Take the Control of You Series: 2 : Action is the key to happenings …

Light Camera Action ..and clap .These are  the  standard words when one is watching the film shooting . I was living in hill town Kullu .It is a famous place . Lots Bollywood film’s shooting took place when I was growing up in eighties and nineties  . I was love movies since my childhood. Even some time we skip the school and go to watch the movies .In Kullu there are not much Big movie theater ,there was only one film Theater .There are small video parlors .Most of them was in Lower Dhalpur bazar . I remember big project was brought by Mahant Videoparlor .They played the VCR and attached the Projector to it . They were earning more than regular Movie Theater.

Over the period of time what I observe is the ,”Action is the key to happenings” .Action bring you a move , a change which create a more clarity .When we make any move the things around us become dynamic . we are not sure of the results sometimes . But when you take the action ,the things moves and definitely outcome is going to happen. No outcome or result is bad or good .It is only the results of the actions . We are living in a society and enjoying the marvels of science and technology because some one has first conceive the idea than they have taken the action. Over a period of time they keeps on refining the results by putting controls and setting up the boundaries .

To control you and on your thoughts you need to be ACTIONATE in your life. In Newton’s third law of motion we learnt when we were young,”To every action there is always opposed an equal reaction“.There is no reason that without any effort any reaction can take place . There is always a force present for another force. ACTION is the only Thing which can influence the world to be better or bitter place. The world won’t be in the shape and size that you are looking now, If somebody has not taken the action in the ages ago .

It is always difficult to change the things .You need to be a proud to be Link in the human evolution and play your part to make the planet a better place to live by you small actions. Don’t be actionist for me or for world .just do it for you , for your family or for your kids….believe me The world will change by its own .


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