Games of the words people play …….

We have only a to z , 26 alphabet in English language . But we made many words out of their permutation and combination. People made different sentences out of the same words .They arrange the words in different order in a sentence, to make different sentences .People arrange the same sentences in to different order and combinations .It gives different meaning . Anyone can read those sentences it further gave different meaning to different persons. Just as an example Like sacred / holy books like Holy Bible / Holy Gita / Holy Kuran or Guru Granth sahib Ji etc they are having constant words in each of their copies all over the globe . When people read them they gave different explanation for each of the sentences . Most of the them ,they made the meaning suited to their own believes and benefits in peculiar manner .

As per my thought , Knowledge was constant and it remain constant .It is on us when we see or reorganise something new we say it is new ,But is it really new as there already .You discovered it now. It doesn’t means it is new .It To me only new thing is change. Things keeps on changing themselves . They have definite life cycle and they repeat them self . We may be not be able to live long to understand or able to estimate the time of the repetition. Only True thing I know till date is Death. . I am sure within next 100 years (time is also made by we humans – time it is not constant as well it varies ) most of us will die unless some magic drug is evolved for eternal life . That is only definite truth so far rest all is game of words imaginations and calculations to get superiority or power or to have a better control on natural resources. This all leads by hunger. Hunger was present in Stone Age it is present now as well .Only some equations changed. But the Hunger has raised to high magnitude.

People play the games of words to get the things done . Top 0.0001% of the word population govern the other 99.9999% .Why , because they know how to govern the masses through the words .They do it by and carefully planning and manipulating the human psychology . They create various propagandas in terms of nationalism, creating regional or religious issues. They market their strategy through mass media, print media or electronic media. There is no bird name like ethical behavior in outside world. World is too crazy to understand .Best thing to understand you properly and develop Ethical behavior in you and the people around you. Ethical behavior is not a physical commodity that you can found and but on the street shops. .It lies with in you. It takes long time to build Ethical behaviors.

I believe strongly that change begins with you and you can’t change the world but you can definitely change yourself. If you want to make world a better place to live , you need to start by making yourself good and your home good. You need to understand the difference between people’s games and you or your family’s priorities


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