More Decisive You:5: How to eliminate your own bias


There are elements like Age and family responsibilities , Fear or uncertainty , Past experience or observations ,Cognitive abilities or physical barriers ,Socioeconomic status (SES) ,Personal or influential biases, Behavioral attributes and personal values which influence decision .Cognitive faculties of brain should be more involve than ” I”. But I found that I-Factor is more prominent in decision making. I-factor is egocentric approach to any situation.

Preconceived knowledge, your assumptions, one beliefs and points of view are the key factor which leads to bias .

There are number of occasion in the history which establish the fact that,” When arrogance guides the thought process, it’s hard for reason, logic, or fairness to prevail”. It is evident from the fall of kingdoms and raise of new democracies. That principle is applicable to decision making process when one is prejudiced or opinioned one can’t expect a good decision all the time. It is less likelihood that your gut feeling is always right but one can rely on the decision which is based on sound unbiased thinking, facts and information.

Sometime one may think in terms of absolutes, such as right and wrong or favorable or unfavorable or yes or no sometimes. It is possible that there may be some other alternatives exist, but are overlooked because of this tendency

You must be willing to accept he counter point of view . I remember one incident of my declamation contest when I was in school the winner hasn’t put forth any new point or put only his point of view ,he consider his own point of view and points against his own point of view and found sound reasoning to counter those reasons against to his own motion of house .

Know your assumption for any conclusion and check it that only your assumption or that is assumption accepted to all that may be affected from your decision, ask yourself, what am I assuming? Is my assumption leading me to this conclusion? Are there assumptions underlying this information?

Another way to discourage you to involve in listening mode .There may be some people in your organization or in your relations or in friend circle to whom you are not comfortable .But when they are delivering you some information don’t concentrate on person just  concentrate on the information he or she is providing . An unwillingness to listen and engage in the reasoning process can result the ideas, beliefs, or viewpoints of others remained uncounted. I will enlist  number of questions that you should work on and write down the responses against each to avoid the bias in the decision in this series .

It is good to know your own beliefs and point of view so that you must be able to find out the counter factors to your view .This need to get overall picture of the situation. I found from my experience that knowing self is hard and it is one of the most difficult thing .Reason behind it is that we always see outside and being influenced by number of external factors, we hardly spend time with us to know our strengths and views


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