My recomended 7 key of success

I am not going to tell you something that you don’t know . I just want to tell you what you already know when you were born . But you forget when you grow old .

I was working with Ministry of Micro and Medium Enterprises-Development Institute  in Ludhiana , We were living in BRS Nagar ,in Ludhiana .The locality is named after Bhai Sahib Randhir Singh Ji (1878-1961) ,who was a noted  Indian Freedom Fighter, Reformer, Theologian, and Hero of Lahore Conspiracy Case . He was First Prisoner of Gurduara Reform Movement in Delhi  .Ludhiana is famous town in Punjab and is also known as Manchester of India because it is the industrial hub of Punjab.

On one evening when my wife was cooking the food ,I took any daughter Angelina to the near by park. This event took place in 2008 . She asked me, by pointed out on the one of the purple colour flower ,the flower was having different shape. What is this ,papa ? . I replied ,It is a kind of flower . She posed me next question ,”Who made these flowers? . I told her mother nature made them .She asked me again ,If she made them why they are of different colours and shapes , I said it depends up on the seed ? Her next question was ,”What is seed ?”. I told when you eat apple you find small brown shape small pointed flat shape thing ,that is seed for apple. She ask me ,”How seeds are formed ?”.I told her when a tree grow up and in flowering season .it got the flowers on its branches .I took deep breath and stop for while ,She asked me again ,”Ok,What happen then? .I told her after some time these flowers become fruit becauseFruit and seeds are present in miniature form in the flower. “How tree eat and grow ?”. I replied it has deep roots and leaves on its branches .It’s roots get good food and water from soil and its leaves cook the food for tree from sun light , because she was too young too understand the concept of mineral embryo, reproductive parts of flowers , germination ,photosynthesis ,I just wanted to make the simple things so that she can understand ..

We start learning from our atmosphere, our immediate company of people around us .when we born we don’t know the language we don’t know the things, shapes or colours .Our faculties of mind are about to develop .We are not conscious about our body . We don’t have any ego .Only thing we know is our hunger and make sound to get attention .Slow we learn and observe the things .We learn to walk , learn to talk .We develop our mind by asking lots of questions .We don’t feel shame to ask any questions . we don’t have any feeling of hatred. We had Cuutty and Abba (Breaking friendship and making friendship) so frequently . We never stay angry with someone for long. We got lots of love and attention. We were encouraged to do even the silly things again and again . Because it makes people around us happy .We were inquisitive in nature .Most part of the brain is developed in first three years.

So ,What happen after three years , Why our mind is not getting developed .Why our brain lost the keys of golden treasurer in our mind . Reasons is we lost ,”The 7 Golden keys for our brain developments “. The seven golden keys are

  • Who
  • What
  • When
  • Why
  • Where
  • Which &
  • How .

These are our best friends and reliable companions for the whole life . But sadly we don’t care too often for them .we neglect them. We don’t use their power to ignite the brain turbine to churn the movements of mind mechanism. Our neuron remained hungry. If you hungry from three days would you be able to do the work properly? I am sure you don’t .Just ask , When did you fed your mind last time? How did you feed your mind?

You need to use them again without any ego or shyness. People around you are ready to listen you. Most of them respond to you .if no one respond to you, there are great search engine on the internet to help you out . Just type your question in those.

I hope you will utilise these 7 golden keys for your success.


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