Is Distraction is needed for Focus?

Distraction and focus both are contradictory things .How is it possible to have both side by side ? Distraction gives you flavour. You can’t have focus all the time, we are not machines. Many of us has experiences we often get distracted from others things .It is not wrong if you lose sometime your focus for time. You mind need Rest. You can’t continually awake and do work .Be practical .As a human we have different kind of needs.

We always told that we need focus to do the things .But like friction is necessary evil .Distraction is also vital for you brain development. World is not perfect place to live for the imperfects. Still we all imperfect creation of God living on this beautiful earth. What is your significance and meaning of your life .Each thing on this earth has some meaning and significance. We are not the only inhabitants of the earth. We share this planet with Plants, animalbirds’ sea inhabitants,. You have a little  or no control on the things . I have seen various movies where a Heroes use a distraction, often in order to infiltrate the enemies’ lair or escaping from the enemies.

I have couple of friends ,even my daughter study mathematic better , if they is listen to their  favourite music they concentrate on other activities ..Life became boring if you are doing monotonous jobs.  At the same time too much distraction is not required.We have to understand how much distraction we need . It is us who decide what are our distractions and what is the level of distractions . We often get the advices ,You need Focus for study .. You need focus for game… you need focus for career…. One have to understand if one is focusing on multiple things. How he can focus on a single thing. What is Focus? Is focus a concentration? Is focus only a concept? What is this elephant called FOCUS.

It is a Cognitive process of attention to details with problem solving attitude with memory over a period of time . Limited distraction is boon for sustained results.

According to me F O C U S is “ Follow One Course Until Successful “. It is repeated act of doing the things and getting mastering on a thing . Focus is achieved by constant repetition of preforming same and same thing or act over a period time . Focus is always result oriented .You have set of desired outcome with you . If you get the desired results than you said I had focused.


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