Take the Control of You Series:3: Appreciate present moment

What was the day when first time you got the Good remark on your school work Book? What was the Date when you enjoy the First carton movie? What was the month when you first secured the goal in the game or defend the ball from goal post? .The fact of the life is we do not remember days, we remember moments.

A small thing in our daily life gives us moment of happiness. If you want to be happy in your life , I will challenge you to just make a small diary and daily at least write five small things which makes you smile in the day. At the end of the years you will have more than 1825 moments of smile.

Life journey is composed of small events and believe me each event is necessity of life .Most of the people of the worlds are suffered with a disease called “terminally seriousness “.We forget the Happiness is the only thing that your soul needed. When you appreciate the things which are happening around you, you will found surprisingly you will create an aura of happiness in your mind .You mind start release of dopamine. Which is key hormone that our right brain detects a feeling of happiness .

Life is a series of small event and moments to reach out your goals .when you arrive at your final last stop or destine goal. I will guarantee you, another journey will begin. Happening is sometimes not in your control. But appreciating the present moment is within your control and reach. When you ask your mind to find a point of appreciation .Believe me your brain do not do anything which you don’t desire .He will find all the good things that you can appreciate in and event or in a person..

Present also means a gift so present moment is gift given by god to you ,You can utilize it or you can let it pass by .One thing is sure the present moment in your life never comes back .. Live and appreciate present moment no matter how bad it is ..


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