Self-Awareness: 1: Who am I?


You are nothing but a piece of shit .if you think so .The world doesn’t care who you are what do you do? What do you eat? Where you live? What are your living standards or living style? .If you don’t have standards for you .However it is good to know “Who I am?” as well good news is that you can lead yourself to journey with me which can leads you find who you are ?

I will make that easy for you .I can’t change you or transformed you. What I can help you is to ascertain what are the values that you live by and can help you to shift your focus from the things which you do in your daily routine that can leads you to in a sphere where you can meet your true self .

If you are here on this blog. I will take care of you.  I will start slow and simple tasks or may be performing certain activities but to explore the things you need to know why you want to know thyself? What is the immediate things that makes the top priority in your life? May be I can remodel the question, “What is the thing that you want to learn?”

Why I am writing this blog? I am little bit of selfish in that  .This help me  to serve others without any expectations from you because it makes me happy .Scientifically or biologically we are creature of mankind given limited time by nature or may be by God (If you believe in it ). We are here for some reason. Not only to consume are the natural resources .We all brought out I this world by the act of love. In whole life we are looking for love and happiness .We try work hard to and try get the things or resources. Our demands are acquisition based .Once we acquire the thing we don’t feel like happy of get the temporary joy of acquiring the thing. Once we are bored we go for another adventure to get the next thing .This search never end until the bed of death.

Believe me you are not only one in this world to ask this question to yourself. It is perhaps the first step to start loving yourself and start the journey of self-awareness and enjoy the life.

I come across a good to read page on internet I want to share with you who am I?  . I would like to share with some on the wonderful quotes on this which may help you have different outlook on who am I?


Heroes Beyond Borders :1: Narayanan Krishnan(Madurai, Tamil Nadu ,India ): Restoring Human Dignity

I am  starting this series because each one of us is a hero in someway  or the other. Every child was scientist, pilot, artist doctor ,teacher, painter when born   . With passage of time we killed the hero within us .Hope this series will help you to know your own spark of fire and identify what is call from within you .Krishnan’s story of helping helpless to live their life with dignity and courage may inspire you.

Hero are made amazingly in everyday life .It depend upon the decisions you make yesterday today and  NOW . It is easier to allow to others to kill your hero within you. Once you decided I will assure you your life will change .But change begin  from inside out

” A chef-turned-social worker known for feeding the homeless. Krishnan was an award-winning chef with Taj Hotels, Bangalore and was short-listed for an elite job in Switzerland. But after witnessing a distressing incident in 2002, he quit his job and began feeding the homeless and mentally disabled in his hometown.

He said, I saw a very old man, literally eating his own human waste out of hunger. I went to the nearby hotel and asked them what was available. They had idli, which I bought and gave to the old man. Believe me, I had never seen a person eating so fast, ever. As he ate the food, his eyes were filled with tears. Those were the tears of happiness. Krishnan found this in 2003, which helps to feed the homeless and mentally-disabled in Madurai, Tamil Nadu.

He serves breakfast, lunch and dinner to 425 needy and elderly people in Madurai. Krishnan also provides them with free haircuts and shaves to give extra dignity to those he serves. He was selected as one of the ‘Top 10’ in CNN heroes 2010 list. The character of Narayanan Krishnan played by Jayaprakash in the 2012 Malayalam film ‘Ustad Hotel’ is based on Krishnan’s true story.

You can found more about the  Akshaya ”