More Decisive You:6:How to identify your point of view?

I was trained to Organise the brain storming session and I remember one exercise our trainers told us to do ,I will share with you .On the white board one of the instructor wrote down three words ,water , house & glass .He gave each one of us to write down what will be the use of these things . There were 28 participants .After 15 minutes ,they took out the papers and it take more than 3 hours to discuss the uses and new usage of the things .some of the things I never even dreamt of . The reason is total experience in the room was 28x 35 years (average age) and plus of instructor more than 1000 years , and we took only 15 minutes to consolidate in to individual lists thus overall spending 15×28 = 420 minutes, that is 7 hours .

Like cube have six faces , prism has five ,pyramid has four , coin has 3 faces (one cylindrical ), each of the thing or situation have multiple views. So if I am holing only one view I may be not able to see the other face or the thing completely. A problem is multifaceted and can have multilayers. But in order to support you decision you must aware why you are holding that view backed up by sound facts and data. There may be chances that your solution may be the most feasible solution to the problem.

  • Do I understand the problem?
  • What are the things that I don’t understand about the problem?
  • If, I am the only one who will be affected person by these decisions, what will be more favorable outcome of the situation?
  • If, I don’t have to put brain or logic what will be my emotional response to the situation?
  • If, I have to put brain or logic what will be my emotional response to the situation?
  • Is my understanding the only reasonable view?
  • What are assumptions I am making that are influencing how I understand this?
  • Does my view ignore anything?
  • Look at the problem or issue from other points of view
  • Do I have information from all relevant points of view?
  • Are there other ways of looking at this issue that I’ve not yet considered?
  • Consider how your assumptions may be impacting your point of view/
  • What are factor you are considering to frame your view ?
  • What are the theories or concepts you are using or that need to be applied to your point of view?
  • How credible those concepts or philosophies that make your point of view ?

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