Thy Governors :Part 6:Governors in Education

Education is the foundation of one’s personality it maybe inform or informal , I can be in school or off school ,Social or spiritual. It gave you understanding of the world and its customs apart from special skill and craft

Jaden Smith, just 15year old son of Hollywood superstar Will Smith and his wife Jada Pinkett Smith, made headlines recently by tweeting his opinions about education as

“School Is The Tool To Brainwash The Youth,” and “If Newborn Babies Could Speak They Would Be The Most Intelligent Beings On Planet Earth.” And “If Everybody In The World Dropped Out Of School We Would Have A Much More Intelligent Society.”

In my opinion this is true to great extent .Children are most uncorrupted original creation of the almighty. Their response is quick natural and unbiased .I remember once my three old daughter was telling me a story at the bed time and the story goes like this .”There was a mice his name is rabbit his mother is a cow and cow eat the plants and so on…. I hadn’t stopped her and curiously asking questions and she was answering all the question with full confidence and zeal .She had used all of the acquired words and keep telling me the story for the fifteen minutes. if during listening her story and remind her with my  foster thoughts, Like How mice can named a  rabbit ? If I agree to that, then how  mice can have Cow as mother and if I put so many more stop points  in her ,story she would had stopped the story and loose interest and her enjoyment. and she stop telling me the story .

Child brain is a open field in we saw the seed of imagination creativity social and spiritual values ,rights ,wrongs ,responsibilities through education .Education does not mean only bookish or textural reading. Child observe a lot he learn more from silent learning .

Unfortunately our education system became too stereotype and obsolete .That is failed to produced the right product of responsible human being. The reason of this is the presence of the governors in our education system. Governors main motive is to earn the maximum profits .Government has opened schools .But the schools are without teachers or without rooms . Private institutions or schools hired the low paid teachers. There is an old proverb that if you throw peanuts you will get only the monkeys. The standard of the education is falling. How can we say that world is shining.

Our parents choose our careers .Our uncle or aunt help us to choose the colleges .We choose the profession as per the rat race or immitation. Coaching institutions cropup and doing the business in millions. Professional academies are coaching for the jobs .They are professional in earning .Most of the couches and tutors havsit in the entrances examination and feel the atmosphere of the examination hall .They are busy in making their bucks. They are not wrong they are the pure businessman they are the seller of the commodity which we called “education “.  The amount and time we spent in the institution if we spent on us and steadily study at home .There remain no door which won’t   open  for you .Today is the era of digital education .The modern day gods in form of search engine right in front of you at internet and with you .What ever the query you pose ou will get the answer of that. You can get all the study material on the internet free . You just need to tune your strings of violin. But sadly we don’t believe in less costly things we believes on the things that cost more .We believe in the governor more then we believe in ourselves. We don’t have faith in our children but have faith on the institutions.


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