More Decisive You:1: decisions , Decisions & DECISIONS


There is no single day in which we didn’t make any decision. Decision may be small or big. Decision can be in your personal life or in professional life. Decision may be political or organizational. We need to make decision in our romantic life or in career. We make lots of financial decisions. We all make lots of decisions in our daily life .We choose out of lots of alternative and options. We can make our life a wonderful adventure by making our habit to be more decisive .Our buddy brains help us to make decisions.

Sometime in our life we come across to decide about major things of our life. We have lots of doubts in our minds. Sometime fear paralyses our mind and we don’t take decision, and later in our life we blame our self for not taking decision and stop the opportunity for action. Only chance to live the game of life to the fullest is o take decisions .you should not be afraid to take the decision.

You have to trust yourself and when you take decision and put your guts to challenge yourself to follow your heart nothing going to stop you .Only way to achieve the confidence in you is to take decisions and work on the decisions. There is no easy way out to be in better in every single day other than to make your mind smarter by enabling yourself to be decisive.

I will try to split this series in to the blow sections .Though things may seem very normal but you can get the more value to these simple things in your life .it will help to make yourself to be more accountable for your own growth . First what are the important things to make decision?

  • How to understand the situations in totally independent prospective.
  • You need to ask the questions to resolve any issue or solve any problem .You must be more clear about the purpose
  • You need information data or facts to deal with the issue in your hand. How to find relevantinformation?
  • There may be your pre conceived information in your mind that may make your judgment or decision biased.
  • What is your view or global view or things from different prospective?
  • How to process or synthesize the data and converting data in to more meaningful information
  • How to draw effective inferences from your gathered information?

Here below are some of the factors that are consider as elements which influence one’s decision making process

  • Age and family responsibilities
  • Fear or uncertainty
  • Past experience or observations
  • Cognitive abilities or physical barriers
  • Socioeconomic status (SES)
  • Personal or influential biases
  • Behavioral attributes and personal values
  • Outcomes and results or expectation of results

Personally I found when I attach emotions & reasons to my decision I found I am more stick to my resolute choice and plan irrespective of the factor I enlisted above . To me life is emotions being tied to my decision making.


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