Thy Governors :Part 3:Why they Govern us ?

We are human beings and as we need for the growth of the body we also need thoughts for the development of the brain. That’s the reason our ancestors has formulated the methodology to train the brain. In older days there were Gurukuls (schools)and Asharams (learning center for study and meditation)and now in modern days the government or public aided or private schools . AA SHRAM (AA come SHRAM -work) means come lets do some hard work. Gurus said do hard work for the self and I will guide you to change your life  in to  more meaningful and enlightened dimensions. I will teach you meaning and way of living life. They were doing that sincerely and religiously .

Now the question arises why are the governors govern us .How they got benefited from governing us .When you buy a newspaper it cost around 2 to 5 rupees .As a informed citizen and a member of the elite society we proud to read the newspapers . Do you think that covers the cost of printing transporting and distributing? You are paying 200 to 500 Rupees for the cable network monthly .They are showing you from every nook and corner of the universe the glimpse of universe they make you to see .even almost all the religious places of the world .They enlightened you on the history polity current events technological fronts ,media  teach you how to cook ,how have makeup .

They govern us to market their products. They govern us to inject the values and believe. They govern us to motivate to dance to their tunes. They persuade us to purchase the products by governing our thoughts. We think that we have make our own decisions but in reality they are behind us .They made us to act like puppets attached to their strings. They govern us to make our moves according to them. They govern us to spend our mental capabilities our hard earned money and time in the way they wanted us to spend . They govern our body our mind our actions.


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