Take the Control of You Series: 8 : Lit the candle and replace fuse

A couple of days ago, I got call from my wife that all of the wiring got short circuited and there is no power, I can’t do much sitting  in Australia , my house was wired with inverter supply once normal electricity is not there still some of the fans and tubes are wired to run on battery inverter supply , as my daughter has put iron’s plug in one of the power socket which is on inverter supply .

When I came to Australia, my wife did she change one 5 ampere socket point with inverter supply so that if electricity goes she can still able to charge phone or tablets. She always make sure only mobile charge or low voltage instruments is plugged to that socket.

One morning my elder daughter wake up and normal electricity was not there .She want to iron her school uniform . Instead of waking my wife up ,she just put Plug of Iron in the socket , when she switch on all of the inverter supply just went black. My daughter get confused that what has happen .But she did smart thing she lit the candle and boil water on gas stove and put in a steel pot with flat base and with steel pot she iron her uniform .By the time my wife wake to make breakfast for her she found candle in kitchen, candle in main room and candle in bathroom . My daughter narrated the event to her. It is 6.30 in the morning and at this time nobody can come to house. Whole day they live without electricity.

In the evening electrician came to check the supply and wiring. He checked all the boards and circuit and couldn’t found any fault .Than at last he checked the fuse .He found only the fuse is burnt off .He replaced the fuse and power come back .

” In life we need to do the same we need to lit the candle and finished the task by the resources  available to us . We need to check the fuse which is the basic thing. We need to understand what is the smallest thing if we can change that have maximum effect .like rule of 20/80 20% of the things are responsible for 80% of the outcomes of our life. You need to focus and need to identify what are the 20% which if you change can maximize your results.”

Also small fuse has  saved the big loss .if the fuse was not in place as protection  the wiring would had been short circuited or may be there might be bigger damage .similarly You need to identify in your life what are the small things which need your utmost attention and can save you from big chaos


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