You and your Time: 2: Know your Personality

We are not what we born, we are what we learn and observe throughout our life , people claim they know the world but it is most of them spent their life in delusion with the perception that was told to them by others about them . I would like to share some of the key concepts formed by Carl Jung , German psychologist in 1921 , proposed the existence of two dichotomous pairs of cognitive functions, first is  “rational” function which involve  thinking and feeling [thinking is function of intellectual cognition it help in  the forming the logical conclusions  & feeling is function of subjective estimation]and second is  “irrational”  function  involving  sensation and intuition[ Sensation means observance or perception by means of the sense organs &  intuition is  perceiving in unconscious way or perception of unconscious contents]

Last two are information-gathering and former are decision-making (judging) functions. He said that we have two kind of attitudes either extravert or introvert and he listed out the  main difference between these two :

  • Extraverts are action-oriented, while introverts are thought-oriented.
  • Extraverts seek breadth of knowledge and influence, while introverts seek depth of knowledge and influence.
  • Extraverts often prefer more frequent interaction, while introverts prefer more substantial interaction.
  • Extraverts recharge and get their energy from spending time with people, while introverts recharge and get their energy from spending time alone

The four functions operate in conjunction with the attitudes (extraversion and introversion). And based on the concepts Individual can be Control oriented, idea oriented, people oriented or structure oriented , when you know what kind of personality you will be able to focus the what kind of strategy you need to adopt to discipline yourself . It is always happened when someone other want to control other fellow there is always kind of resistance , it will happen to you as well even when you want to change your body will some time not cooperate with you . I find very difficult to get up early in the morning I need to reason with my mind sometime. I said ,” Mr.Mind Just keep you mouth shut, I have to do it and I am going to do it. I will talk to you once I am done with it “.And when I complete the thing I don’t find my mind is there to reason me .so the best thing is to do and take action .

Features of person having governor approach: They love to control the situation. This person took responsibility mostly voluntarily. They look for only few or often without any consultation based on their own expertise they make the decision .People see them sometime impose their orders or dominate them .They are multitasking leaders with force personality.

Time management tip :This kind of person need to know the risks and impacts of hasty decisions. They should devote time to improve on their listening ability as opinions of others can be good and need to be appreciated,. Control approach person must inculcate the habit to invite proposals, ideas and thoughts wherever possible. It will improve the effectiveness of the decision

Features of person having idea oriented approach: These creative people find innovative methods to solve any problem but at the same they easily get bored because they need variety and do not struck to a single idea attracted by new approaches. Most of them have a tendency to leave lots of things unfinished because they get bored

Time management tip :This kind of person needs constant motivation and if possible one need to generate the inspiration from within oneself. Their work should be divided in to small time bound tasks.

Features of person having people oriented approach: These are pleasers and sensitive people concerned about others and like to please them. They are not persuaders and easily get influenced by others. These are less confident people and sometimes these can be indecisive. It took time for them to make understand other their own view point

Time management tip: This person need to set his own dead line and stick to it .He should focus on his strength. One need to be more communicative and invest=gate the things in deep before taking new responsibly and value his own time. This personnel to be take less person and need that he should not take everything in emotional way.

Features of person having structured oriented approach: These are orthodox people they like the things to be carefully planned and expect clear instructions from others .They are not flexible as the Idea oriented people and resist the immediately to change .They are detailed oriented people , rational and fair and try to record everything .There may be time when one consider them as slow and has ;tendency to micro-manage detail

Time management tip: They need to understand the balance of planning and time in doing the things .They need to be more flexible and try to work in different ways to do the task .Planning time is important but execution is equally important , unless we took action we don’t able to gauge the effectiveness of the planning


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