Letter to You ,

Hi , Mr. Z / Miss. Y / Mrs. X ,

I don’t know how you landed here to read my blog ,I would like to welcome you to my blog .This is your space to explore the things. No material written here is under copyright laws, This blog I had started to challenge myself and to share my thoughts for you . You can either take it or reject it. But one thing is sure you going to love the material

I am not from other planet but may be from different side of the globe. I am not born on tress or came out of egg .I am another human just same as you ,I am a normal human being living normal life .I have extra ordinary dreams .This is one of the small step to make my dreams come true.

My biggest fear was how to write in English .I thought a lot about peoples feedback in past .I suffer a lot because I took peoples advice too personal. I use to let them play with my emotions. I failed so many times in my life . I try to be good to others rather i should be good to me. I give opportunity to the sometimes to humiliate me. I gave opportunity to others make me corrupt. People make me to direct what they wanted from me.

I was more of yes than and wanted to be pleasant all the time .later in life I learnt you can’t satisfy all the people at same time. The action you are taking have different meaning for different people around you .I use to blame others for most of my miseries .I use to say too many thanks and too many sorry in a day . It lower my self esteem. I gave too much weightage to others .I learnt that it is better to be nice to you rather than to others .

It is ok to respect others .But most important is self-respect .Self-respect is not an ego it is a driving force to get the things done .it give awareness what you are , What you wanted to be .Why you wanted the things for you . It doesn’t matter who you are .It doesn’t matter how old or how young you are .No matter in which region or locality you lives in .

I don’t know what your beliefs and dreams are . No matter you are rich or poor . One thing I am going to assure you .That whatever your dream is .That is possible in this life .When you able to see the things in your mind .That is all possible. Only thing you need is your perseverance and dedication and never to say die attitude .Don’t be afraid to take the risk .You don’t have to be baffled or hurt from the feed backs of others . Opinion of others should not become part of your reality .

You should keep on doing the things. Love you dream just like your spouse or kid or just like god. Learn to challenge the things within you and outside you .You need to be different. Because you are Born different ….. Your road to success is not outside you .it begins from inside of you ……




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