more intense. He told us don’t be bothered about punch or kick , because once you entered in the ring you won’t be welcome by flowers but just be more aware of expression of your opponent .I was not be able to continue the training to get the black belt .I was still yellow belt . But this lesson helpedme out when after five years I started karatetraining in Agra . I knock down one of the senior green belt player while I was white belt in one of trainingmatch. I still have trust on my UPJAPUSGI kick and basic move of self-defense that I learned in taekwondo training .

Once you are in a decision making phase. First thing you need to know what is the situation, I will share some of my tips ,it may not be exhaustive but I am assure you that it will help you to a greater holistic view of the issue or problem in your hand .all you need a blank paper and pen .

In the center write down the problem and encircle it. Draw separate lines just like spikes coming out of the circles and write down triggers, existing information , personal view , hero’s view , global view , other view , history of events and write down point wise the information in each head ,you may need do the following things .

  • Write down the problem, it is old saying ,”When you write the problem half it is get solved .”
  • Write again the problem in some other way.
  • Repeat the process of writing and pen down the issue that you have to resolute.
  • If your father see this situation what will be his view point of see the situation.
  • Get as much as version you can get of the situation and write them down.
  • Read each of the problem statement , find out what is common element among all ?
  • What is the portion that carry out 70 to 80 % of the issue ,if that is nailed down the problem will become less than half and ink it on the paper .
  • Is this the only way to looking to the things? Are there another ways to look in to the things or issue? What people in common think about if they come across the same situation
  • What is my point of view or my first observation about the things and write that down
  • Discuss the things with your colleagues or subordinates (if professional decisions) , with your kids wife or parents (if personal decisions ) or to the experts or put a query in online forum (other or financial decision )
  • You may need to see what are the background of the problem or issue ?
  • Everyone has some hero or ideal of life , just ask from yourself what will be view of my hero about the thing if he will be in your shoes and ho he observe the situation
  • Is there and already global facts or figures available ( organizational problems ), of do I or my family has ever encounter same situation earlier ? if yes how this problem now different from other time ?
  • What are the triggers that made this situation to arise?
  • Is there any concepts, ideas, and theories that need to be applied to your thinking to properly understand the problem?
  • How to validate the concepts theories or ideas ?

You are the one who is making decision and if you are not clear about what is the problem and what is the purpose of it you won’t be able to hit the bull’s eye . Questioning is base of getting the information. In the next I will put some material to find out the clear picture about how to ask question and how to find out the purpose of questioning. How to get maximum information out of your questioning?

Never assume that the problem is your inability to comprehend. Chances are the problem just hasn’t been explained properly or clearly so to make it more meaningful, it is your responsibility to make it more clear to you

More Decisive You:1: decisions , Decisions & DECISIONS


There is no single day in which we didn’t make any decision. Decision may be small or big. Decision can be in your personal life or in professional life. Decision may be political or organizational. We need to make decision in our romantic life or in career. We make lots of financial decisions. We all make lots of decisions in our daily life .We choose out of lots of alternative and options. We can make our life a wonderful adventure by making our habit to be more decisive .Our buddy brains help us to make decisions.

Sometime in our life we come across to decide about major things of our life. We have lots of doubts in our minds. Sometime fear paralyses our mind and we don’t take decision, and later in our life we blame our self for not taking decision and stop the opportunity for action. Only chance to live the game of life to the fullest is o take decisions .you should not be afraid to take the decision.

You have to trust yourself and when you take decision and put your guts to challenge yourself to follow your heart nothing going to stop you .Only way to achieve the confidence in you is to take decisions and work on the decisions. There is no easy way out to be in better in every single day other than to make your mind smarter by enabling yourself to be decisive.

I will try to split this series in to the blow sections .Though things may seem very normal but you can get the more value to these simple things in your life .it will help to make yourself to be more accountable for your own growth . First what are the important things to make decision?

  • How to understand the situations in totally independent prospective.
  • You need to ask the questions to resolve any issue or solve any problem .You must be more clear about the purpose
  • You need information data or facts to deal with the issue in your hand. How to find relevantinformation?
  • There may be your pre conceived information in your mind that may make your judgment or decision biased.
  • What is your view or global view or things from different prospective?
  • How to process or synthesize the data and converting data in to more meaningful information
  • How to draw effective inferences from your gathered information?

Here below are some of the factors that are consider as elements which influence one’s decision making process

  • Age and family responsibilities
  • Fear or uncertainty
  • Past experience or observations
  • Cognitive abilities or physical barriers
  • Socioeconomic status (SES)
  • Personal or influential biases
  • Behavioral attributes and personal values
  • Outcomes and results or expectation of results

Personally I found when I attach emotions & reasons to my decision I found I am more stick to my resolute choice and plan irrespective of the factor I enlisted above . To me life is emotions being tied to my decision making.