Magic in You Series : 3 : How YOU should make YOUR OWN decision.

In daily life we make lots of decisions .we all are decision makers. But mostly our decisions are of routine type .It start as soon as you wake up in the morning .Like ;

  • What should I do ?
  • I should go for morning walk or gym or to skip?
  • Should i sleep little bit more?
  • I should have bath first or just have coffee first?
  • Do i need to wake up my wife and tell her to make Tiffin for children or i should make ?

But sometime we have to take crucial decision in our life .So before , I am going to tell you ,How we should decide , or what is the process to make good decision ? What factors you should consider to make best decision ?,I would like to ask you a simple question ,What is a decision? You will probably coming up with it .” Making decision is to examine all of  options carefully  and decide which suits to  my situations”

You are right to certain extent , Decision-making is the process of identifying and choosing among finite set of alternatives based on the values and preferences of You .But your decision-making is limited by your information, your available time to make decision and your mind’s ability to process the available information .And comparing you available alternatives with you preconceived knowledge and fact ,which you had learnt over the time since you born .

We all think we are smart enough to make the decision. if that’s the case why people has failures .why people commits suicides if they have taken decision on time. Why 99% of the entrepreneurs fails in first two years of their inception .Why most of people are not satisfied with their jobs their conditions or have problem in their relations . I am married .I do have heated arguments with my spouse .Over the years i learnt a secret methodology .i am going to share with you . When ever you are making any important decision in your life Justs ask these four set of questions from you .Answer them sincerely to you

Why ,I am making decision ? What is the need for this decisions ? Do i understand the situation /problem ?

[This is to identify the problem, it’s cause ,attach your own why to solve the problem. Once you have attached your Bigger WHY, your mind will search for bigger HOW ]

What are the other options and alternatives? What will be the most optimum solution? Is this action is taking me close to my cherished dream?

[Just do it is , is good option ,but it is always better to have calculative risk than blind risk , you can’t make always the best decision ,Take a decision with action and prove it right is the Best case]

What is the worst case scenario? What is going to happen if worst case scenario come to true? How it going to affect me , my family or my situation?


[Dedicate all of your negative energy and passivism to find the worst situation .But i am sure YOU will be at least ALIVE and as long as YOU are alive you can GET UP BACK .you can STAND AGAIN ]

Am, I be able to handle the situation?

[Dedicate all of your positive energy and power thoughts to find the best qualities you possess .List out the similar situation when you had made the decision and prove that true .Ask what are my positive strengths that enable me to comeback after initial loss or failure. ]

Once you decide your course of action don’t turn back. Decide thousand time before taking any action if you want .But when you have taken a step stick to it .if i decided not to smoke stick to it .if i decided for resign and start my own business go and do that, if i decided to move from a relation decide and go ahead. This world is full of mean and nasty persons who only clap their hands, they are only watchers .They only watch the success they never dare to take the risk and take the action. The world has few achievers and the achievers are those who took their decisions and stand by that .


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