What’s on your Mind

” What’s on your mind ” when I see these lines on Facebook whenever I try to post my status I feel great that one on the top most IT company want to know what’s in my mind . But why . Did you ever think about it . It reminds you nothing more important than your mind and the thoughts in your mind . It is the powerhouse within you if utilize properly it can take you to moon to Mars even to farthest galaxies .. Your ability go think is unique every as per CIA world survey as was on 23-08/2014 in a minute 255 is birth rate of the world and 108 death rate and total population is and total 7.3 billion total population of the world . There are 7.3 million thoughts in any given point of time . It may be verbal or nonverbal . But why only a few thoughts travel around the world . Only handful headlines in the newspapers . Reason is we come across only those thoughts which we like or we want to listen Hear or see or feel . This is really irony that we know the world but we don’t know ourselves . So listen to you and write what is in your mind and what you want to accomplish in your life . And what steps you will take to accomplish this . Men belong to a place where he wanted to be … It happens . We should not afraid of anything we should learn to live with our fears and work towards our dreams . There is nothing like perfect world . Just for example in perfect world there should not be any resistance or friction. If I throw a ball it should not stop any where and it should keep on bouncing and rolling .But in real Like ball stop due to friction or resistance or environmental forces . This is same in your life as you have to identify what are the forces that is Stopping your motion . People of every kind and every type you will find at all over the places. It is you who decide with whom you wanted to Be and with whom you don’t wanted to be . Don’t let others to take decision for you . Take your own decision and stick to it . And work towards it . We can’t take all the time right decisions but we all can make decisions and can work for it to make it right . Don’t let other judge you . If you are true to you . You will be the Happiest person on this world . Have faith in you . Motion or your efforts clear your mind so keep trying and the early the action the more quicker you will become Clear . If you have more bigger WHY then your mind will work for you to have the more clear and bigger HOW .. But unless until you take actions your dream won’t turned to reality but it will remained as wish and at the end of your life it will go with you . Just like 7.2 billion thoughts getting killed every day if we assume every one is having at least one good idea . Help world and make it a beautiful place to live . Take actions and be actionate in your life . People do not listen what you say but they follow and do what you do .


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