Home YOUR Home Series :4: How to choose your Agent for buying

Like in the previous blog I mentioned that , It is your responsibility to proficiently coordinate all the professionals involve in the process of buying a home .If hired a professional representative or agent who acts on your behalf and for your interests you need to take care of following points .

  • Your agent is not doing it for charity; it is his profession for earning.
  • Practical understanding is more important than the qualifications ,but in some countries it is mandatory that one must have license to work as real estate agent , ask for the license .
  • Professional agent means getting beyond the resume.
  • How you come across the agent through some relative, internet, mutual friend ?it does not matter what matter is the expertise of the professional .specially the knowledge of the professional in the locality .
  • Ask him / her experience with some relative references.
  • Visit his/ her office and check the portfolios.
  • Check for last three months deals they done in the area.
  • Ask what one should look beyond the fancy look of a house.
  • Check what are the direct or indirect cost involve in the process
  • Ask some of the trade specific questions, why they are selling a house ?Why did you become a real estate agent? Why should I work with you? What do you do better than other real estate agents?
  • Check, is he clearly understood your needs and conditions?
  • Check from the agent, what are the most common things that go wrong in a transaction and how would you handle them?
  • How clearly agent understand your need, just ask him can he has made some notes or can he reiterate you priority conditions and needs ?
  • Ask for the most difficult deals he has faced and how he faced or fixed it ?
  • Ask if some problem come in the documentation what will be his liability to get it corrected.
  • Signed a contract with the agent with everything in black and white is a fool proof legal plan , usually agents has their pre-set of defined conditions which protect their own interest .
  • The contract is mutual and it is your money which will going to be involve in the transaction, you have every right to amend any clause in the contract.
  • You may ask for his experience to handle his best and worst clients.
  • You may ask your agent about other professional that he /she suggest you should work and their credentials
  • Ask did he has own experience of buying a property of himself?
  • Ask basic question about some upcoming projects in the nearby area which will increase the property value.
  • Ask if I buy this property what will be the areas that can be renovated and enhance the value ?

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