Magic in You Series :14: You are Hero of Your life…

Who dose not wants to be hero .We all had our days of thinking like we will be a hero once. We all somehow motivated by some hero .We heard a lot of stories /movies of heroism of about fighting for nation ,jumping in the fire and save a beautiful girl .Saving a small kid from his abductors .We have in our real life lots of Hero around us .To me everyone is a hero in his or her own life . Life is full of struggle. We flight daily we made decision .We earn living, We take care of our family and kids. Though we are not saving world from star wars or spying to stop a nuclear deal among underworlds ,Yet ,We all are Heroes of our life .

When we try to copy other we ended up by losing our true identity, I have firm believe you can’t copy 100% of a person. There was only one mother Teresa or Mahatma Gandhi , or Lincoln or Einstein and it will remain only one. You can get motivation from their lives .But the motivation remain motivation and with passage of time it got faded out .We don’t need any motivation for long term infect we need inspiration within us for sustained results and goals .We need to develop a spark inside us.

To me Motivation is temporary and inspiration is permanent .if we have attached reason to our expectation or goal of life and we work with our own inspiration. In one of the motivation video it was stated ,When you do the things and actions when no body is watching you. When you got the opportunity to do the same ,that world watch you , you will outperform .It is the zeal and energy which come from your own inspiration that differentiate winners from losers .

You are the best person to motivate you .For this you need to magnify your positive experiences. . when we recall positive experience and positive behaviour research has shown our mind has a FEEL GOOD state .Massachusetts institute of technology has publish an article in June 2015 that ,” Recalling happier memories can reverse depression” . Event specific knowledge is stored in our brain in self memory system which we called autobiographical knowledge base . People who are more successful and happy in their life has more self-respect. Self-respect and confidence is built based on our own reorganisation of doing the things which are good for us . It is also establish fact that negative experiences or memories get faded faster in our mind  [ref Walker, W. R.; Vogl, R. J.; Thompson, C. P. (1997). “Autobiographical memory: Unpleasantness fades faster than pleasantness over time]. I had read a story in which A man was telling to his child a story in which he said, “We have two person in our mind. One is good and other is bad. They continually fighting to each other” .When kid asked ,Father , “Which one won at last” .His father replied ,”To whom, I fed more”. Despite of the fact that negative memories faded faster, We recall most of the time our negative experiences. One can win all the time by pose our self as hero in our own life .and I will share a few tips that how we can found the greatness in us.

  • Recall good time when did you last time spent a good vacation with your family. You need to recall when it Was? Where it was? What had you play at that time? How it was fun?
  • Recall when you had got first full marks in your school.
  • Recall when did you first time make proud to your parents or to your wife or kid
  • If you aremarried,Recall the feeling of getting your first child. The first time when you Kid crawl, remember the first time you kid make you proud.
  • Remember the first time you gotpromotion .remember the last time when you were done a task before time .
  • Remember when first time you stand up against someone to help the weak
  • Remember the time when you have collected a charity for your club or for a social cause.
  • Remember when you take the decision and prove that right by your action.
  • Recall your achievements, what made you to win or overcome the obstacle ?what it was ? how did you overcome ?
  • Recall when you help someone in getting the things done .
  • Recall when you donate,
  • Recall when you share the thing with someone .when you offer a seat to a old lady or pregnant lady .
  • Remember the best movie you had watched .what was the movie? Why it make you laugh or remember?.
  • Magnify the good experiences
  • Recall the your first love , How did you proposed her .
  • Recall your happy relationships with you satisfied customers ,colleagues ,relative .
  • Recall a moment when you met a stranger and he or she is totally impressed by you
  • Try to assimilate what your hero would do if he or she is in similar situation or circumstances.

There are many more you are the best judge to recall your happy memories .Be you own here and remain happy. Happy people achieve more and contribute more to the society by spreading their aura. You were born unique, you had unique characteristics and qualities .You experience is different than the world and You will remain unique . Recall your greatness in you . You are the master of your own destiny and no one other than you inspire more than you. Nobody can make you successful unless you  want and  do action.


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