Beating dead horse won’t let you win the race .You need to get a new for winning

“Flog a dead horse” or “Beat a dead horse “ is an idiom in English language , I had heard this from one of my colleague. It gave me a deep though and topic to write a blog about it. I search the internet .I got following information from Wikipedia,

Flogging a dead horse (alternatively beating a dead horse, or beating a dead dog in some parts of the Anglophone world) is an idiom that means a particular request or line of conversation is already foreclosed or otherwise resolved, and any attempt to continue it is futile; or that to continue in any endeavor (physical, mental, etc.) is a waste of time as the outcome is already decided

Wikipedia does not need my credential , that it as the best free recourse place to enrich one’ knowledge , If I called it virtual university I won’t be wrong .

  • If, I know, I will get TAR in my Lungs when I smoke, Than why do I smoke.
  • When,I know ,if I jump in fire, I will burn myself.
  • If I jump out of a moving vehicle ,I will get hurt.

Still we continuously doing harm to our mental and physical body . That was given to us soul by God . The reason is we don’t want o change the things around us .We don’t want to change our company of the people around us. We blame others for our mistakes .I did write once on one of my face book posts, in our life We wanted “A” , we work for getting “B” and we are happy if we get “C”. We are unique creatures made by almighty. We can change our habit and can develop new skills and attributes by constantly pushing our limits and practice. But Most of us happy to live in past , We don’t want to break the ice .People around us gave all possible reasons

  • I had try to swim last time I got water in my ears .This time  I won’t try
  • I met a nurse in Gladstone hospital when I was admitted there for my chest pain .She told me that she had won painting contest in school, it was one of her hobbies, she use to draw painting but now she don’t find time for that now .
  • I met beautiful lady in a life coaching seminar in Melbourne .She was from New Caledonia. I haven’t heard the name of the country pervious to that in my 40 years .She told me . I love to go to places and meet new people .But I have more responsibilities I have to work for living ,I can’t do that now .I have a college to attend .My partner is not happy with it She has dream to visit more than 50 countries .
  • One of my workmate told me that ,I own six properties I have passion about properties and real estate , but I am now under debt of more than 1 million dollars. That’s why I am working .
  • I use too click wonderful pictures, I had made website for it but I am old I can’t do that now. ( one of my colleague has this hobby but he always have excuses to made )
  • I had won singing competition but I can’t sing now.
  • My daughter had participated in the world roller championship in Germany .She than left roller skating and joined ice skating . but now she is landed with a office job . I had spent almost half of my life to get her trained . These are the remarks by another my Australian colleague.
  • Last time Lizy didn’t call on my birthday ,So this time I won’t call on her birthday .
  • Last time we went to some restaurant but the food and service was bad .
  • Last time when I try to lose my weight I get bored easily .
  • Last time when I get to the stage people don’t like my speech .we recall bad experience from our past .

We are excusers ,we only provide the  feedbacks .We are not actionators , we don’t want to take responsibility to change. We afraid to go against our preconceived beliefs.We should change our perception or thinking .  World is changing every moment .why we are stagnant . we should add fresh thoughts and inculcate new habits .Our World is addicted by Hoppium drug . That the things will happen right when my luck favors . When the god decide the things it will happen . Would we had taken some steps to the problem that we are facing the situations may be totally different.

When we come across some problem we have to ask simple question. What is the max happen to me if the things won’t happen in the way I planned, what worse can be happen? if that happen, am I ready to tackle that? Am, I be able to handle the situation ? But I am sure ,whatever happen after you take some action ,one thing is sure it will bring some changes . Change can be either as per your expectations or against your expectation . The pain /failure is always temporary and help you to know one of the method that was not proper. But when you take another action and when you made successes ,It will subside itself . As long as you are alive you have another chance to change your wrong moves to right .


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