Magic in You Series:11:Living Life is Your full time business

When someone ask from you ,”What do you do?” Most of us tell the profession in which we work .We tell what we are doing for living . What post we are holding . Most of us work for others for living . We all have different kind of needs and wants .I will discuss them in my next blog. We live life around earning .we ends up your life for working and making living for our family and for us. There is nothing bad in it 99.99% people around the globe do the same. When they born they add a demographic figure in the nation population .we they die nation demographic figure is less by one. Occasionally we think about our personnel development .Most productive hours we sacrifice for working for others .Most productive hours of day are the ours when we are mentally awake and physically or mentally doing the task.

In our life we made schedule for our time, When to do what.Even, We download lots of planning application, reminders, schedulers etc . But why we not live to the plan we make , we get easily bored by doing the things? It happens to me. I had change a lots of job during my career. I had started a lot of hobbies. Initially, if I start doing the things, I experience to have lots of enthusiasm in doing up the things .Even when I was child ,I was told when you remember god with your pure heart .He always come to you for your help. In our Hindu mythology we have lots of gods and Devis . We named them differently , every god has his or her different Aarati (Prayer )and Pooja ( worship method ). My mothers had a old Arati Sangrah (Collection of prayers of different Gods ), it was given to my Mother ,when she got married ,by my NANU (Father of my Mother).I don’t tell anybody that every month I try to recite and repeating the Arati in front of the Devi Mata(GODESS ) or Devta (GOD).when ,I found nothing is coming to me . On the very next month I change the god e.g from Krishna to Rama. Or from Lakshmi Mata to Lord Ganesha . I almost repeatedly done this ritual for more than three years . I never encounter a God or Devi stand by me .What does it means. Does Is it mean There is no GOD? I leave this to you .It is a big debate..

When I say life is your full time business. I mean it. You need to careful select or reject your course of action in line with what you want from the Life .Life is not knowing others or solving the mysteries of world life is about knowing you . Your time span in the earth is too short . You can’t learn all But you can observe and share with others. Life is worth sharing .Life worth passing the acquired knowledge from our generation to other. Our life has a moral responsibility of living and to create a continuous link in the chain of evolution of mankind. Life is awakening the real which hiding inside you .Life is Knowing about our strengths .Life is Knowing about our weaknesses. Life is always on move .we keep on changing our targets. Life is a moving target. I will share my insight on life on separate blog.

Life is a fulltime business. How you earn in a business? You invest then you reap the profits. Part of profits you again put in business part of it you invest some part of it you cover family or living expenses. In your life you earn by investing your time You learn by your patience through sharing, acquiring, rejecting testing, arguing or by senses.

Good investments gave you good profit and badinvestments are detrimental to business. Likewise good habit gave you positive outcome increase you happy moments, whereasbad habitshorten your life or cause the loss of time and resources. I had made some bad investments in past like smoking drinking. I am happy that I had quitted now because I had got wonderful colleagues .


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