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How to sell yourself better than any body


Why do some people fail


To be successful in your life it hardly matter that what the successful persons were doing but it more important to know and learn from the mistake of the others . There are only two classes of people who never make mistakes,—they are the dead and the unborn.

We often go back in memory to some fork of the road in life and think what would have happened and how wondrously better it would have been had we taken the other turning of the road. “If we had learned some other business;” “What happen If I stay in England in 2003;” “If we had married the other one who was my first love ;” “If we had bought stock of leading companies now  5 years back ;” “If i had chosen a different career option or trade;” “If we had only spent certain money in some other way,”—and so we run uselessly our empty train of thought over these slippery “ifs.” That may change the position of ours in present day .But we should  know that there is no mean or way till now that we can go the past and change our already taken options because the  past does not belong to us any longer ; it is only the present that is ours to make as we would wish. The present is raw material; the past is finished product,

In my opinion India is a failed state 80% indian are second class citizen. 90% talent got wasted because of lack of good value and education system .We blame everybody in our life but we fail to blame our self .We fail to choose our role models . I strongly recommend to choose your own heroes of your chosen field as your own life teachers .You must study those icons and their life .You are living in informational age thought  travel faster then the light .You have search engines on the internet  .

You must think I have one life to live and for me all things are possible. What others have done, I can do .How lucky I am to have this optimism Take your quiet time – write your goals – divide the goal in to achievable small goal  with each marked with clear timing and conquer – and start studying your heroes -I mentioned famous people but if you choose to look, there are many wonderful role models all around you  see and you think.

Why do some people fail even if they have all the education talents and abilities ? the biggest reasons is They are afraid to act. They keep asking questions, but they are really hoping for an excuse not to act. Most people will tell you what they think you want to hear. If you act squeamishly, friends and family will tell you to be safe and not buy. There are others who will be jealous of your success and will tell you not to buy. There will be those who really don’t care what you do. They only want an opportunity to tell you either how great they are or how stupid you are.

Man’s attitude towards his  own mistakes has  various reasons  and some are peculiar; some do not see them; some will not see them; some see without changing; some see and deplore, but keep on; some make the same mistakes over and over again, in principle not in form; some blame others for their own mistakes; some condemn others for mistakes seemingly unconscious that they themselves are committing similar ones; some excuse their mistakes by saying that others do the same things, as though a disease were less dangerous when it becomes—epidemic in a community

The worst mistake is to do nothing or to take action based on insufficient information. Research and think. You have investigated Research and think plan and then act have the feedback make improvements again Research and think plan and then act and this cycle should be repeated over time and again

Throwing a ball is an instance of action; it involves an intention, a goal, and a bodily movement guided by the agent. On the other hand, catching a cold is not considered an action because it is something which happens to a person, not something done by one

In physics, action is an attribute of the dynamics of a physical system. It is a mathematical functional which takes the trajectory, also called path or history, of the system as its argument and has a real number as its result. Generally, the action takes different values for different paths. Action has the dimensions of [energy]·[time], and its SI unit is joule-second. This is the same unit as that of angular momentum

Physical laws are frequently expressed as differential equations, which describe how physical quantities such as position and momentum change continuously with time. Given the initial and boundary conditions for the situation, the solution to the equation is a function describing the behavior of the system at all times and all positions within the set boundaries.

In life too you have to  challenge your own boundaries  .You need to be uncomfortable You should involves an intention, a goal, and a bodily movement. You have to take different path.



It is raining heavily in the  Pathankot today and the Civil department has dogged the trench for laying out the sewerage pipe as the old connection which links the colony’s waste pipe to public sewerage system is long blocked That was 4 inch and now they are putting 6-inch sewerage connection. The trench was around one and half feet of width Even in front of min gate yesterday they pipe the pipe and put the soil on it. But with the rain the probability of sinking the car tyre on the covered trench increases . I took the towel on my head and open the front gate .and try to cover the pit with nearby laying tiles and bricks. One of my neighbour thinks if he goes out probably and he has to open the gate by himself and in event of that he might be wet by rain. , He thinks that he is too smart and be able to  cross the trench and before even I realise he start moving his car towards the main gate I give sign to stop . but he ignored and as his car touch the corner of the trench his bumper stuck to the other side of the trench and front tires of the car sink in the trench. It took fifteen minute to take is car out. He created trouble or himself and for the others also. This is due to OVER CONFIDENCE.

I remember one old story that once told to me by a train mate which is worth reading,

This a story of a crow. Like all fable it goes like this once there was Crow. He is different from other crows and always try to dominate the discussions among his friends. He wins all the augments and this made him very over confident and he thinks whatever he thinks is the best and he has brain superior than others. The winter was coming and he trying to fly to the south. It was so cold.

The sun was shining very low and soon he finds a dead mouse on the ground. He picks that up and start flying again. But after a moment he feel insecure as an eagle is flying on his head. He wants to have some place to hide himself. he saw on the ground that there was a farmer’s field and me cows are tied at the back side of cottage. and side by there is hay stock. he throws the rat in to the hay-stock and thought that the will find it afterwards once he saves his life from eagle flying on his head as a messenger of death.

He saw that landed back side of the cow. He sits on the pile of the dung It was thawing and feel warmth of the dung as he landed there he ask the cow, oh dear could you help me to g=ide and throw some dung on me. cow was happy to help him. cow drop a piece if shit on him. He lay there all warm and happy His head was out of the dung but his body ws in the pile of dung .and the eagle count able to find him. Eagle flew away. He was so smart that he thought probable he will sits in the pile of dung for some more time. he said to cow to drop another piece of dung on him. but with next drop of dung he lost his breath and not able free his wings It was too heavy to lift. More he struggles to come out more he was going in and soon he left his last breath in the pile of shit.
THE OVER CONFINDENCE LEADS YOU to the BAD Decisions and sometime it TURN OUT to be FATAL


Letter to my Daughter Ashley …..2019

Hi Ashley
This is your first birthday and congratulations to you to complete one revolutions around our star call SUN I don’t know when you will find this letter . I and your mom together have 3/4 quarter of century of experience. Some we gather from education and from our surrounding some we individually learned from our first-hand experience of the world .
Your mom and we both lived in different worlds She has acquired her own unique way of thinking and I do have some other. when you grow up you might found us living together more than 15 year but still we were fighting each other on small things Kid this is not a fight but difference of opinions.

We made our opinion based on out previous skills or education or set of beliefs which we created ourselves in our mind and most of us as human being don’t want to challenge them or reluctant to change. A Father I must tell you that ONLY thing which is permanent is the CHANGe you must face the change and embrace it. Dear Ashley over the years again and again I realise that we try to control the things which are not in control. One must Worry about the THings which he or She can control. So the understanding what are your capabilities mentally and physically gives you courge to face the odds . when one try to change the THings beyond his or her control oNLY one result is certain that is FrUStrations and Negativity .

Ashley I had seen people debating about the non-renewable resources and the the alternative greener technology so that we can preserve the Planet That we called Mother Earth . that is very much needed But along with sound understanding that you should be more accountable for your TIME . we all have define span of life I might be dead after 10 years 20 years or 50 years but that is certain unless some breakthrough comes in the medical technology technique. So You should Effectively use YOur time. Once time gone it won’t come Back only place where one can turn the time back till now is in science fiction fIlms .

This time you might be listening voices which may be strange to YOU but as you grow up you will find the medium of communication Which we a human developed over the centuries and is an important instrument of change and passing knowledge from one generation to another .i found Today we are living in technological advance era most of knowledge we get from digital space . you might see that your peers gluing to mobile phones tablet or laptops. one must learn to spend some time alone in the lap of Mother Nature and go out to inhale fresh oxygen. I doubt when you might be reading this the quality air of the world may be much worse than now. I feel apology from our generations which has created some many new things but spoiled the naturally available free sources.

Another thing I want to tell you dear Ashley that most of people fear. This is negative as well positive force in one’s mind. People limit themselves and don’t do the things or even attempt the things I assure you that. “There is not anything like FEaR in this world if your MiND is determined so always push your limits  and challenge the old beliefs . “Ask questions people might feel that you may be dumbest of all but keep, learning new things .

We as human feel adventures by attempting various kind of sports ,racing cars at very high speed , jumping from high altitude , diving deep in to the ocean trying to explore the unknow but before attempting the first principle is SAFTEY . You HAVE got only ONE chance to live on this world so strengthen your body and mind an d calculate the risk .

From some years from this age you found a commodity CALled MONEY . In earlier time people exchange the things and get the things from others under Barater system . But SO called leaders ( people with mental and physical strengths ) devices the system of exchange the things THrough a commodity they coined world MoNey for it . Dear money  is not everything in the life but with this one can be able to get or purchase the things which one desired . So one must be MONey wise and know how to spend wisely to get best VALUE out of the PRiCe . So when you grow up you may need to opt for a profession or to start some work to earn money .

As you grow further up you might find that this planet Earth is not one but divided by the humans into continents countries States districts blocks villages streets . Even the human race is divided in to various castes creeds religion and cultures . Ashley To leave YOUR mark on this plant YOU must have one thing I your mind that is to adopt the things which appeals to you and DO the things or choose the profession which you love to do. Don’t be in the herd or in the RAt race . People say man is rational animal but I truly found that rather than ration man is rationalising animal who according to his / her believe bend the acts In his/ her own version and  even justify the wrong things . 

when you seek the truth don’t look in the outer world .the factually truth are only made by man e.g if on standing if you face the sun than your front is east your back is west and so on… but some time I wonder how a heavenly body like earth have precise east west or north or south . Don’t feel to assimilate contrarian point of view .

Your TrUe companion will be ONlY you and next one best are the dead . You might laugh why DEADs . I am talking about the treasures of knowledge left by the legends in various fields. You may be able to build your own road but travelling by already made metal road may save You time and resources. finds the best books and find time to read them NOT only read but to implement them in your habits. Knowledge without action is worthless. Action create the movement and movement give you the clarity. You must make list of things you want to do I. Your life and add time stamps on each of them. And take actions. During taking action if you feel there might be best alternative available than go for that .

I don’t know what will be written by the supreme power in your future but one thing is sure that past is the time we won’t be able to change only seeing back is good when we are driving vehicle on the road and good for looking back in to the oceans of memories to learn the lessons from the mistakes of ours and from others .Ashley I recommend you to live in the present and enjoy the most and invest your time money and efforts in the field where you find your interest is . Our mind has millions and trillions of neurons which give energy to our brain. You should train your brain to take analytical decisions. In the situation when you might be in doubt I urge you to called for a question that what will be happened in the worst case if I took this case and next if worst case happen would I will be able to to handle that if your answer is YES than just take the ACTIOn . action is sure shot medicine to the fear .

Ashley we love you very much your sisters Gloria and Angelina are the best sisters of the world . Your mom is also very caring but as a father I am learning a lot and certainly able to cook delicious  food as this is my hobby .

Ashley I want to tell you that There is something more powerful than we all exist in this universe which can’t be named and explained with the limited knowledge however when you grow up you might be able to listen to various faiths and religions and their version of this supreme power to that we Called GOD .so one must feel gratitude to him for this precious gift of life and this life is very beautiful and blissful if one take care of it by staying healthy  .

When you born people feel sorry for us that we got third kid as a daughter but dear Ashley I will tell you that you must not be shamed yourself of being female. You are the creator of the universe. We as a parent feel more than happy to receive another gift from the supreme power and we want you to take the  life easily and live happily and God bless you with good health .

You and Investing: 6: Should You invest in the stock index


I am sharing index data of nifty since 2000

Year Open High Low Close Mean Gain/Loss %tage
2000 1482.15 1818.15 1108.2 1263.55 1463.175 -218.6 -14.75
2001 1263.5 1422.95 849.95 1059.05 1136.45 -204.45 -16.18
2002 1058.85 1205.95 920.1 1093.5 1063.025 34.65 3.27
2003 1093.6 1914.4 920 1879.75 1417.2 786.15 71.89
2004 1880.35 2088.45 1292.2 2080.5 1690.325 200.15 10.64
2005 2080 2857 1894.4 2836.55 2375.7 756.55 36.37
2006 2836.8 4046.85 2595.65 3966.4 3321.25 1129.6 39.82
2007 3966.25 6185.4 2595.65 6138.6 4390.525 2172.35 54.77
2008 6136.75 6357.1 2252.75 2959.15 4304.925 -3177.6 -51.78
2009 2963.3 5221.85 2539.45 5201.05 3880.65 2237.75 75.52
2010 5200.9 6338.5 4675.4 6134.5 5506.95 933.6 17.95
2011 6177.45 6181.05 4531.15 4624.3 5356.1 -1553.15 -25.14
2012 4640.2 5965.15 4588.05 5905.1 5276.6 1264.9 27.26
2013 5937.65 6415.25 5118.85 6304 5767.05 366.35 6.17
2014 6323.8 8626.95 5933.3 8282.7 7280.125 1958.9 30.98
2015 8272.8 9119.2 7539.5 7946.35 8329.35 -326.45 -3.95
2016 7938.45 8968.7 6825.8 8185.8 7897.25 247.35 3.12
2017 8210.1 10490.45 8133.8 10361.3 9312.125 2151.2 26.20
            Average 16.32


I am not talking of any particular stock but the index NIFTY. Contents of  Nifty is changed over the years but if one invested in the index only one is getting retunes more than traditional way of saving instruments

At last I just want to say that You are capable of finding good stocks and there is only one fact that even pros can’t pick winning stocks, and you and me can’t either but only thing we can control is the Purchasing price of the equity

Now if you are taking course of creating wealth using individual equities that seems to be Not Bad at all as compare with traditional insurance or bank Fixed deposits only ne thing that there is

NO Guaranteed RetuRn  of PAST performance in the FUTure

One can also opt for the Nifty BEES or Index based Mutual funds Best thing about the Index based Mutual funds there is no fund manager so the cost of owning the INDEX based FUND is least as compare with Traditional Mutual funds .


You and Investing: 5: Should You invest in insurance Policies?

Investing on insurance policy is one of the moSt eXpensive ways of inVestment. Life insurance is a protection scheme that lets you secure the financial future of your family in your absence.

People who are young and having good source of income can opt for investment on insurance policies. When you know you are not going to have a handsome income after retirement, these investments can be a good option for you but it is not so for everyone. It might help you to get loans in case of any emergency that might arise in future.

Solution is one musT bUy teRm lifE insUrance instead of life insurance policies which is a pure life insurance. As the term insurance guarantees payment of a death benefit during a specified term. Experts advocate keeping your insurance and investments separate.

When it comes to considering life insurance as an investment, you’ve probably heard the adage, “Buy term and invest the difference.”

There are four type of categories

  • Unit linked investment plans
  • Endowment plan
  • Guaranteed return plan
  • Life insurance investment plan


  • Most of the insurance plans offers the tax benefit under 80C and 10(10D)
  • It helps in creating goal based financial planning, It covered life and investment
  • It involves the cost of the insurance protection itself.
  • Unit linked investment plans one can reap the benefits of both term life insurance and mutual funds by investing in a Unit Linked Insurance Plan or ULIP
  • It also includes the “surrender charge” that may be levied on the occasion of surrendering the policy within a specified time
  • It offers protection for the loved ones but once YOU gone who cares about anything
  • One can pay the small premiums to get handsome maturity

if still yOu Want to invest in the Insurance Policies ,One need to read the fINE Prints and Compare the OFFers on various Online ComParing websites and one must check the INFLATIon rates and GRowth rate of the Economy

What has worked in investing :Study by Tweedy Browne

This is a small summary of the study by Tweedy Browne company -It is Timeless treasure

This is not my work i have only captured the things which appeals to me as a learner and student of value investing. Objective: To explore and know the things which has worked in value investing in the Past and sharing the same with the investors s to know some hidden message and excavate hidden diamonds in the Article

At the time of purchase one or more of the following characteristics should be observed

  1. Low Price in Relation to Asset Value : Find stocks selling at discounts to net current assets (i.e., cash and other assets which can be turned into cash within one year, such as accounts receivable and inventory, less all liabilities), a measure of the estimated liquidation value of the business
  2. Low Price in Relation to Earnings :The earnings yield is the yield which shareholders would receive if all the earnings were paid out as a dividend .A company priced low in relation to earnings, whose earn ings are expected to grow, is preferable to a similarly priced company whose earnings are not expected to grow. Price is the key. Included within this broad low price in relation to earnings category are high dividend yields and low prices in relation to cash flow (earnings plus depreciation expense).
  3. A Significant Pattern of Purchases by One or More Insiders (Officers and Directors: Look for significant insider buying in companies selling in the stock market at low price/earnings ratios or at low prices in relation to book value.
  4. A Significant Decline in a Stock’s Price :It is found that, more often than not, companies whose recent performance has been poor tend to perk up and improve.
  5. Small Market Capitalization: Try to held and continue to hold significant numbers of smaller capitalization companies as these can be these companies are often associated with higher rates of growth and can be more easily acquired by other corporations.

So in nutshell the highlight of stock picking should be around following criteria in order to achieve Margin of Safety

The net current assets investment selection criterion calls for the purchase of stocks which are priced at 66% or less of a company’s underlying current assets (cash, receivables and inventory) net of all liabilities and claims senior to a company’s common stock (current liabilities, long-term debt, preferred stock, unfunded pension liabilities). For example, if a company’s current assets are $100 per share and the sum of current liabilities, long-term debt, preferred stock, and unfunded pension liabilities is $40 per share, then net current assets would be $60 per share, and Graham would pay no more than 66% of $60, or $40, for this stock

Point to note :
a} The firms operating at a loss had slightly higher investment returns than the firms with positive earnings: 31.3% per year for the unprofitable companies versus 28.9% per year for the profitable companies.
b) companies satisfying the net current asset criterion have not only enjoyed superior common stock performance over time but also often have been priced at significant discounts to “real world” estimates of the specific value that stockholders would probably receive in an actual sale or liquidation of the entire corporation.

Point to note :
a}Stocks with a low price to book value ratio had significantly better investment returns over the 18-year period than stocks priced high as a percentage of book value (study)
in study of Average Earnings Per Share for Companies in the Lowest and Highest Price/Book Value Quintiles
Where lowest quintile of price/book value (average price/book value equalled .36 and highest quintile of price/book value companies (average price/book value equalled 3.42),In the three years prior to the selection date, companies in the lowest quintile of price/book value experienced a significant decline in earnings, and companies in the highest quintile of price/book value experienced a significant increase in earnings. In the fourth year after the date of selection, the companies with the lowest price/book value experienced a larger percentage increase in earnings (+24.4%) than the companies with the highest price/book value, whose earnings increased 8.2%. The authors suggest that earnings are “mean reverting” at the extremes; i.e., that significant declines in earnings are followed by significant earnings increases, and that significant earnings increases are followed by slower rates of increase or declines.
**Note :**Tweedy, Browne, using the same methodology over the same period, examined the historical returns of the stocks of (i) unleveraged companies which were priced low in relation to book value and (ii) unleveraged companies selling at 66% or less of net current asset value in the stock market. The sample included only those companies priced at no more than 140% of book value, or no more than 66% of net current asset value in which the debt to equity ratio was 20% or less.The results for the unleveraged companies were somewhat better than the investment results for the companies in which debt to equity exceeded 20%.

Similar to net current asset stocks, other characteristics frequently associated with stocks selling at low ratios of price to book value are:
(i) low price to earnings ratios,
(ii) (ii) low price to sales ratios, and
(iii) (iii) low price in relation to “normal” earnings assuming a company earns the average return on equity for a given industry or the average net income margin on sales for such industry.\

Current earnings are often depressed in relation to prior levels of earnings. The stock price has often declined significantly from prior levels. The companies with the lowest ratios of price to book value are generally smaller market capitalization companies. Corporate officers and directors often buy such stock because they believe it is depressed relative to its true value. The company also frequently repurchases its own stock.

Study by Eugene L. Fama and Kenneth R. French examined the effects of market capitalization and price as a percentage of book value on investment returns in The Cross-Section of Expected Stock Returns, Working Paper 333, Graduate School of Business, University of Chicago, January 1992

Steps in study : Firstly stock price as a percentage of book value and sorted into deciles. Then, each price/book value docile was ranked according to market capitalization and sorted into deciles and secondly stock price as a percentage of book value and sorted into deciles. Then, each price/book value docile was ranked according to market capitalization and sorted into deciles. and the result was indicates, smaller market capitalization companies at the lowest prices in relation to book value provided the best returns also shows that within every market capitalization category, the best returns were produced by stocks with low prices in relation to book value and the final conclusion made is “Price to book value “is consistently the most powerful for explaining the cross-section of average stock returns.”

Five-Year Holding Period Year-By-Year Investment Returns for Low Price to Book Value Companies as Compared to High Price to Book Value Companies

Are Low Price to Book Value Stocks’ Higher Returns, as Compared to High Price to Book Value Stocks, due to Higher Risk?

Note ;
a) In an attempt to examine whether the higher returns of low price to book value stocks were due to greater risk, Professors Lakonishok, Vishny and Shleifer measured monthly investment returns in relation to price as a percentage of book value between April 30, 1968 and April 30, 1990 in the 25 worst months for the stock market, and the remaining 88 months in which the stock market declined. In addition, monthly returns were examined in the 25 best months for the stock market and the 122 remaining months in which the stock market increased. The professors conclude: “Overall, the value strategy [low price to book value] appears to do somewhat better than the glamour strategy [high price to book value] in all states and significantly better in some states. If anything, the superior performance of the value strategy is skewed toward negative return months rather than positive return months

b) The low price to book value stocks outperformed the high price to book value stocks in the market’s worst 25 months, and in the other 88 months when the market declined. In the best 25 months for the market, the low price to book value stocks also beat the high price to book value stocks

Note :
a) Companies with low price/earnings ratios are also frequently priced at low price to book value ratios relative to other companies in the same industry

b) Stocks of companies selling at low price/earnings ratios often have above average cash dividend yields. Additionally, the remaining part of earnings after the payment of cash dividends, i.e., retained earnings, are reinvested in the business for the benefit of the shareholders. Retained earnings increase the net assets, or stockholders’ equity, of a company. The increase in stockholders’ equity from retained earnings often equates to a specific increase in the true corporate value of a company, especially when the retained earnings result in a similar increase in a company’s cash or a decrease in its debt. Reinvestment of retained earnings in business assets and projects which earn high returns can increase true corporate value by amounts exceeding the actual retained earnings. A company with a low price/earnings ratio, by definition, must provide the investor with either an above average cash dividend yield, or an above
average retained earnings yield, or both. Similar to stocks selling at low prices in relation to net current asset value and book value, the shares of a company with a low price/earnings ratio are often accumulated by the officers and directors, or by the company itself. The company’s stock price has frequently declined significantly.

a) Purchase of securities of companies in which the earnings yield (i.e., the reciprocal of the price/earnings ratio) was at least twice the AAA bond yield, and the company’s total debt (i.e., current liabilities and long-term debt) was less than its book value.
b) Graham also advised that each security which met the selection criteria be held for either two years, or until 50% price appreciation occurred, whichever came first.

A) 1963 through 1980 Annual Investment Returns for Low versus High Price/Earnings Ratio Stocks According to Market Capitalization within Each Price/Earnings Ratio Category for New York Stock Exchange Listed Companies:
Prof Sanjay Basu study’s findings :One million dollars invested in the smallest fifth of the companies listed on the New York Stock Exchange, which were priced in the bottom fifth in terms of price/earnings ratios, would have increased to $19,500,000 over the 17-year study period. By comparison, $1,000,000 invested in the largest market capitalization stocks with the lowest price/earnings ratios would have increased to $8,107,000 over the same period. During the period, the annual investment returns for the market capitalization weighted and equal weighted NYSE Indexes were 7.68% and 12.12%, respectively. One million dollars invested in the market capitalization weighted and equal weighted NYSE Indexes would have increased to $3,518,000 and $6,992,000, respectively.

B) Dreman Value Management & Professor Michael Berry Study Finding :Small is Better: Annual Investment Returns for Low versus High Price/Earnings Ratio Stocks within Market Capitalization Categories for the 20 1/2-Year Period ended October 31, 1989: One million dollars invested in the lowest price/earnings ratio companies within the lowest market capitalization group in 1969 would have increased to $29,756,500 on October 31, 1989. By comparison, $1,000,000 invested in the highest price/earnings ratio companies within the smallest market capitalization group would have increased to $2,279,000 over this 20 1/2 – year period. One million dollars invested in the largest market capitalization, lowest price/earnings ratio group over this period would have increased to $12,272,000

A company will often repurchase its own shares when its management believes that the shares are worth significantly more than the stock price. Share repurchases at discounts to underlying value will increase the per share value of the company for the remaining shareholders. When officers and directors are significant shareholders, the money which the company uses to buy back its own stock is, to a significant extent, the officers’ and directors’ own money. In this circumstance, the repurchase of stock by the company is similar to insider purchases.

Companies selling in the stock market at low price/earnings ratios or low prices in relation to book value frequently repurchase their own shares. Share repurchases at a pre-tax earnings yield which exceeds what the company earns on its cash or what it pays on debt incurred to fund the share repurchase will result in an increase in earnings per share. Share repurchases at less than book value increase the per share book value of the remaining shares.

Conclusion :
Most studies which have examined the relationship between investment returns and investment characteristics such as price to book value, price to earnings, price to cash flow, dividend yield, market capitalization, insider purchases, or company share repurchases have compared the relationship between only one investment characteristic and subsequent returns. Occasionally, two investment characteristics, such as price to book value and market capitalization, or price to earnings and market capitalization have been examined in relation to returns.
In more than one study, it is noted that investments screened for one of the characteristics had several of the others, which corresponded to Tweedy, Browne’s own investment experience. Companies selling at low prices in relation to net current assets, book value and/or earnings often have many of the other characteristics associated with excess return. “Current earnings are often depressed in relation to prior levels of earnings, especially for companies priced below book value. “

The price is frequently low relative to cash flow, and the dividend yield is often high. More often than not the stock price has declined significantly from prior levels. The market capitalization of the company is generally small. Corporate officers, directors and other insiders have often been accumulating the company’s stock. The company itself has frequently been repurchasing its shares in the open market. Furthermore, these companies are often priced in the stock market at substantial discounts to real world estimates of the value that shareholders would receive in a sale or liquidation of the entire company. Each characteristic seems somewhat analogous to one piece of a mosaic. When several of the pieces are arranged together, the picture can be clearly seen: an undervalued stock.
In all of the preceding studies, there was a correlation between the investment criterion or characteristic and excess return. In most of the studies, the return information presented was a single average annual percentage return figure which summarized the investment results over a very long measurement period (54 years in the case of Rolf Banz’s study of small capitalization stocks). This summary average annual return figure encompassed, and was mathematically determined by, the separate investment returns of the many smaller periods of time which comprised the entire length of time of each study. The studies, with one exception, did not present information or conclusions concerning the pattern, sequence or consistency of investment returns over the shorter subset periods of time which comprised the entire measurement period. Questions such as whether the excess returns were generated in 50% of the years, or 30% of the years, or in a seven year “run” of outperformance followed by seven “dry years” of underperformance, or whether the excess returns were produced primarily in advancing or declining stock markets, etc. were only addressed in one study, Contrarian Investment, Extrapolation and Risk, by Professors Lakonishok, Vishny and Shleifer. Their study, over the 1968 through 1990 period, indicated fairly consistent results over 1-year holding periods, and increasingly consistent results over 3-year and 5-year holding periods for low price to book value and low price to cash flow stocks, as their performance edge accumulated with the passage of time. This performance edge was attained through outperformance in the months when the stock market was declining, which was 43% of the 22-year period, and in the months when the stock market had its largest percentage advances, which was 10% of the entire period.
“it is possible to invest in publicly traded companies at prices which are significantly less than the underlying value of the companies’ assets or business. “
Two very plain examples of undervaluation are: a closed-end mutual fund whose share price is significantly less than the underlying market value of its investment portfolio, or a company whose shares are priced at a large discount to the company’s cash after the deduction of all liabilities. These types of easy-to-understand bargains do appear in the stock market recurrently. However, it cannot be said with certainty that a clear-cut bargain investment will produce excess investment returns, and it is impossible to predict the pattern, sequence or consistency of investment returns for a particular bargain investment. It can only be stated with certainty that repeated investment in numerous groups of bargain securities over very long multi-year periods has produced excess returns.
“There can’t be an investment formula that always produces an exceptional return over every period of time. “ Investment returns, and likely favourable or unfavourable perceptions of progress on the part of many investors, have tended to vary greatly over periods of time that are quite long by human standards, but probably too short in terms of statistical measurement validity. However, as this paper has indicated, there have been recurring and often interrelated patterns of investment success over very long periods of time, and we believe that helpful perspective and, occasionally, patience and perseverance, are provided by an awareness of these patterns.
The investments which will generate exceptional rates of return in the future, over long measurement periods, will possess one or several of the characteristics mentioned above
Important References in the article:

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You and Investing: 4: Should You Invest in Bonds?

What are bond? Bonds are interest bearing debt certificates. Bonds under the bond market in India may be issued by the large private organizations and government company. The bond market in India has huge opportunities for the market is still quite shallow. This is least discussed investment security in Indian market as an individual investor.

The different types of bond market in India

  • Corporate Bond Market
  • Municipal Bond Market
  • Government and Agency Bond Market
  • Funding Bond Market
  • Mortgage Backed and Collateral Debt Obligation Bond Market

In India, the corporate bond market constitutes a relatively small size of around 13 per cent in terms of the GDP as compared to the government bond market, which is around 30.4 per cent in terms of the GDP

The Pros

  • You know exactly how much your returns will be. As the return is fixed.
  • These are less risky compared to stocks. In case of liquidation of the company the share of the Bondholders are paid first if compare with normal shareholders.
  • Bond’s value is not fluctuating according to current interest and inflation and more stable compared to stocks.
  • Bonds have clear ratings. Unlike stocks, bonds are universally rated by credit rating agencies but you probably still want to conduct your own research and due diligence before investing.

The Cons

  • Bond offers superior and higher safety for investors, but it is double edged sword as it is also a disadvantage as you forgo the higher potential gains if you invested in equity.
  • Most of the bonds may require larger amounts which may put them out of reach for some investors.
  • Less liquid compared to stocks. Some bonds may be highly liquid like those issued from government and major corporations, but bonds issued by a smaller, less financially stable company may be less liquid as there are fewer people willing to buy them. Bonds with a very high face values will also be less liquid as the pool of potential buyers is smaller.
  • Direct exposure to interest rate risk. Interest rates affect the value of bonds more directly compared to stocks. If you plan on just receiving interest payments and holding the bond to maturity, this might not concern you. But otherwise, bondholders are more exposed to interest rate risk.
  • TIP: as an Individual one can invested in individual bonds. However, it may not be advisable unless you have at least a six-figure portfolio. For smaller investors, there is an alternative: A bond mutual fund, or bond fund as it is more commonly called.

To know For AAA corpotrate BOND Yield one can visit

You and Investing:3: Should You Invest in Mutual funds ?


Why most of the people invest, reason is that every Individual has to meet needs that arise in future. The need can be anything from education medical expenses, children’s marriage or education etc .So the basic question arises “Where to Invest?”. In investment one has to emphasise the sound age old golden financial principle that is one should earn a handsome rate of return while keeping the risk minimal. In this category the investment vehicle one can ride on may be Mutual  fund

  • MF is regulated by association of mutual fund in india ( AMFI ) and Securities and exchange boards of india (SEBI) so the  regulation change risk is  embedded in the MF that one can’t be overrule
  • One may not need big chunk of money to start the MF .The best method one can adopt is using the SIPS
  • The worrisome point is Most of the returns from mutual fund are considered /shown post the expenses.
  • There are wide variety of Mutual Fund Schemes to choose from as per the investor’s choice.
  • The MF market is well regulated
  • MF are more liquid if one compares with the investment in the real’s estate
  • With the increase of the technology one can manage One’s MF easily. one can assess and manage the portfolio instantly from any part of the world with one just the click of a mouse or through the smart phone
  • It is more transparent system and one can explore the web about the MF it’s top holding .it cost and past performances of the fud house and the individual funds.
  • Some of the MF has lock in period clause so if one considers short term one must seek the clarity.
  • Where from the MF is paying you the money? The MF manger is investing the money in to the secondary or primary market. It has strict rules that how much maximum one can invest in some sector or individual stocks. thus may not be able to fully utilising the dynamics of market conditions
  • The return is strongly influenced by the fund manager choice of invested stocks thus prone to human misjudgement
  • As a tip one can consider to choose the INDEX Mutual fund where there is not operational cost annual cost of owning the MF .
  • On the front it is considered that MF Investment is risk as this prone to market risks as compared to Real Estate Investment. But most of the MF but over long time horizon they are definitely beat the real estate yield if Managed Properly .
  • Most of the fund houses have professional (SO CALLED) fund managers whose mange the risk by putting the fund money in to diversified equities and bonds. Thus it is an easy way to invest in stocks and bonds
  • Market is designed in such a way to make maximum fools on the maximum occasions it is observed that Not all mutual funds are created equally, but when you do your research, you will find funds with low expenses that have performed well historically.
  • The only stack holders who benefit from the game on investment or formulation of e investment strategies are government and stock exchange and brokers

You and Investing: 2: Should You Invest in Real Estate?

If you are asking me do you want to have Chinese Noodles or Italian Pizza / Pasta or Indian Samosa or Australian seafood or Japanese Sushi There really isn’t an answer because a lot of it comes down to your personality, preferences, and style or choice of eating. But if you ask me which one is better for investing certainly I going to lay down a few points wHich  is again  depend upon YOU to conSider or to reJect .

Real Estate: It can be a piece of Land, Flat /Freehold Home or commercial or agricultural Property along with its natural resources such as crops, minerals or water it nature is immovable

  • It can generate you the cash if and only if you have prime location to reap off the benefits of investing in real estate.
  • It can offer investors a kind of security as the property’s value is appreciated with the time
  • It offers you some time the tax benefits tax breaks for property depreciation, insurance, maintenance repairs, travel expenses, legal fees, and property taxes
  • There are some costs on the real estate which you need to pay every year after you hold it Property tax, municipal cess etc
  • Real estate need to be look after and in that course it attract additional cost of maintenance and management cost
  • Some real estate is cash generating — think of an apartment building, rental houses, or strip mall where the tenants are sending you checks each month.
  • It is prone to damage due to natural calamities and depends on the demand and supply inventory in the vicinity of the property .
  • One benefit is that real estate one can purchase and invest with debts You can leverage the purchase
  • Real estate has low liquidity, the moment when you need money you may be not able to encash the deal.
  • The transection cost is high when one considers investment in the real estate.
  • It can lead to great financial and legal liability if the title is not clear .
  • Real estate market  has  lack of effective regulations in Real Estate market. Despite the indian Govt. introducing RERA it will take time to be fully efficient to protect the rights of the investors.
  • It is not transparent ,It is common practice that if the fair market rate of real estate is 10 lacs it’s revenue rate may be 6 lacs and peoples are not registering at the market rate .The small term benefit of saving a few bucks on the revenue stamp duty one is converting large hard earned chunk of money in to black money .

You and Investing: 1: You and Investing Vs Investing in YOU

After a long gap the worms of sharing my learning with You woke up. we all in one way or the other are investing. We always want a good life style with our income exceed the expenditure. But most of us are doing 9 to 5 jobs to keep the life moving. How one define a investment .In simple words anything which saves your recurring cost or bring your benefit in terms or money or satisfaction is investing .there are various modes like buying real estate SIP, activate the PPF, invest in that equity share .so I am sharing my worldly acquired  wisdom through this series focus on INDIAN Stock Market and General knowledge which can be applicable though out the globe.

 “Invest in yourself! Before you Invest in your future!

To whom should you prefer more YOU or in investing. Investing is worthless if you are not able reap the fruits of the investment along with the journey of the life. Investing dictionary meaning is to spend or devote for future advantage or benefit it can be financial or saving your time or the efforts you are putting to create best version of yourself. I don’t want to another Warren Buffet or Rakesh Junjhunwala but I want to be best version of myself.

Why one takes path to the discover oneself before talking of the investment in terms of money time or efforts. Knowledge is the power of the thought by amplify your thoughts you can make smart decisions.

It is profound fact that when one  invest in oneself, a world of opportunities will open up for him . And, if you have a business where you sell your services, you must know that no one will invest in you until you invest in yourself first .

NIGHT is an asset:

No one is killed because of insomnia. You can might live in India Australia or in Japan God has given equal amount of hours in a day   connect you to the right experts. You can create more hour by rising early or staying liitle late and devote extra time in to building your knowledge base. In the age of digital awareness one find the treasure of information online. visiting Blogs sharing in forums newsletters help you quench the thrust of knowledge

Develop your skills as a storyteller

The art of storytelling gives you an edge in the market. It is not the financial literacy or numerical literacy which enable you to excel in the word but the FEAR and GREED which lets the prices of the sock to shoot up or reason for fall. The more you are convincing in the story and explore the ways to spread this among various forums the more chances of you to win the game.

KIT is the Core :

KIT stands for knowledge investment and time. When you enter in the market in the particularly makes a lots of difference for you returns from the stock market. You need to be healthy to reap the benefits of the investment for that diet and exercise with proper mind set skills gives you an edge among the other investors. this is from my personal experience when the stock gain 20% you don’t feel urge to sell the stock but when the stock feel for 20% you became restless to get rid of the counter as soon as possible.

TIME is the your friend;

Investing require a lot of patience. You can’t sell the property on the next week or next month but in case of the Stock your expectation is much high you treat this an investment in the lottery ticket. every investment need time to grow just a plant need some time to grow and to be fertile enough t give you the fruits back. As a matter of fact we are very happy to invest in the Fixed deposit of the Bank give us annual returns of 6 to 7% . Develop the strategies and metal model to fight against the psychology that under which the market is governing . spend faire amount to learn the investor’s psychology and the herd mentality and how to cope with that. The words  by Charlie Munger has made  the core of importance of TIME .

“You don’t make money when you buy stocks. You don’t make money when you sell stocks. You make money while you wait.” – Charlie Munger

Investing in stocks is not rocket science.

The hype is created that investing I the stock you need a lot of Accounting knowledge but in real sense one need are basic math skills, a critical eye to distil the facts in the numbers presented by the company, patience, and discipline. One need basic understanding of how money flows in and out of the business and how different businesses compete with each other in the competitive market

“Men of our generation are invested in what they do, women in what we are” (Shana Alexander).American Journalist

It is reflection of the World that we live in   

It is greed vs Fear that leads the fluctuation of the prices of the shares of the company If you see the high and low of any share and multiple with the outstanding shares that is the Market capitalisation of the firm. TATA doesn’t care if Michel have his shares or Sunita has .it has its own dynamics of operations. But it is certain the fundamental value is recovered by the market sometime early some time later

“Investing in yourself emotionally, physically, spiritually and financially, will allow you to become the best version of yourself. When you are the best version of yourself, you will be an attraction magnet to others! “

Heroes Beyond Borders :3: Seth Godin

July 1987 ,Our Family was bestowed with gift from god and  gift was birth of my younger Brother ,to whom I love .He was little he was funny and the best thing is i was no longer the youngest member in my family .  I become more responsible about taking responsibility and caring.

July is important as in this month one great thinker born in who missed out Initial shots in INTERNET ERA He was Kicked off from Direct Marketing association and he form the idea of permission marketing ,He is none other than Seth Godin .He is really deserve to be in my HERO beyond Borders. He is blogging from more than 26 years.



“I think the most productive thing to do during times of change is to be your best self, not the best version of someone else”
You are at your best when YOU are just YOU. You are more convincing and people around you trust you more support you more if your actions are reflections of your originality .That’s why initial idea always flourish .

“Dig your well before you’re thirsty”

It will give you a more leverage no matter it might be growing YOURSELF professionally or personally. WE can see the power of small saving schemes ,raising the kids with ethics .people might laugh at YOU but you know it and believe in your GUTS .This is supported in the bestselling book on “Dig your well before you’re thirsty” by Harvey Mackay . In which he explain your readiness and preparation for your personal or professional success by the power of inter connections and networking

“You have everything you need to build something far bigger than yourself”

YOU are the BEST creation of the almighty. NOBODY can stop YOU becoming BIG create NEW explore NEW or UNKNOWN. your impact is GREATER than you think in this Shrinking era of DIGITAL world. Your BEST Product is YOU . You was created by your parents but becoming best version of you ,you don’t require anything other than YOU.


“Faith in yourself, in your friends, in your colleagues and most of all, faith in your ability to impact our future is the best strategy I know”.

In bible Matthew 13.31 it is written that “. The kingdom of heaven is like a mustard seed that a man planted in his field” and that seed is FAITH and the field is ones mind.

  “Game of monopoly every time give you a new opening to start from scratch and plan your new strategy “

 MORE resources about him

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Heroes Beyond Borders :2: Dr BR Ambedkar

On 14 April i.e one legend was born .His name was Bhimrao …..Later he turned out to be one of the greatest Scholar of all times ,Who was major architect to create constitution of INDIA and work for unprivileged sections of Society and still are consider untouchables in certain part of India .

People  even went to western countries learn new things but they are still in glitches of narrow-mindedness of  cast-ism and narrow mindedness.
I would like to share his inspirational immortal beautiful thoughts ….which I think are more practical teaching than any of the religious books ….

” Life should be great rather than long.”
Know Why you are here What are YOU doing ….Make YOUSELF accountable for YOU and take some action
“I like the religion that teaches liberty, equality and fraternity.”
There no BAD religion in the town only the interpreters or followers can be misguided

“I measure the progress of a community by the degree of progress which women have achieved.”

“Cultivation of mind should be the ultimate aim of human existence.”

“Men are mortal. So are ideas. An idea needs propagation as much as a plant needs watering. Otherwise both will wither and die.”

Do something … Create Something … Share Something …. May be some day somewhere…. it will inspire Someone ….. Your digital words have unimaginable lasting effects …..

“The relationship between husband and wife should be one of closest friends.”
Sparing sometime is easy once you are in initial years of marriage but as the time goes you don’t find time to spend with your soulmate …Do it NOW …. Your never know Tomorrow You will see the rising SUN or NOT
“So long as you do not achieve social liberty, whatever freedom is provided by the law is of no avail to you.”

I would like to add here social liberty of society can’t be achieved without increasing economic security as Dr Ambedkar himself that told once if there is fight between ethics and money most of the times money wins … that is the root cause of all social evils like pollution , corruption and so on …

“Law and order are the medicine of the body politic and when the body politic gets sick, medicine must be administered.”
But like medicines it does not cure the cause but suppress for some time complete eradication can be difficult and only be archived by changing ones. Habits and rituals

“Political tyranny is nothing compared to the social tyranny and a reformer who defies society is a more courageous man than a politician who defies Government.”
World is changing and even when you are sleeping or gossiping What you do where do you live Who you are doesn’t matter if you are not doing something to change you … You can’t change the world alone but you can change You … and I would appreciate your small change which will help You or the things or people around YOU ….For me You are champion .. If nobody cares about You or recognize your effort still You are doing great …

If You are not doing anything ….. Still world is  changing but your stack in it …. Believe me you are nothing more than a count in population and ….. in other words  a liability on the earth ……


Home YOUR Home Series : 6 : Maximize your knowledge from your mortgage broker

You may be novice or experienced property investor, you may decide to go your way through the property purchasing process but I bet that will be can be difficult .In order to get a best mortgage deal you don’t have to spent a penny,just you need to find a good mortgage broker .

He can save you a bundle of money on your home loan. There are lots of options or you can check and compare yourself . Following questions may be helpful to get the good advice but you need to do little home work , you should listed out clearly your income and funds available to you from all sources, your tax returns, your previous loans.So these are here

  • How do you decide which loan is best suited to my personal situation? How much of a deposit do I really need to obtain a loan?
  • Dose taking loan impact will my credit card limits have on my borrowing capacity?
  • What are different fees which will incur when taking out a home loan like establishment or processing or file charges etc ?
  • What are features of loan and how it is different from others option you want me to select? Is there any catch or hidden clause?
  • I have preapproval loan from other bank but now my circumstances has changed ,How should i  go forward ?
  • What are the documents or information do I need to provide for mortgage?
  • Is there any early exit fee or can I transfer it to another lender?
  • What are the procedures that I need to follow in order to obtain my finance and settle my loan?
  • Can I choose to fix my interest rate in at a later stage?
  • What is Lenders Mortgage Insurance? Which lender offer the least if I have less than20% upfront payment

Last but not the least, If your want to check the approved broker, You can Search Australian Securities and Investments Commission’s Register or to use MFAA website to find an approved credit adviser

Usually A mortgage broker gets paid by the banks but it depend on you and broker and he can provide you competitive rates, expert advice, hassle-free loan… so Happy Home Hunting.I would highly appreciate you if you add some questions which may help some other property hunter ..

Top Online Payment Gateways : Online Business Series :2:


You are not bartering if you are doing business .You are selling product or services .It is very important to locate the right payment gateway for your brand, it seems small like 1% or 2% extra on each transaction but it can add up quickly. There are various global and county specific Payment gateways . Each one of these offers different plans and suitable . You need to register and comply to your country specific GST VAT Sale tax and income tax provisions though some payment gateway companies does not required that . Some of the most popular payment gate gateways are

  • Paypal
  • payMate & Merchant Warrior(Australia)
  • wooCommerce
  • 2Checkout
  • Stripe
  • ACH Payments
  • WePay (only US citizen)
  • net
  • Dwolla
  • Amazon payments
  • Google Wallet
  • Dharma Merchant Services
  • Payline Data
  • asiapay
  • exPay
  • Worldpay
  • Mobivi & 1Pay : Vietnam
  • Dragonpay , Apptivate ,Ayannah & Qwikwire: Philippines
  • EBS , CCAvenue ,Citrus Pay , instamojo : india

There might be more I appreciate if you can suggest me in the comments below .You need to understand your product specific requirements .These are a few of factors that is a deciding criteria to choose a payment gateway .

  • Do you want customers to enter their payment details directly on your site?
  • What are the fees? What is one time setup fee or monthly fee or transaction wise fee ?
  • Do you want a payment gateway and merchant account or an all-in-one payment service provider?
  • Is there any lock in contract ?if yes , How long is the contract?
  • Does the provider have a good reputation? Check the online review of the services .
  • Does the transaction provider has secured server ?
  • What kind of helpline and support system payment gateway provider company has and how long they take to resolve the issue?
  • If you are not selling internationally try your country specific gateways.
  • Does the payment gateway support the payment methods your target market uses?
  • Are you in a ‘high-risk’ business? Like betting gambling etc.

Top 8 Myths about online business : Online Business Series :1 :

Myth 1 : You only need good website to run your business

It is presumed and sometime hipper advertised that online business are the best only need good website .Website is your virtual address like conventional shop has day to day running expenditure as an online business you might be paying to search engine optimization, search engine marketing and website development. , web traffic ,web analytic etc. You certainly can’t just stop once your website is live – that’s only the beginning,

Myth 2 : There are millions of users on the internet who can purchase your product

To an extent yes and no. It depend on how good is your niche ,how passionate are you   the service or product you are offering .it is about to add values to consumers life .if product or service that you choose can able to solve one acute pain point that people face than you will be unstoppable. You need to find out is the product or service you are choosing to sell is that sellable. It is more of finding your tribe than aiming for mass market. 

Myth 3 : You can do this completely on your own.

With finite body and finite time it is nearly impossible to learn all the technology with quick pill or shortcut. You can manage a small business but if you aiming to reach out the paying people in your niche you have to do a lot of handwork. Teachers, professors are best knowledgeable people in the world but how many companies owned by professors. You can reinvent the wheel and can built your own road but it takes more time .Best way is out source some of the work and hire once you grow bigger.

Myth 4: Social Media is a Costless Marketing and Money Making Outlet

You can only get the experience once you speak out with the people who use these technologies .However they are tremendous platform to market your product but comes with nominal cost .Nobody is better judge than you if you have created your own product .The planning of marketing strategy is depends on you and you can copy the idea as marketing is always open secret but you have to modify the idea as per your own requirement

Myth 5: You Can Automate Everything When Selling Online to Cut Down on Labor Costs

Computer does not think it only process the command and execute asset of routines based on execution of an event with various exception handing routines .You can automate a couple of processed like auto responder to your email. But you need to feed a set of recomposed messages .Online business require specialized skilled manpower .

Myth 6: Success will happen overnight

You need to find your criteria to measure the success .Is it your website hit counter , You sale counter ,total reviews .I love two quotes about Rome ”All road goes to Rome ” and “Rome is not built in a day”. Roman has built one of best and first road network and slowly it became hub of European art , culture and commercial capital . The Key to online business is to build online roads or ways that leads traffic to your website and the relationship building with the customers with honest dealing. Believe me success will not happen overnight unless until the product , strategy or service is unique .

Myth 7: You Don’t Need Any Capital to Get started and can start online business for free

I am not scaring you just giving you dose of reality . There are numerous cost involve running an online business e.g domain name purchasing, website designing ,Website theme cost ,website content ,product development ,cost   of website hosting, cost for logo design, E-commerce platforms , Payment gateway transaction cost ,SEO cost ,traffic cost, marketing and advertising expenses, license software fees, taxes and compliance cost. It depends on your niche, product and commercial selling feasibility.

Myth 8: You can work part time or couple of hours daily and you have lots of time .

True and false both, True initially when you are just in testing mode to give it ago you work spare time .But if you have firm believe in selling and product you have to get involve yourself full time .It is more of your owned store .Time is directly proportional to the money. You can fly the airplane on autopilot but only for a certain time. Your business always need fine tuning . You need to go forward for the new things as technology is evolving everyday . Online business is full time business though without bricks and mortar yet need technical upgrades.

Self-Awareness: 1: Who am I?


You are nothing but a piece of shit .if you think so .The world doesn’t care who you are what do you do? What do you eat? Where you live? What are your living standards or living style? .If you don’t have standards for you .However it is good to know “Who I am?” as well good news is that you can lead yourself to journey with me which can leads you find who you are ?

I will make that easy for you .I can’t change you or transformed you. What I can help you is to ascertain what are the values that you live by and can help you to shift your focus from the things which you do in your daily routine that can leads you to in a sphere where you can meet your true self .

If you are here on this blog. I will take care of you.  I will start slow and simple tasks or may be performing certain activities but to explore the things you need to know why you want to know thyself? What is the immediate things that makes the top priority in your life? May be I can remodel the question, “What is the thing that you want to learn?”

Why I am writing this blog? I am little bit of selfish in that  .This help me  to serve others without any expectations from you because it makes me happy .Scientifically or biologically we are creature of mankind given limited time by nature or may be by God (If you believe in it ). We are here for some reason. Not only to consume are the natural resources .We all brought out I this world by the act of love. In whole life we are looking for love and happiness .We try work hard to and try get the things or resources. Our demands are acquisition based .Once we acquire the thing we don’t feel like happy of get the temporary joy of acquiring the thing. Once we are bored we go for another adventure to get the next thing .This search never end until the bed of death.

Believe me you are not only one in this world to ask this question to yourself. It is perhaps the first step to start loving yourself and start the journey of self-awareness and enjoy the life.

I come across a good to read page on internet I want to share with you who am I?  . I would like to share with some on the wonderful quotes on this which may help you have different outlook on who am I?

Heroes Beyond Borders :1: Narayanan Krishnan(Madurai, Tamil Nadu ,India ): Restoring Human Dignity

I am  starting this series because each one of us is a hero in someway  or the other. Every child was scientist, pilot, artist doctor ,teacher, painter when born   . With passage of time we killed the hero within us .Hope this series will help you to know your own spark of fire and identify what is call from within you .Krishnan’s story of helping helpless to live their life with dignity and courage may inspire you.

Hero are made amazingly in everyday life .It depend upon the decisions you make yesterday today and  NOW . It is easier to allow to others to kill your hero within you. Once you decided I will assure you your life will change .But change begin  from inside out

” A chef-turned-social worker known for feeding the homeless. Krishnan was an award-winning chef with Taj Hotels, Bangalore and was short-listed for an elite job in Switzerland. But after witnessing a distressing incident in 2002, he quit his job and began feeding the homeless and mentally disabled in his hometown.

He said, I saw a very old man, literally eating his own human waste out of hunger. I went to the nearby hotel and asked them what was available. They had idli, which I bought and gave to the old man. Believe me, I had never seen a person eating so fast, ever. As he ate the food, his eyes were filled with tears. Those were the tears of happiness. Krishnan found this in 2003, which helps to feed the homeless and mentally-disabled in Madurai, Tamil Nadu.

He serves breakfast, lunch and dinner to 425 needy and elderly people in Madurai. Krishnan also provides them with free haircuts and shaves to give extra dignity to those he serves. He was selected as one of the ‘Top 10’ in CNN heroes 2010 list. The character of Narayanan Krishnan played by Jayaprakash in the 2012 Malayalam film ‘Ustad Hotel’ is based on Krishnan’s true story.

You can found more about the  Akshaya ”


You and your Time: 4: How to balance Life

n Sanskrit there is a word –BhavChakra – It mean wheels of life and it is one of the Buddhist philosophy representing the cycle of conditioned existence, birth and death. It represent the goodness evilness, feeling of happiness and suffering. We find ourselves behaving differently in different situation. Our temperament towards the things changes with passage of time. Things remain the same but our perception of viewing the things changed .Have you ever taken time out to take a long, hard look at your life? By stopping to review all aspects of your life, you can take the first step to addressing imbalance, and move toward leading a more energizing life.

Each one of us been guided by different values and fears or rather says mostly by fears. Fear can be of losing or not being recognized, or being caught or of uncertainty or of unknown. .Reason is best known to individual. Majorly there are three focus of your life and you need to balance these three.

  • YOUR own focus of basic needs: Health /Food /Shelter /Career / Finances /Money
  • YOUR responsibilities focus or social needs: Social Life/ Relationships /Family
  • YOUR focus to grow or intellectual needs: Spiritual wellbeing / inner peace /charity /personal growth

These are just tripod if any leg is week the table won’t be stable. It may be inclined to onside. Some psychologist cover these focus of life as a spokes of a wheel, and you need to rate from 1 to 10 on each spoke and then you need to connect the dots. Because you have different priorities so you will ended up in different shape than a circle .Suppose your Life is vehicle and it has four wheels just like your life wheel as the tires to your vehicle. It means when you have ride your life vehicle  car on these kind of non-circular tires your ride won’t be smooth it will experiences lots of jerks and bumps even on straight plain well metaled road .

You need to ask questions from you

  • What are my aspects of my life in terms of health /Money / finances?
  • What I want to achieve in one year / two years / 5 years in my life and what tis more important to me?
  • List out the ways by which you can achieve these things?
  • Attach a date to your plan? And if you achieve how you going to treat yourself?
  • What are my abilities and how can I enhance more skills?
  • Based on my abilities and experience, what kind of career I need to have?
  • What are really good aspects of your work and the not-so-good aspects ?
  • What are my aspirations and my frustrations ?
  • What are the factor or triggers that are creating the frustrations? it will help you to determine what’s important.
  • You should examine your current financial position, including your expenses and earnings, but you should also consider your future. Think about your attitude toward, and behavior around, money.
  • You need to not only think about your physical health, and how you care for yourself but you need to act on what you going to do . This means considering diet, exercise, and opportunities for relaxation.
  • Know what kind of social life you want , what kind of relationships you need , what your family is expecting from you ?
  • You need to consider all of your relationships, and what they mean to you. So consider your partner, children, family, friends, and work colleagues.
  • You need to know what kind of sports you enjoy? What kind of books or activity makes you happy? You need to know what means to you a lot. This might include hobbies, sports, personal development, and meditation and down time for reflection.

To help you understand your preferences, examine your answers or life focus statements for the following words:

  • Can, enjoy, like, will, value, and do – These words usually indicate that you are generally satisfied with these aspects of your life.
  • Sometimes, maybe, perhaps, or possibly – These words usually mean that you are moderately satisfied with these areas of your life, but there are things that you might change.
  • Ought to, can’t, hate, and have to – These words probably mean you are dissatisfied with these aspects of your life.

Reviewing the different areas of your life can produce surprises. You may find that your big issues don’t look so important when you consider them next to your whole life, which is what achieving work-life balance is all about.

You and your Time: 3: How to Record your time

Once I brought two packets of toffees to my elder daughter for her birthday. She wants to distribute toffees in her class. She opened the packet, I asked ,” Why did you open this ?” She said ,” I have 45 class mates , so I need to count these just to make sure I will carry enough toffees with me for them .“ She counted for her school-van friends and her teachers as well . She was right the as packets were marked with weight not by the quantities in it . This is equally applicable to time, we need to know what we have with us, it will help us to manage it .You will say each one has 24 hours what calculation we need that how much time one have, you not only need to know how much time you have but you need to know, how you spend your time , you can’t plan to save time or manage the time unless you make a record of our time or plan your time.

There are various methods to record you time, you may choose to use one, or a combination, of the following methods, you need to make you habit to record your time because it is only habit that keeps you going.

Activity Log: You should start to record for a few days, to build a log of the activities that you engaged during a day. It will help you to paint an picture of what you do during the day, and how you invest your time on each activity . Memory has limitation and it is bad tool to solely depends on your memory. You need to record on papers or if possible use any spread sheet to record this.

Time logs: This is advancement to the previous in this you record the time with activity you engaged in Time logs are used to record the amount of time spent on various activities. You can sub divided the time under each activity , like if you are working on multiple projects keep track of the amount of time you spend, then a time log is a good method..

Calendars: These are more than a simple date calendar, it will help you to coordinate your activities and manage your time over a period of time. It is useful for planning ahead, and keeping track of all of your appointments. It is helpful like major engagements anniversaries, birthdays, celebrations, children school function , Monthly payment of bills .

Office Desktop tools : Lots of desktop monthly planner are in the market which will help you to keep you appointment on time by placing the desktop planner on your desk , you can have inbox /outbox/priority .routine pigeon hole on your Desk . You can use stick-slips as a reminder of your important tasks attached to your computer monitor

Project planners: If you working in a big company you will find there are Project planners who coordinate the activities of a number of people who are all working on the same project for a period of time. There are number o software available to do the planning and scheduling. On the personal level there are several mobile apps available which you can install on your phone, it helps you to ensure that you dedicate you time when it is required .Nothing come easily, no application or software going to work if you don’t commit to yourself and to your routine.

Priority Lists or To-do lists: To-do list is the method of recording the things that need to done over a period of time . Priority list used to set priority of a task over a number of other tasks. First you list out what are the tasks you have to do in a day, then you assign the urgency or priority of the task .Sometimes there may be a case when time is more important than the task .Assigning priority take care of the urgency of the task in terms of time can be used as an immediate record of what needs to be done. Effect of making simple to do list with assigning priority limits its effectiveness

“ No method is bad only applicability of the methods differs and each one has their limitations. it is based on your situation. It is you who decided which method is fitting in your need and providing the information you need. I am sure that these will help you to manage your time and will develop efficient way of working and saving your time.”