Take the Control of You Series: 11:Choose to be mentally tough and happy

If you happy everything in your life is filled with colors of rainbow. The life is life till you are alive .Your life is creation of others .They have created you in happiness .You are a product of pleasure of your parents. Why you are not happy and make others happy.

From last one year when some asked me my introduction. I introduce that my name is “HAPPY SINGH “ andI told them my official name is Rajnish Kajla .No matter it is official or personal gathering .Being happy is only depends on your situation and your thoughts . You can’t be happy if you are going for an obituary .You usually don’t celebrate your failure .

This world is a very different place, no matter how positive you are? How much energy you have? How much psychologically strong you are? It is going to test you again and again .Even it can beat to you the death, if you let it to do so. You can’t change situations in the outer world but you can certainty change the thinking and change your thought process.

I was attending a spiritual seminar .they told if you believe in god ,It doesn’t means that trouble won’t come to you .But faith just give you mental strength to bear that moment.It just act as a umbrella in rain .You can’t control the rain .But you can open your umbrella or wear a rain coat .

Last night I come to know from My spouse ha my cousin died four days ago .It is really a shock for me and it happen with everybody in life at point of life we have destined to go away from our beloved ones .I was not in touch with my cousin from long because we only met each other in family ceremonies .Each one of us having families to look after .

I called up my sister in law and talked to her for more than one hour .She was attached to him like all wives to their husbands .she told me she was with him when he went to hospital on scooter .But she can’t do anything .she said all the medical facilities were there .There was no Previous signs of any major heart problem. He was well inside the intensive care unit with all the sophisticated medical machines and learned doctor are just standing by .But it just happened. I can’t expect her to be happy or other person in similar situation.

But ,if we just teach out mind to find out the goodness in life, Like my sister in law is focusing on the positive aspect .That he hasn’t left any debt for her. She try to find hope in her two great kids. She is making herself tough .She has already has a biggest lost in her life .I found she is calm and found strength on her voice .I wish this phase ends soon.

I personally feel when you are happy and tough even god thinks twice before giving you net trouble .if still more trouble come to you .Than just think God want to test you again .He just want you to remember him .

I had read somewhere ‘Tough times never lasts but tough people does .“ I will rather go with “ Tough time never last but Happy and tough people does”


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