Take the Control of You Series: 11:Choose to be mentally tough and happy

If you happy everything in your life is filled with colors of rainbow. The life is life till you are alive .Your life is creation of others .They have created you in happiness .You are a product of pleasure of your parents. Why you are not happy and make others happy.

From last one year when some asked me my introduction. I introduce that my name is “HAPPY SINGH “ andI told them my official name is Rajnish Kajla .No matter it is official or personal gathering .Being happy is only depends on your situation and your thoughts . You can’t be happy if you are going for an obituary .You usually don’t celebrate your failure .

This world is a very different place, no matter how positive you are? How much energy you have? How much psychologically strong you are? It is going to test you again and again .Even it can beat to you the death, if you let it to do so. You can’t change situations in the outer world but you can certainty change the thinking and change your thought process.

I was attending a spiritual seminar .they told if you believe in god ,It doesn’t means that trouble won’t come to you .But faith just give you mental strength to bear that moment.It just act as a umbrella in rain .You can’t control the rain .But you can open your umbrella or wear a rain coat .

Last night I come to know from My spouse ha my cousin died four days ago .It is really a shock for me and it happen with everybody in life at point of life we have destined to go away from our beloved ones .I was not in touch with my cousin from long because we only met each other in family ceremonies .Each one of us having families to look after .

I called up my sister in law and talked to her for more than one hour .She was attached to him like all wives to their husbands .she told me she was with him when he went to hospital on scooter .But she can’t do anything .she said all the medical facilities were there .There was no Previous signs of any major heart problem. He was well inside the intensive care unit with all the sophisticated medical machines and learned doctor are just standing by .But it just happened. I can’t expect her to be happy or other person in similar situation.

But ,if we just teach out mind to find out the goodness in life, Like my sister in law is focusing on the positive aspect .That he hasn’t left any debt for her. She try to find hope in her two great kids. She is making herself tough .She has already has a biggest lost in her life .I found she is calm and found strength on her voice .I wish this phase ends soon.

I personally feel when you are happy and tough even god thinks twice before giving you net trouble .if still more trouble come to you .Than just think God want to test you again .He just want you to remember him .

I had read somewhere ‘Tough times never lasts but tough people does .“ I will rather go with “ Tough time never last but Happy and tough people does”


Take the Control of You Series: 10 : Health is Everything

I don’t know whether you will agree with me or not .But I have experience in my life the ultimate value in one’s life is his or her own health. If you are healthy you can enjoy everything .It is old idiom as well health is wealth. But today how many of us spare one hour for our own sake to be healthy. It is great irony that we know everything about us yet we don’t find to do the things we were taught in our childhood that are good .We fear to practice the things that we were told the ultimate values of life .

I am one of the luckiest person who travel in all three kind of ambulances, land (Road ambulance) sea (ambulance ferry –Duffy) and in air (Royal Flying Doctor Service) and still alive. When I was in Brisbane royal hospital, signing the declaration sheet for angiography, that I am fully responsible for everything. I don’t have my family kids or parent in the hospital. I was only thinking if I die what will die with me? Who will carry me to India? Who will be the saddest person to hear the news?

I found my thoughts and dreams and my life unfulfilled desires going to end with me .Whatever I learn and observe in my life which I think worth sharing I won’t be able to do that . My immediate family will be the most soaked in grief.

I realize over the years I have adopted some eating habits which for me are not good .I need to quit those. I realize if I won’t be alive what will happen to me or to my wealth or money or resources I have. If I don’t have time to enjoy those things which I accumulate over the period of life Than what is fun to earn more .I must have to make myself responsible for my life by developing good health habits . So I decided that I need to quit unhealthy eating habits

I not telling any new things, I only iterating the open truth that everybody already knows .We think a lot but we rarely stick to plan to make that happen .You need to attached some reason to be healthy in your life and you need to keep you reminding that you have more things to do for your family and for you.

  • You can eat anything at any time But the thing is you need to know how much quantity you need to eat.
  • If you fail to stick to your plan just remind yourself that things are made to fail and you’re not only one who fail to stick and it is in not end
  • There is always a reason for change you need to find why you want to be healthy.
  • Action is everything merely planning does not give you a good shape and health.
  • Drink more water and eat moderately at regular intervals.
  • Good has given us many things for free like air water consume as much as you can.
  • Know that you have a weakness on eating and accept that and don’t pledge that you won’t eat that just reduce your consumption.
  • You are responsible for you and only you can make a change in you routine.
  • Nothing is bad or good food only excessive eating, genetics and your life style contribute to your bad health. You can control two out of three factors.

Take the Control of You Series: 9: Empower yourself by Simplify your Life

Simplify your life will actually amplify your life. We make our life complicated by feeding your ego .Most of the companies are selling their products and they constantly upgrading in their technologies and let you pay more for their services. We satisfy our ego by purchasing smarts gadgets. Life is not what people teach life if not what people preach .life is what choices one make in his or her life .

We made our life so much complicated .We being led our life by competition, jealousy, stardom,struggle, rivalryand money. Once a student ask from Chankaya ,” Guru Ji ,what is Poison ? He replied son everything in excess is poison .Excess of eating .excess of sleeping , excess of polygamy, excess of spending , excess of poverty ,excess of richness (if you don’t support others ) , Excess of drinking .each one of us have different values of life . It is found that top two values which leads humans are Health and Family . Still we are engaged in process of creating different kind of poisons in our life.

Life is god’s gift to us .We have developed stress, depression, unhappiness, misery, hopelessness in our life . To simplify your life is only four stage process. You can apply to material or in relations

Step 1 :-> Identify what you all have.

Step 2 :-> Identifies the stuff which is important, relevant to date and necessary for your life and keep that

Step 3 :-> Throwaway /Discard / Sell / Break / Donate / Detach from the things or relation that you don’t want in your life

Step 4 :-> Repeat the same over the period again .

Life was simple and remains simple once you master this concept and apply to your all walks of life

  • You can do to this to your mail account.
  • Your can apply to your ward robe to get rid of extra cloths
  • You can apply this in your relations.
  • You can create more space for you and for your things.
  • You can archive get flexibility to choose among a few.
  • Believe in quality not in quantity.
  • You care create more reliable and trust relations.
  • You are in your control of your finances.
  • It helps you to plan ahead.
  • You can plan to your kitchen supply.
  • You become more prompt and save your money.
  • Spare your time to get rid of the activities which does not add value in your life.
  • It will help you to identify the relations you want to keep in your life.
  • It will give you freedom to choose and reject .Although the things which you are throwing now were of your choice but now they are not of more relevance to day
  • You will identify the difference between price and value concept .price is the money you pay and value the services you get from a product.
  • “HEMAN” was the master of universe when you were kid in your cartoon movies but now you need to know that you are the master of your life .
  • You become more decisive in your decisions.
  • You understand life is the at your own disposal because you can decide what you need in your life .
  • You are no more interested in the more sale deals.
  • Sometime you will find it is difficult of the things which you have emotional connections. Out of sight is out of mind .You will learn to grow even in case of misshape.
  • You become more responsible in your choices

You will  find that you empower yourself once you simplify your Life

Take the Control of You Series: 8 : Lit the candle and replace fuse

A couple of days ago, I got call from my wife that all of the wiring got short circuited and there is no power, I can’t do much sitting  in Australia , my house was wired with inverter supply once normal electricity is not there still some of the fans and tubes are wired to run on battery inverter supply , as my daughter has put iron’s plug in one of the power socket which is on inverter supply .

When I came to Australia, my wife did she change one 5 ampere socket point with inverter supply so that if electricity goes she can still able to charge phone or tablets. She always make sure only mobile charge or low voltage instruments is plugged to that socket.

One morning my elder daughter wake up and normal electricity was not there .She want to iron her school uniform . Instead of waking my wife up ,she just put Plug of Iron in the socket , when she switch on all of the inverter supply just went black. My daughter get confused that what has happen .But she did smart thing she lit the candle and boil water on gas stove and put in a steel pot with flat base and with steel pot she iron her uniform .By the time my wife wake to make breakfast for her she found candle in kitchen, candle in main room and candle in bathroom . My daughter narrated the event to her. It is 6.30 in the morning and at this time nobody can come to house. Whole day they live without electricity.

In the evening electrician came to check the supply and wiring. He checked all the boards and circuit and couldn’t found any fault .Than at last he checked the fuse .He found only the fuse is burnt off .He replaced the fuse and power come back .

” In life we need to do the same we need to lit the candle and finished the task by the resources  available to us . We need to check the fuse which is the basic thing. We need to understand what is the smallest thing if we can change that have maximum effect .like rule of 20/80 20% of the things are responsible for 80% of the outcomes of our life. You need to focus and need to identify what are the 20% which if you change can maximize your results.”

Also small fuse has  saved the big loss .if the fuse was not in place as protection  the wiring would had been short circuited or may be there might be bigger damage .similarly You need to identify in your life what are the small things which need your utmost attention and can save you from big chaos

Take the Control of You Series: 7 : Take responsibility of your financial situation ..

I often listen that money is not everything that you need in your life. But I am sure money is not everything but it can pay your bills and dues and keep your life going. You can have all the philosophical principles of life but they can’t guarantee to pay your bill of electricity or top up your mobile to talk except on emergency number .I just want to ask simple question for you.

  • Do you control your Income or someone else control your income ?
  • Do you have ever established an emergency fund or alternate source of income ?
  • What happen if you have personal limitations or circumstances made you to earn less ?
  • Do you have a plan I place to build financial freedom in next 5 to 10 years ?
  • Have you taken steps toward starting that business you’ve always dreamed of owning?
  • What are you assets and liabilities? How they will grow in next 3 or 5 or in 10 years ?

First step you have to make is to make a small evaluation on two heads .Listed out all of the income sources and all of the possible expenses on current date.

Evaluate Your Income & Calculate Your Expenses

There are two methodologies either you can curtail the expenses and spend less on the thing hat you already spending or Expand your earnings by expanding your comfort zone and sailing in he zone of uncertainty and risk .Most of the cases grass on the other side is always growing .

All you need a common working sense which you already knows and you are practicing that over the years. Believe me you don’t require any expert consultant for this .You are the best who knows about your drain points and saving pots .You need to blend the best of above two approaches

Make sure you should pay Yourself and enjoy the money .The money you earn has no meaning if you dies tomorrow. You never Know whether you going to wake up in the next morning or not .

A few of the suggestions are

  • Best option is investing in yourself, train yourself to explore your horizon.
  • Don’t pay your bills late it will save unnecessary late fees or penalty charges by paying your bills on time.
  • Make of list of expenses that you made over a period of six months .Group them in routine and regular and fluctuating heads.
  • Try to pay your debts as quickly as possible and save money in interest over the long term.
  • Saving is important start with saving small and learns from internet how to do stat smart small investments.
  • Your must diversify your investments by reducing costs.
  • In case you need small fund ask from your friends and relatives it is kind of interest free ,But make sure you pay them before time and thank them it add to your personal credits and relations .
  • Create your emergency savings fund to ensure you have enough money in the event of a crisis or to help someone .You will get the help only of you help others.

Take the Control of You Series: 6 : Don’t let others to paint your future ..

You are the Michelangelo to paint your own life’s canvas .You are the Shakespeare to write your life’s story, You are the architect of your life. i will share you a small example as most of us experienced this in our life when we were in school. In a class all were given same lecture   , some practice more some practice less , some recite more some learn the practical . But during subjective examination each one of us were given same blank sheet to write .We all have same amount of time . Some ask for extra sheets some finish early , some even cheated and some help cheating . Everyone get different score.

Likewise god has given each of us sheets to write our future by doing the small things in our life on any given day. But some write their sheets ,some copy from others ,Some gave their sheets to others to write for them .Most of person they design the life as per the expectation of the others and the opinion of others are more important to them .

Every one is unique and grow in a unique way. It is in your control your destiny for your . You should stop letting the opinions of others control your life. People don’t want to see the labor pains they want to see the babies .Healthy and happy babies .results matter a lot to others but to get the results each move each effort you make on daily life is going to contribute in your life.

I leant in life don’t think about the people what they are thinking about you, because they are busy in thinking what you think about them. Nobody make you inferior without your consent and approval. Nobody has capacity to stop you from getting anything. Decide what you want in your life and move each day towards your goals .Just ask on every move that, is it going to help me in achieving the BIG Target of my Life?

People have very low memory about others they only know your name when you are in lime light they don’t remember your story and why they should?  They’ve heard what you’ve done, but not what you’ve been through. But your life has special meaning to you.  Start doing the things which is in best interest for you, not what’s best for everyone else. World has limited scope for pleaser.. World has greater place for dreamers and achievers

Take the Control of You Series:5 :Get rid of the habit – I know everything .

I first time come to Australia in March 2010 along with my wife and elder daughter .She was than 5 years old . When we were in India when we try to tell something to her she always said MUJHEY SAB PATA HAI (I know everything!),. She speaks only a few words of English at that time . She is too young to give her a suggestion that once you acquired this attitude you won’t be able to learn things in your life. so I put my philosophy of life aside . My friend told her if you want to tell this in English you have to say “I know everything” . when she say something to me or my wife or my friend or her wife , We all say same to her again and again she stopped he habit of saying the sentence .

She is very intelligent, like all kids in her generation. This happened always as each new  generation become more smart and intelligent because they have always greater resources at their disposal to learn.

one need to understand the plain fact of life is that one have limited knowledge and one can influence only a few over the limited span of life .Ones capability of learn is unlimited .We are born with tremendous brain power . it is establish fact 80% of the things we learnt in life we learn in first three years .Why we stop growing after that ? A new research suggested one can double the learning   if one tries to do .It means one can gain more knowledge over his or her life span . The Biggest Hurdle of learning is ,”I know everything .”

I found myself to stop telling to someone extra talk or providing extra knowledge if the other fellow told me, “I know everything “ .He may be expert on the subject. But my observance or perception of thing may be different. The other fellow lost the opportunity to listen to me. He has stopped contribution to his mind development .Every person has knowledge bank which he or she has created over a period of time. But if one say, I know everything, one deceive one’s mind to receive the different aspect of things.

If you just get rid of the habit – I know everything – I quite sure you will astonish to see the view point of others and you grow yourself. Mind observe and capture a lot of things when someone talk ,it not the  simple words ,Also if someone is talking he may be proving you crux  of hundreds  of articles or ten or twenty books .

Take the Control of You Series: 4: Make decisions and stop making Excuses

I am just like you , When I want to do work , that I love , I create 100 reasons for it and when I don’t want to work, I found out  101 reasons to justify my cause . We are not robots or machine that our memory and instruction sheet is full of prerecorded routine and Couse of actions. We are all very smart people of the planet of Apes . We move ourselves from Apes to Homo sapiens (Latin: “wise person”).

I was married in 2003 to a beautiful lady .Who is still my best friend and critic  and my spouse. Today is Karvachuth in India .Today most of married Hindu women fast from sunrise to moonrise for the safety and longevity of their husbands life and sometimes, unmarried women observe the fast for their fiancés or desired husbands. They don’t even drink a glass of water.

We both have various excuses and we keeps on accusing each other for some or other reasons for the things happen in our life like in most of the married couples .But difference brings us more closely. Today I am in Australia she is in India .when we got married we both does not have jobs. She left her lecturer ship and I had just came from England .After10 years when we both learnt that we have not secured financial position that we were dreamt .We already became proud parents of two most lovable fairies of god .I took decision to move out .I want just apply for three year of leave and landed in Australia to explore the unknown and fulfill my target to create a emergency fund .

I was not sure what job or what work I have to do in totally new country .Still had faith that I will do it and i wont go  back unless until   I  meet my target .I got help from some of my friends and I landed in a good job at last .The secret of this was that , I have strong purpose and I had attached strong emotional and personal reasons with my purpose and I stop making excuses with me and took decision .

Life is a not a task that you complete and then finish rather it is a continuous chasing of moving targets with creative problem solving attitude. Failure remains as failure unless and until you refuse to correct it. Thus, most of the mistakes or slipups remain as it is once one put excuses instead of decisions.

To get back you back on the rails you need to take decision and you need to stick to it irrespective of the feedbacks…

Take the Control of You Series:3: Appreciate present moment

What was the day when first time you got the Good remark on your school work Book? What was the Date when you enjoy the First carton movie? What was the month when you first secured the goal in the game or defend the ball from goal post? .The fact of the life is we do not remember days, we remember moments.

A small thing in our daily life gives us moment of happiness. If you want to be happy in your life , I will challenge you to just make a small diary and daily at least write five small things which makes you smile in the day. At the end of the years you will have more than 1825 moments of smile.

Life journey is composed of small events and believe me each event is necessity of life .Most of the people of the worlds are suffered with a disease called “terminally seriousness “.We forget the Happiness is the only thing that your soul needed. When you appreciate the things which are happening around you, you will found surprisingly you will create an aura of happiness in your mind .You mind start release of dopamine. Which is key hormone that our right brain detects a feeling of happiness .

Life is a series of small event and moments to reach out your goals .when you arrive at your final last stop or destine goal. I will guarantee you, another journey will begin. Happening is sometimes not in your control. But appreciating the present moment is within your control and reach. When you ask your mind to find a point of appreciation .Believe me your brain do not do anything which you don’t desire .He will find all the good things that you can appreciate in and event or in a person..

Present also means a gift so present moment is gift given by god to you ,You can utilize it or you can let it pass by .One thing is sure the present moment in your life never comes back .. Live and appreciate present moment no matter how bad it is ..

Take the Control of You Series: 2 : Action is the key to happenings …

Light Camera Action ..and clap .These are  the  standard words when one is watching the film shooting . I was living in hill town Kullu .It is a famous place . Lots Bollywood film’s shooting took place when I was growing up in eighties and nineties  . I was love movies since my childhood. Even some time we skip the school and go to watch the movies .In Kullu there are not much Big movie theater ,there was only one film Theater .There are small video parlors .Most of them was in Lower Dhalpur bazar . I remember big project was brought by Mahant Videoparlor .They played the VCR and attached the Projector to it . They were earning more than regular Movie Theater.

Over the period of time what I observe is the ,”Action is the key to happenings” .Action bring you a move , a change which create a more clarity .When we make any move the things around us become dynamic . we are not sure of the results sometimes . But when you take the action ,the things moves and definitely outcome is going to happen. No outcome or result is bad or good .It is only the results of the actions . We are living in a society and enjoying the marvels of science and technology because some one has first conceive the idea than they have taken the action. Over a period of time they keeps on refining the results by putting controls and setting up the boundaries .

To control you and on your thoughts you need to be ACTIONATE in your life. In Newton’s third law of motion we learnt when we were young,”To every action there is always opposed an equal reaction“.There is no reason that without any effort any reaction can take place . There is always a force present for another force. ACTION is the only Thing which can influence the world to be better or bitter place. The world won’t be in the shape and size that you are looking now, If somebody has not taken the action in the ages ago .

It is always difficult to change the things .You need to be a proud to be Link in the human evolution and play your part to make the planet a better place to live by you small actions. Don’t be actionist for me or for world .just do it for you , for your family or for your kids….believe me The world will change by its own .

Take the Control of You Series: 1 : Wake up before its’ too late..

Take the Control of You Series: 1 : Wake up before its’ too late

Wake up before its’ too late ,I was child and it was the most common sentence I heard from my parents . They usually make me and my siblings  to wake up early in the morning because its always a habit of morning walk in my family .It is not the habit that we desired and inculcate in us because we want to adopt it,   that it is good to wake up early in the morning , but it is the necessity of the time and it was the arrangement of the life .

We were living in Kullu .The House in which we were living has no facility of moderntoilet . We need to walk and I have to go to finish my potty time on the bank of the river. I never has shame for this .Itwas common practice in the hilly region at that time. But if the sun rises one feel little awkward to do the morning task.

This was an import part of our routine ,To get up early in the morning .But the sentence is a great meaning in itself .You take any situation of your life when you apply this you will find relevance that it help out in every situation . You may have to catch a train, you may have to attend a urgent meeting, You may have attend a marriage or celebration . You may have to board anairplane.

I have incidence I was in Melbourne I haveto come back to my worksite at Gladstone. our company has already provided the itinerary . it was Sunday .the flight time was 2pm to Brisbane and from Brisbane I have to caught another plane to Gladstone . I was pretty sure that one must arrive at airport at least 1 hour before for domestic flights. One of my friend suggested that we must have a cup of tea afer that we will go for airport .It take around 20 to 25 minutes from Truganina to Tullamarine airport and we do have more than 2 hours in hand , so I said ok . One of my friend prepared the tea . Although we left the home and we have all the margins for traffic yet when I reach at the counter .I was told you are late . The airline counter executive told that shecan help me to board the plane but, she won’t be assure that my baggage will come with me or not . I said I am here exactly 50 min before flight. I waved back to my friends.

When I reach at the Gladsome .I was told that my suitcase will come on next flight .Thanks to Airline that they drop the bag to my doorstep at my camp in Gladstone . But all this drama and series of events creates a situation of hassleto my and to carrier services .If I would have skip the tea and start when I had planned I would be able to save all this .

So it s always good to wake up before its’ too late to have a  gain on the situation.

Magic in You Series :21 : Power of Silence

Silence is a great strength of any human and it is within control of oneself, when one want to talk and when one don’t want to. It is better to keep mum when you can’t add a value in a conversation as listening gives you more knowledge .When you speak up it shows your knowledge you acquired over a period of time .Daily we listen and we talk a lot .We listen to the voices that we are not interested and not intended to listen. Some words we listen unconsciously some time we here the sound that we don’t understand but our brain keeps on receiving different thought in terms of frequencies of sound .Some fall in to our listening range some are beyond our listening spectrum of frequency .

Do we able to control those, we can to only to a very small extent. Nature has made us a natural receptor of the things .We are Receiver and we are also creator of sound .There are common thing on all mankind .These are the sound of happiness & joy and sound of pain and suffering. Even this is evident in animals. There is power in sound .This power has unlimited potential for creation or for destruction .But silence is more big and soothing .Silence gives you more power to observe and learn .Silence give you more power to concentrate . Silence provides oneself to see inside of him or her .It fuels your neurons for a free flow in the brain.

The Most part of universe is empty and there are various sounds going on like big collisions, explosions ,supernovas .Sound is what we perceive when vibrating air molecules( which is the carrier of the waveform) hits our eardrum. But in absence of medium we don’t listen any sound ,that’s why I put that universe is silent .

The basic of meditation is silence .Meditation gives a boast to your mental energy .But most of the religions for peace they preach the things even some time with big loud speakers and microphones ,Why ? .Are they not here to give us peace and happiness .

Our reason to visit the holy places is to get a peace and happiness .Does one get a ultimate peace in sound ? Another beautiful contradiction to my view is music .Sound of music has proven results that it can provide state of harmony in the body , which creates a feeling of peace .Music transfer sound to a frequency that matches to one’s mind. But to listen music and feel it fully you need a quite place away from other sounds of so that distortion should not happen ,again silence plays a role here .That is the reason music is often recorded in music studios to get best quality of sound.

You should spend some time to be silence and just observe the things more closely .Silence act as power tool to introspect oneself .It delivers us the insight to go deeper in to the things .It provides mind a relax state .It ease out strangled threads of a problem .You should spend some time to rove with it ….

Magic in You Series :20: Be Tough to you to became rEAL YOU…

I try to listed out a number of key things that you need in your life to be a better you . There are various small things when you make them a part of your daily routine .it create miracles in your life Characteristics you need to become a true YOU .

These small things help me to get rid of smoking, to become vegan, to start drinking 3 liter of water daily , challenge myself to wake up without any alarm. These seems small things in life . But small is always a beginning of big change . I am not doing or breaking my rules of life for others .I am making decision for myself because I want to change in my life .You can do the same .

Be a Army person on Mission You can’t afford time for bitching, moaning, whining or complaining – JUST COMPLETE THE MISSION.

You must identify the difference between routine and priority , A real man able to SEPARATE THE URGENT FROM THE UNNECESSARY.

You must be tough to make you TO GETUP EARLY, to do some extra to STOP THE TEMPTATIONS .You can only influence others if you can able to control yourself .

. A real man prides himself on his hygiene and impeccable manners.

You can take the risk and prove THAT THE DECISIONS YOU HAD MADE EARLIER WERE CORRECT . A real man take risks to advance. Believe in You and take decisions

You need to have a TOUGH TALK WITH YOU .

You should EMBRACES CHALLENGE to change You .

Changing YOU is the MOST difficult and EASIEST thing in the world

I took responsibility to change my financial situation .i am not looking for my rich relative or parents .I know MY FUTURE LIES ON MY OWN SHOULDERS.

One can decide to be happy or not to be happy, to appreciate or to complain .I decided in my life to laugh at me and share humor with others . because I learnt over the years that ,”A real man has a sense of humor and can laugh at himself.” Be tough on you ,Be the critic of you. You should be the one who accept the failure and keep moving ahead after learning from it

You have to BE TOUGH ON YOU TO STOP WASTING TIME and utilizing the same with your family and creative activities

Tree does not eat its Fruit , Cow does not drink its milk, God has given all resource free to us Appreciates his kindness of love life and respects those who help YOU SHOULD BE TOUGH IN STOPPING YOU TO SPREADING HATRED AND BELIEVE IN POWER OF GIVING AND SHARING


Be Tough to YOU to became a REAL man.

Magic in You Series:19: Follow life’s 20-20-20 rule

It’s been an experience that life has got a unique and amazing style of stopping every now and than again gives you a swift kick at your butt to move head. In our worksite my company has essential rule to follow for maintaining safety  and avoidance of breach of safety .  We call it rule of 20-20-20 .it means It means after every 20minutes look for 20 meter around you for 20seconds to look for any change or to find out is there any change or a new threat of safety of potential hazard .More than 4000 people working in each day simultaneously.

Jack Dennerlein, a professor at North eastern’s Bouvé College of Health Sciences in Boston who specializes in ergonomics and safety, suggests a variation on the 20-20-20 rule used to reduce eye strain. In the case of the eyes, the rule is to take 20 seconds to look at something 20 feet away (instead of your computer), and repeat this every 20 minutes. But Dr. Dennerlein notes that this eye rule can be applied to movement as well. Every 20 minutes, walk 20 feet away for 20 seconds or more. Stop by a co-worker’s desk. Get a cup of coffee. Pace. Just don’t sit.

Life has also similar 20-20-20 rule .It is guide for ultimate happiness .This is needed to have high degree of happiness in your life . First 20 years you need to acquire as much as knowledge theoretical concepts on your chosen field . Next 20 years you should implement acquired knowledge and theory to  the world and capture experience .Next 20 years should be used to share and collaborate the experience for the betterment of the society and environment. and if life remains after that enjoy the life with your grand kids and make them ready for their first 20 phase of life by transferring your life’s insight to them.

What is ultimate reason for living ?  why you born ? and what you will take with you after you eve this planet ? You may be saying ,”Who the hell want to die “. But that is the only Destiny of life .Thorough out of our life  we run from  this brutal truth .That is the only ultimate truth of life .

God laugh when you endorsed a small piece of land in on papers on your name. He laugh when you say this is mine .Who is you ? What is yours ? Do you have power to create the things, You only assemble or build the things or transfer the sperms from old generation to new generation, You are just a medium of exchange , You are a medium to know the things and share with others .Our only aim of life is to experience the feeling of happiness . A different person has different means of getting happy? Most of us created temporary means of happiness .We looking for pleasure rather than happiness .We raise our kids and then dies. Did you ever think what kind of legacy you are living behind you.

If control on power and money make you happy and to be remember in the history ,Than the history should be full of electricians and bank managers . Who care to get remembered in the history .Life is today and life is worth living and sees the world and share the experience.

I have been told by one of my teacher if you want to learn you can learn from a small seed. Just hold that seed to your hand and try to imagine . Imagine where was its origin .who has sowed it ? How the germination takes place ? How many days it took for germination? During that period who has given the plant water ? Where from that water comes ? Who made the container in which water has brought ? Which company has extracted the ore for the container ? who is person who hold the ore for that container ? who gave fire to the smelter ? who extracted the coal for smelter ? who move the coal from mine to smelter ? and so on….. then again how it extracted minerals from earth ? how those mineral forms ? How soil is created ? who’s dead dust soil get formed ?was that plant or animal ? Who put the fertilizer ? was that organic or artificial ? if artificial who made it ? who transport it ? who invented it ? who sold the fertilizer or pesticide ? You can create million and trillion of questions from just a seed , still you just know a very little knowledge of it .

Life is also like that we know a little about it still in our whole life we won’t know a small fraction about it make your life worth and leave some legacy behind you……

Magic in You :18: You have ability to find Good in Bad

I have all the emotions that you possess, anger hatred love, sympathy, bitterness ,goodness , kindness , cruelty and many more . But when I shift my focus on other end to see the things my feeling to the event or the things get changed .it is not happen just like switching good mood to bad mode but it will take time. You need practice to see the things from different perspective.

I was also a part of crowd who enjoy in blaming and criticising. Each one of his right for our likes and dislikes ,to accept and reject or has opinion in or against .One thing is true like nature hasn’t created a perfectly duplicate flowers we are also unique and we all respond to different situation differently .Most difficult lesson to learn in life is to know how to not judge the things or create opinion .

There were several occasion in my life where I found I had been misjudges for the things which I haven’t intended to do .Then I used to think , “Are my actions  wrong? Are my intensions wrong? Is my timing wrong ? “ . I am doing my job or playing my role , still I get misjudged by others .Even Sometimes you hurt your near ones , I know the same will happen with you as well, Then You waste a lot of time to explain the things to them what was your intent .

There was no fault of you .But fault is we all are judge the things. We are human we have ability to speculate the things .we can imagine the unknown, we can guess ,we build the stories based on our experiences . To avoid this just think if I would be the other, How would he react?

I come across a story on internet which I feel like worth sharing

There is an Oriental legend that one day, Christ, wandering through the streets of Jerusalem, came suddenly on an idle crowd of jeerers over the dead body of a dog. Each spoke contemptuously, each condemning some phase, each contributing some meanness to add to the cruel merriment. Christ stood silent for a moment, and then, pointing to the open mouth of the dead dog, said—” Ah, but no pearls are whiter than his teeth.” This spirit of seeking ever the best side in our daily living would absolutely transform it.

When God can saw the good even in a dead animal. You can see the good and Brightside of the person who is alive. You need to judged him with sympathy but the degree of the sympathy should be such that it should not become your weakness.

You need to hold the your judgment to the last minute like, judges do, they saw all the evidences ,they listen to the allegation cross questioning ,they analyses the situation than they decide .But as we are not learned persons or judge of a court I have still a better point to share .if you need to judge someone .You should consider the fact that persons are closely associated with you may in relationship, in love or in friendship or business . It more important for us to understand the intent – from their words, their acts, their motives, and their emotions – and vice versa .

Power in You series :17: Don’t linger you decision just do it …..You have the power to MAKE YOUR DECISION RIGHT

Why you stopped to take any decision. Most of time,I used to think a lot before taking any decision. It is not bad to think hard or to think a lot . But during prolonged thinking and carefully studying the information lots of time get lost and we delay our decision. With the passage of time we try to look in past and we found at the fork of the road and we repent about our decision we made. It is not 100% surety that the outcome of the decision may be as per the expectation. We use to change our expectation and nothing bad in that . We learn with passage of time. we always want to think too much about our past . We plan but we always have some or other excuse to put carefully plan and hang that at high peg on the wall .Likewise so many unfinished tasks and decisions are hanged on the mind .Most common excuse of being indecisiveness is I am Gathering information, I am getting feedbacks ,I am researching the subject .

We all in our life experience this in different activities and situations. We take decision based on our information and knowledge. But in my opinion worrying about taking a bad decision and not taking any action is more detrimental. you need to take an action or just make a decision . Any good decision can be turned in to bad. or any bad decision taken can be converted to good decision . So the initial point is to just do it . Just take a decision. Certain things are in your control. Just control those factors and leave the factors which are beyond your control. It is always better to have a wrong or bad decision than not taking any decision.

In the event of a tough decision when you have to face with a decision. Just evaluate the things in your control and judge assess your ability to face the worst situation due to your decision .Ask questions from your mentors , talk it over your friends and , research and internet provided you have enough time . You will ponder…but when you’re done, make a decision. Things won’t be the same that you were earlier assuming. Results can be good or bad but one thing is sure you won’t regret about your past. It build your ability to be decisive and increase your ability to face the uncertainty.

Our mind has servo mechanism to pull out the maximum energy and it back you up .when you made your decision and it help you to ascertain the best possible solution to fight in the situation when you have survival threat. But every decision or situation can’t be a threat to life .So how to activate your energy to move the things in your favour.

When you take any decision just get the feedback about your steps .if you need to change the plan. You can be redundant or hard or flexible all the time . Every situation is a task .and a task can be achieved by various pathways .we chose the [pathways or steps which suits to our ease . be backed up our decision based on the information in out hand . But when you already take the action.. Information can be changed with the time . We can still get the alternative plans. Although I have learn never have plan B because it is hindrance of plan A . But we must understand the chains mare made to fail to check its strength ion the chain industries.

You need to focus on your positive aspects and strength to make sure that the decision you had took was the best .

50 things that I LOVE YOU….. About you

50 things that I LOVE YOU….. About you

I love you so … ,I don’t want to teach you either .I just want to deliver as a simple message that you are different and master piece of the god. Your mind and action are different and I love you …..

  1. I love you because, you failed in your academics and in business .
  2. I love you because, you are just like normal person .who dream to have most beautiful spouse good kids have most loving and caring parents .
  3. I love you because, You also dream of good home, car, enough bank balance to pay the bills and worked towards them.
  4. I love you because, you break promises .I found you are still human that broke 11outof 10 promises made for New Year resolution and next year you try again you are consistent .
  5. I love you because, you still like if someone make fool of you and he taught a bitter truth of world .
  6. I love you because, I don’t feel that you are selfish if you protect your things and decide what you want in your life .I Respect you to be different.
  7. I love you because you don’t have enough bank balance still paying for your kids education.
  8. I love you because you have planted a tree in your garden.
  9. I love what you do .I don’t want to change you choose to change you others but you
  10. I love because you had helped an unknown needy person.
  11. I love you because you find the time to celebrate the success with the poorest of the poor.
  12. I love you because, You got hidden treasure in your mind and have more powerful thoughts than others
  13. I love you because, You quitted smoking and inspire others that it is easy
  14. I love you because, you try and succeed to learn how to bowl fast delivery
  15. I love you because, you travel in ambulance by road ,boat even air lifted by medical plane
  16. I love you because, You touch the life of the people around you.
  17. I love you because, you decided to be vegan.
  18. I love you because, You decided to live a simple life.
  19. I love you because, You cook good food
  20. I love you because, You Choose you rituals that makes you a better person
  21. I love you because, You choose to be rebellion in you life.
  22. I love you because, You are a whistle blower and enjoy dancing.
  23. I love you because , You like music meditation and talking to people .
  24. I love you because, you are liar but you always being caught by your loved ones
  25. I love you because, you live your life own your terms .
  26. I love you because, you take care of your kids and spouse.
  27. I love you because, you do not throw trash in to neighbor property .
  28. I love you because, you are religious though i am not .
  29. I love you because, you are making a change in the life of others around you .
  30. I love you because, you save petrol diesel and water .
  31. I love you because, you donate your cloths books to the needies
  32. I love you because, you pray for the betterment of the society.
  33. I love you because, You put water pot on your roof to feed the birds.
  34. I love you because, You are not in rat race for corruption.
  35. I love you because, you love your work.
  36. I love you because, you love to help others without any expectation.
  37. I love you because, you work hard to prove your worth .
  38. I love you because, you provide the service that your being paid .
  39. I love you because, you respect others human as human.
  40. I love you because, you believe in sharing the information and positive aspects of life .
  41. I love you because, you stop sharing content which is spreading rumors.
  42. I love you because, you decide to have list of things to be purchase from super store to save your expenses.
  43. I love you because, You find time to play with your kids and enjoy time with family.
  44. I love you because, you have sense of humor and share with others .
  45. I love you because, you don’t believe in categorization of society based on caste, colour, creed or culture .
  46. I love you because, you love to play sports and cheer your team.
  47. I love you because, by your profession you are making mother earth a better place to live
  48. I love you because, you love to hang out with the likeminded people .
  49. I love you because, You love adventure and explore the unknown
  50. I love you because, you have FAITH in LOVE FAMILY ,KARMA ,GOD and in YOU…..

there many more ….

Magic in You series :16: Fill your tyre with nitrogen and have laser desires

I was going last week from Gladstone to Melbourne .When I reached at airport .I found the airport was not open. Every problem comes with solution and every bad timing gives you another opportunity to learn .It was Sunday and that given me chance to meet a wonderful person of my worksite . We chat for long more than 2 hour .He is one of the senior manager in the company where I worked . I learn a lot from him during our  communication. Around 0630 AM airport was unlocked by the security .I went to the self assisted boarding pass machines. I printed out my boarding pass. As I board Qantas flight .I had assigned window seat .when I saw outside .I saw on tire column it was written ,”Only Nitrogen filling”.

Although I know there are lots of usage of nitrogen in industry, to be honest, yet , I was not aware of fact that airplane wheels  filled with nitrogen. Also in our construction site we use Nitrogen for purging the pipelines . Nitrogen doesn’t form a liquid till -173C and pure nitrogen has almost no moisture. As the temperature in the flying zone is cold if we fill the wheels with air , Because Air has moisture and it can cause formation of ice inside the rubber tyre ,it may cause busted out on landing . Air is also having oxygen ,which is inflammable.

You need to do the same in your life .you need to purge inflammable sources out of your memory . the trigger that can cause your anger you need to purge them out with calmness . Most of the decision we take in anger are wrong. Most of words we spoke out in fist are derogatory or can damage your image .Some time it just act a oil in fire. It is like that you can’t take back the arrows from a bow. Words once spoke out never went back to mouth . Words and sentences are your creation of your thoughts. You should be tough enough just like rubber of the airplane. This can take the load of the entire plane .it take the maximum heat on landing. Still Nitrogen keeps cool form inside.

Most of people said you need burning desire to excel in life .In my opinion your desire should be intense and focused but not burning . It should be just like Laser beam ,the laser beam itself is not made of matter but of ‘photons’, the so-called ‘light particles’ which have no mass, i.e. that a laser beam can have no temperature. A laser beam travelling through air isn’t hot. Heat is the random motion of matter particles (atomic or molecular particles) – however, Heat is caused by the dissipation of the energy in the beam when it hits an object

God has given each one of us chargeable batteries in our brain . Believe me or not but you can’t have additional batteries which perfectly fit in your brain. You have the energy cells in your mind and no kid has come to earth with spare batteries . All we need to charge our neurons and then focus your all energy and channelize towards your motive. This methods is very truly practice why ancient Yogis and monks of Himalaya the keep their bodies warm. It our mind it is as proven research if you concentrate apportion of our palm and just focused and tell your mind it is warm .after a couple of days you can feel warmness on that portion

Like laser beam is usually not visible but during propagation when there are dust particle on its ways a part of it is just scattered. But I out real life our focused is scatter to many times and by the time it reaches at the destination it completely lessen its intensity.

So for achieving you maximum out of your life you need to Fill your tyre with nitrogen …and you need to create your laser desires.