Journey to self-awareness: What is God ?

I was going for my RRB ( Railway recruitment board) examination to madras (Now Chennai) way back in 2001 .when I met a monk . He was Follower of Krishna mission .We both were traveling to madras in Rajdhani Express .The journey was of more than one day long from Delhi to Chennai . in day time we  were engaged in talks .I just come up with question ,Soami ji ,There are so many bad events took place in this world ,is there any god ? We start discussing and arguing . Being monk ,he had given me each and every aspect from the secret books and even reference from Bhagwat Gita , But being me as an atheist and graduate of engineering, I always gave him a counter reason .

At last he say, Ok ,Raj now you tell me , what the things are made of ? I said, things are made  of matter.He asked me again ,What matter made them ? .I replied it is composed of atoms and atoms composed of electrons, protons and neutrons .He again questioned me who created electron neutron and other micro elements . I told him, It is energy . He said OK how energy formed in to shape of electron proton or neutron by itself? I said due to some external forces. He asked me again,” What the external forces?”. I replied it may be thermal ,hydraulic electric, convection, conduction or radiation energy? He again asked ok who created the energy. I think hard and explained him another Newton Law ,,Energy can’t be created ,it can’t be destroyed ,But it can change it’s form from one to another .He counter question me ,”Raj, As per law of thermodynamics , no energy can flow from lower gradient to higher gradient without external means or force . Now tell me ,What is the means by which your so called energy change it’s form?” I have no answer.

He smiled at me and said here the concept of God got formulated. God is not any entity or body it is supreme form of energy which does not follow the laws of thermodynamics. I said ok Soamiji ,So why in our Hindu methodology there are different name and face shapes of Deities and Devtas. . He replied like earlier you told me energy is having different form . Similarly different Gods possess the different qualities of energy. In order to live in civilized society heads of the societies build these believes .These stories pass from one generation to another . In order to live in the society we must have some ideal characters to follow .We need some symbolic characters to mark good and bad .This was done so that group of people or individuals comply to religious practices. When their believe and principles matches to the faiths . They follow those religions. By following . the practices and rituals ,They live life with in society with socially acceptable behaviors. Later he told me ,he was science  graduate but he along with his wife were full time devotee of Krishna and preaching religious lectures  .He is living life in simple way .He was not monk but wearing Dhoti and Kurta , bald head with sandal three finger marking on his forehead , gave me impression that he was monk.

I am spiritual in nature but I am not religious. I respect all the religions of the world but I follow none. I have strong believed that there is supreme power present in the universe and that power lies in the Words and in the people. The words are not only those words which are part of  holy & secrete books of every religion. But the words of daily use as well .Words remain words if they are not practiced in real sense .Real sense mean different to different person . I leave that on you to decide what it means to you


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