Why I choose name of my blog as “YourRaj”

My name is Rajnish Kajla… I am a simply a God’s creation just Like you.

I have opted this name , Because RAJ means in Hindi as regime and you know you .But the greatest irony is Most of us know you but not our self. This website is a small initiative to share my vision and whatever learns in my life to make better use of our small visit to the planet earth. To live your life to the fullest is only attain by ruling ( Raj – Rule ) yourself . One of my polish colleague M.Chichon told me that,’Raj’ is also a word in the Polish word that means “paradise” or “heaven”.

So once you know and follow you believe me you will find the real feeling of paradise. Another reason this is my short name given by my parents. All of my “YourRaj” post are fully copywrite free. I will happy if you want to share my posts and modify it .so that it will help someone to better know thyself.

Working with a multinational company gives you opportunity to learn a lot from lots of people across the globe. Also internet’s search engines are the modern gods and gurus .They tell you whatever you want to learn. I won’t be telling you something that you don’t know . I just want to share you some simple methods to unleash you .

With good shoes you can walk over lots of stones … But if you have a small stone inside the boot you can’t walk or run long unless you g et rid of that out of your shoes .Similarly we have problem (Stone outside) in our life we can crush them and run over them with our boots (Life with willpower & determination) ,But if small pebble (inner bad habbits / weakness) inside the boots. We can run even we can’t walk long and we fails…….

Raj also means empire or system in Sanskrit language .I am proud to be Indian ,India is one of the oldest civilization , land of multicultural diversity , with freedom of religion untapped potential . YourRaj help you to create a system and empire within you to attain the big goals through baby steps…Empire of happiness and greatness  is not within one man or nation or in one religion ,but within all of us and it is with in our reach. our destiny is not controlled by others but only by you.

Theses are my views and opinion /experiences .You have freedom to chose or reject .If you found the content of the posts are not suitable for you I respect your opinion .


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