Magic in You Series: 23: You are born a Entrepreneur

I worked at MSME-DI institute in Ludhiana ,India from 2006 to 2009 . This is under the ministry of micro small and medium enterprises. One of our function was to create awareness in the educated unemployed youth about the various central and state government schemes .Job involve rigorous travelling across the state for organizing the industrial motivation campaign s, to conduct entrepreneurship skill development programs ,management skill development programs . I handle training cell for some time .

During training sessions, I found various things that anybody can become entrepreneur .We as human has this in build mechanism in us .only we need to restart this engine . I will tell you why you are born entrepreneur.

  • When you go to market for buying a vegetable or grocery you bargain for it .(Negotiation skill ) .
  • When you tell and convince to your parent to get you a thing that you want, despite of the fact they rejected your purpose first time (Emotional selling skill).
  • You share the joke and feel pride to tell astonishing facts to your friends (demonstration skill).
  • You propose for friendship to others (risk taking ability).
  • You try to play with person elder then your age (risk taking ability).
  • Most of the arranged marriages in Asia are by mutual consent of parents of bride and groom . In which one is giving his or her full life to the person to whom he / she don’t know at all (risk taking ability ).
  • Ladies can be best entrepreneur. They married to man and leave their own family (risk taking ability).
  • You have raised money for charity because of your school or for your child club (fund raising ability ).
  • You know how to make friend from your friend’s friend. (Networking skill)
  • You share the things on social plate forms (You know the power of sharing good things ).
  • When you are buying the thing online you search for discount coupons (you know how to get best value for your money investment).
  • You ask lots of questions (you are having inquisitive nature ).
  • Although , There is none who hasn’t copied home work from book or from his follow student but always improve the original content yet exceptions are there (you know how to add value )

Once you have decided that you will be an entrepreneur you will find the motivation in each small thing .No one want to live life in misery , everyone dream to have lots of money .To earn more to buy the necessities and luxurious goods in one’s life the best bet is to be entrepreneur .You may not be able to reap the success but the next generations will enjoy the fruits of the tree you are planting today success is not only measured by money alone success is having ability and freedom to make your own true decisions and enjoy each moment of life .


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