My first offline feedback for my blog

I had shared my blog’s link with one of my colleagues .He was joking about my blog .He told Rajnish what are you doing you are just telling the things that I know .Like oxygen content we know this from our safety meeting what is extra ordinary in that ?What I am going to learn from you blog ?Who will read your blog ? You just write the FALTOO (unimportant stuff ) things . I can write hundred of blog similar to your. I calmly replied ,It is good that you know the things and thanks for your comments .But it hardly matters to me ,I am not writing for one person I am writing because I love to write .What you will earn from those ? I will earn happiness. He again ask me .”No ,No, What you will earn in terms of money “,I said , “I don’t know .I never think of it . I am writing for me and for the person who want to read my experience because I think my experience is worth sharing. And I am not writing anything which is new or uncommon. I don’t want to teach anyone .There are already enough teachers in the world to teach. But my understanding is none of the best teachers of the world made you to learn anything unless one is willing to learn or understand. I just want make my habit to write at least three blogs in one week So that ,after three months when I will have my birthday I can have at least 50 Blogs .This one of my short term goal .My best target is to write minimum 100 blogs .”

But I took his comments. Although my primary objective is not to teach someone or to change someone’s beliefs yet I will make sure I should have some content that is worth sharing and somebody should be able to learn something out of my blog.


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