Magic in You Series : 1 : You and Purpose of life

“The purpose of life is a life of purpose.” ~Robin Sharma

 In India most of the parents think that ,Getting Married and having children seems to be the ultimate solution to all problems! .Even My parents tell me that , I am being selfish by not ‘settling down and having children!” .By settling means, Son you are running from your marriage .Now it is time to get married to someone and plan your family.  I guess, what is cooking in their head. They thought that it would give me my purpose of my life.

In 2003, When I came back from England to visit my parents on 17th of July 2003, I was surprise to know that they had plans for me. My parents told me, Vicky day after tomorrow we would  be  going to see  bride for you in Dasua Civil  Hospital. I said,”why ,is she  a nurse or doctor or patient “. You have perfect plot for my killing for my life in hospital. Don’t you want me happy .I said why so early .They said family is decent .Her brother is resident doctor. They called us for the tea party .You can see the girl over there .i will cut short this so they have made my engagement on 20th july so that I won’t run back  to England again .and finalize date of marriage on 20th October 2003 .

I have a constant believe since my childhood that ,”Your purpose of life is about giving, not of getting.” It’s everyone’s purpose. But we’re all so wrapped up in ourselves, we have to step back and realize that “I Me Mine” is not the way to lasting happiness

But in my daily life, in my everyday interactions, I have to play various roles , As an employee , as a husband , as a father or as a brother or as a son .I have to my work and family responsibilities .Is that is the my purpose of life. I think so much about why i am here on this earth ?When i will leave this earth what legacy i will left behind me ?

Purpose of life is totally different than what do you do on daily basis. It is not a profession it is an obsession .It is things doing that you feel eternal peace. It is the fascination that was born with you when you were young and grown and getting matured with you.

You must have a reason to believe a strong passion for your chosen purpose .When you have a reason to believe you . You can better explain to others. When, You have “WHY” attached to your purpose .it gave you clarity . He who has a Why, he will find the HOW. There are three steps to find out your purpose of your life.

Ask from you , What makes you happy in your life ? What you are going to be ? What things you want to achieve ?- Write down all

Why you want to do that ? For whom you want to do it ?- Write down all

How you want to do that ? whatever you are doing is that helping your purpose? What are immediate 3 things you will do to make that true ? When you want to do that? When you achieve how you going to celebrate that with your loved ones? What next then …

I think that everyone is unique in the sense of “what works for them.” There are some universal truths and there are also some things that fit some people and not others. You need to find what suits best for you .You can’t cheat you. Just be sincere with you .

You will probably say I already know this bits and pieces after, it is not rocket science? Is It? You should stopped resisting and let my words in and that will bring a change in you. Although It is might be small but it will be there. If you do this religiously and sincerely, it will make your life full of happiness.

The process is not important .What is more important is that you know that there is purpose in your life. When you write the things down .You will be able to identify you passion .When your mind saw your plan in place .it start to create tiny army of neurons to help you to do the things and when you believe in it ,Your thought will automatically converted to the actions . This process will make you more aware, more of you, having clarity on your purpose of  life..


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