Take the Control of You Series: 6 : Don’t let others to paint your future ..

You are the Michelangelo to paint your own life’s canvas .You are the Shakespeare to write your life’s story, You are the architect of your life. i will share you a small example as most of us experienced this in our life when we were in school. In a class all were given same lecture   , some practice more some practice less , some recite more some learn the practical . But during subjective examination each one of us were given same blank sheet to write .We all have same amount of time . Some ask for extra sheets some finish early , some even cheated and some help cheating . Everyone get different score.

Likewise god has given each of us sheets to write our future by doing the small things in our life on any given day. But some write their sheets ,some copy from others ,Some gave their sheets to others to write for them .Most of person they design the life as per the expectation of the others and the opinion of others are more important to them .

Every one is unique and grow in a unique way. It is in your control your destiny for your . You should stop letting the opinions of others control your life. People don’t want to see the labor pains they want to see the babies .Healthy and happy babies .results matter a lot to others but to get the results each move each effort you make on daily life is going to contribute in your life.

I leant in life don’t think about the people what they are thinking about you, because they are busy in thinking what you think about them. Nobody make you inferior without your consent and approval. Nobody has capacity to stop you from getting anything. Decide what you want in your life and move each day towards your goals .Just ask on every move that, is it going to help me in achieving the BIG Target of my Life?

People have very low memory about others they only know your name when you are in lime light they don’t remember your story and why they should?  They’ve heard what you’ve done, but not what you’ve been through. But your life has special meaning to you.  Start doing the things which is in best interest for you, not what’s best for everyone else. World has limited scope for pleaser.. World has greater place for dreamers and achievers


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