Take the Control of You Series: 10 : Health is Everything

I don’t know whether you will agree with me or not .But I have experience in my life the ultimate value in one’s life is his or her own health. If you are healthy you can enjoy everything .It is old idiom as well health is wealth. But today how many of us spare one hour for our own sake to be healthy. It is great irony that we know everything about us yet we don’t find to do the things we were taught in our childhood that are good .We fear to practice the things that we were told the ultimate values of life .

I am one of the luckiest person who travel in all three kind of ambulances, land (Road ambulance) sea (ambulance ferry –Duffy) and in air (Royal Flying Doctor Service) and still alive. When I was in Brisbane royal hospital, signing the declaration sheet for angiography, that I am fully responsible for everything. I don’t have my family kids or parent in the hospital. I was only thinking if I die what will die with me? Who will carry me to India? Who will be the saddest person to hear the news?

I found my thoughts and dreams and my life unfulfilled desires going to end with me .Whatever I learn and observe in my life which I think worth sharing I won’t be able to do that . My immediate family will be the most soaked in grief.

I realize over the years I have adopted some eating habits which for me are not good .I need to quit those. I realize if I won’t be alive what will happen to me or to my wealth or money or resources I have. If I don’t have time to enjoy those things which I accumulate over the period of life Than what is fun to earn more .I must have to make myself responsible for my life by developing good health habits . So I decided that I need to quit unhealthy eating habits

I not telling any new things, I only iterating the open truth that everybody already knows .We think a lot but we rarely stick to plan to make that happen .You need to attached some reason to be healthy in your life and you need to keep you reminding that you have more things to do for your family and for you.

  • You can eat anything at any time But the thing is you need to know how much quantity you need to eat.
  • If you fail to stick to your plan just remind yourself that things are made to fail and you’re not only one who fail to stick and it is in not end
  • There is always a reason for change you need to find why you want to be healthy.
  • Action is everything merely planning does not give you a good shape and health.
  • Drink more water and eat moderately at regular intervals.
  • Good has given us many things for free like air water consume as much as you can.
  • Know that you have a weakness on eating and accept that and don’t pledge that you won’t eat that just reduce your consumption.
  • You are responsible for you and only you can make a change in you routine.
  • Nothing is bad or good food only excessive eating, genetics and your life style contribute to your bad health. You can control two out of three factors.

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