Thy Governors :Part 4: Know your Political Governors

What is an election ? According to me over threw one set of rulers and substituted another with different interest and different views. But are we doing this ? Public opinion is expressed in terms of vote , a demonstration of blame or praise ,it is choice of following or boycotting . But these manifestations are in themselves are noting .They count only if they influence the course of affairs .They influence it, however, only if the influence the actor in the affair.

Voting is an act of any individual to stand for or against and the appeal of polical agendas to mobilization a set of masses people to support or oppose the individual who contested the elections ,and actually governs them afterwards .Ideally It is the function of the citizen of a country to control and to check the use of force in a crisis ,so that men ,driven to make terms ,may live and let live But in real life we are governed ,our values molded by others , our believes or faiths are influenced by unseen powerful personalities   our taste are made ,our choices are suggested by the unseen invisible powerful governors or governess we have never heard or viewed or met .

Indian constitution does not tell or direct how to choose candidate for the member of legislative assembly or Member of Parliament . But as a true Indian we stick to the philosophy of selfless contribution and charity in giving called and do the “MAT–DAN” [MATDAN is process of casting the votes] .We caste our votes aimlessly in old mechanical fashion way . Political parties are our limited choices, our choices are narrowed ,our brains are put in nutshell and we let them allow to do so .

In our Indian culture it was said “DAN KARNE KE BAD USPE DAN DENE WALE KA ADHIKAR NAHI REHTA”. [After giving donation it no longer is property of the giver]. It is very true . The politician use this for their own sake .We make hue and cry optician has no doing anything for us .They do not bring grants to develop the community .When you can not take care of you MAT (vote) and that too you have given in DAAN. How you can accept the they will given you something back to you .You must use your wits to choose the representative that going to represents in the parliament on in legislature assembly. World has witness the world wars mass destruction political unrest has been created by handful of individuals. Nations are partitioned .Country Different sates are formed for the sack of short term vision and mission .They are the culprit of the mankind .They enjoy their life and fulfill their selfish motive they are the governors of the masses .


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