Take the Control of You Series:5 :Get rid of the habit – I know everything .

I first time come to Australia in March 2010 along with my wife and elder daughter .She was than 5 years old . When we were in India when we try to tell something to her she always said MUJHEY SAB PATA HAI (I know everything!),. She speaks only a few words of English at that time . She is too young to give her a suggestion that once you acquired this attitude you won’t be able to learn things in your life. so I put my philosophy of life aside . My friend told her if you want to tell this in English you have to say “I know everything” . when she say something to me or my wife or my friend or her wife , We all say same to her again and again she stopped he habit of saying the sentence .

She is very intelligent, like all kids in her generation. This happened always as each new  generation become more smart and intelligent because they have always greater resources at their disposal to learn.

one need to understand the plain fact of life is that one have limited knowledge and one can influence only a few over the limited span of life .Ones capability of learn is unlimited .We are born with tremendous brain power . it is establish fact 80% of the things we learnt in life we learn in first three years .Why we stop growing after that ? A new research suggested one can double the learning   if one tries to do .It means one can gain more knowledge over his or her life span . The Biggest Hurdle of learning is ,”I know everything .”

I found myself to stop telling to someone extra talk or providing extra knowledge if the other fellow told me, “I know everything “ .He may be expert on the subject. But my observance or perception of thing may be different. The other fellow lost the opportunity to listen to me. He has stopped contribution to his mind development .Every person has knowledge bank which he or she has created over a period of time. But if one say, I know everything, one deceive one’s mind to receive the different aspect of things.

If you just get rid of the habit – I know everything – I quite sure you will astonish to see the view point of others and you grow yourself. Mind observe and capture a lot of things when someone talk ,it not the  simple words ,Also if someone is talking he may be proving you crux  of hundreds  of articles or ten or twenty books .


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