How much oxygen you needed to be happy?

When I was in class sixth,I was living in Kullu with my parents , it is a hill station in Himcahal Pradesh (india).The Kullu valley is known as Devbhumi (land of gods) .This Vally is formed by river Beas . Air and water were very pure at that time .

I was moved from Primary school to Senior Secondary school. We had a regular yoga class once in a week in our school .Most of the students use that time for gossiping and playing fun games .Occasionally our yoga teacher dictate the small lecture on yoga and various Asnaas (Yogic Body Postures) .There was no credential examination for the yoga.

I still remember one thing .One day our yoga teacher ,asked us ,”Who want to be happy for full life?”.Most of us raise our hands .He said ,”Student ,god has given us free things to use. If we can utilize and take those things in life we will be always healthy and happy .Like water and air are in abundance .If you wanted to be happy and healthy,then you have to follow my advice .When you get up early in the morning drink two glass of water without brushing your teeth ,Go for morning walk or run and count 1-2—1-2—and for start first two steps take breath in and next two steps breath out the air .Air is composed of oxygen .and our blood need oxygen to clear our blood. More we inhale oxygen more our blood would be , Also 5 time just before of sunrise face the sun with open arms. Do SURYA NAMASKAAR Asana it gave you energy for the day

Now ,I am working on construction project site .We have to undergo to understand the safety risk assessment and to complete Job hazards assessment before we do or start any task or job. When I was attending one safety related task I come to aware that too lean oxygen environment or enriched environment are both not safe to work .if the percentage of oxygen is less than 19.5% it is risk of getting suffocation and if the oxygen content is more than 23.5% it added a risk of getting more prone to fire if some ignition source is around, being oxygen is inflammable in nature

Life is also like that .Too less or too more is always fatal. You need to be have balance each aspect of life with in permissible limits in order to sustain the constant growth and happiness. You can get quick success or results by putting 100% in one field but when you see your life as whole, you will recognize that you had missed something in other aspects of life . You can’t have too much involve yourself in spiritual goals, you can’t have too much personnel relations, You can’t have too much professional working life .Life is a balancing act. You must have some floats for doing the things .

I often make the big targets for me instead of make small manageable and achievable targets .And most of the time, I ended up by either partially or marginally completed my target. I found guilty in my own eyes. My self-respect diminishes my inner strength. I was once browsing through the internet and ,I came across beautiful line ,”If you can’t stand by one you will fall for everything “. Since then, I trust my own commitments and I make sure to make small goals and achieve those. I believe We are not super humans or machines that can’t susceptible to error , mistake or failures, we often get failures .I had tried several times to quit the smoking habit ,but most of the times I failed. Then I realise what are my triggers for this habit. I go a step further and analyse ,what goes inside my brain, at the time I have strong urge to smoke. I made a list and I keep watch for them and make sure giving no attention to those triggers ,  I eventually kill those triggers.

Nothing in this world was started as big .Every small thing starts from some seed or from small decision. The decisions are first conceived in your mind. The one who visualise and see the things before it happened are the one who separate themselves from a general head count of a country .All the extra ordinary things were ordinary at some point of time. People took a simple product and after slightly modifying it’s features  they got the new products or formulas .Also in history of mankind certain things were discovered due to mistake or failure .But they were big commercial hits e.g Choco-cookies , corn-flacks ,slinky ,penicillin pace maker ,potato chips x-rays ,fireworks etc. We still use them

My point of discussion is never afraid of doing the things .If you don’t take any action , things won’t turn themselves in your favor. It may be your relations, your material goal , your spiritual goals or anything else you desire. You have to clearly plan your targets, and plan your actions and then execute the plan.


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