Magic in You Series :20: Be Tough to you to became rEAL YOU…

I try to listed out a number of key things that you need in your life to be a better you . There are various small things when you make them a part of your daily routine .it create miracles in your life Characteristics you need to become a true YOU .

These small things help me to get rid of smoking, to become vegan, to start drinking 3 liter of water daily , challenge myself to wake up without any alarm. These seems small things in life . But small is always a beginning of big change . I am not doing or breaking my rules of life for others .I am making decision for myself because I want to change in my life .You can do the same .

Be a Army person on Mission You can’t afford time for bitching, moaning, whining or complaining – JUST COMPLETE THE MISSION.

You must identify the difference between routine and priority , A real man able to SEPARATE THE URGENT FROM THE UNNECESSARY.

You must be tough to make you TO GETUP EARLY, to do some extra to STOP THE TEMPTATIONS .You can only influence others if you can able to control yourself .

. A real man prides himself on his hygiene and impeccable manners.

You can take the risk and prove THAT THE DECISIONS YOU HAD MADE EARLIER WERE CORRECT . A real man take risks to advance. Believe in You and take decisions

You need to have a TOUGH TALK WITH YOU .

You should EMBRACES CHALLENGE to change You .

Changing YOU is the MOST difficult and EASIEST thing in the world

I took responsibility to change my financial situation .i am not looking for my rich relative or parents .I know MY FUTURE LIES ON MY OWN SHOULDERS.

One can decide to be happy or not to be happy, to appreciate or to complain .I decided in my life to laugh at me and share humor with others . because I learnt over the years that ,”A real man has a sense of humor and can laugh at himself.” Be tough on you ,Be the critic of you. You should be the one who accept the failure and keep moving ahead after learning from it

You have to BE TOUGH ON YOU TO STOP WASTING TIME and utilizing the same with your family and creative activities

Tree does not eat its Fruit , Cow does not drink its milk, God has given all resource free to us Appreciates his kindness of love life and respects those who help YOU SHOULD BE TOUGH IN STOPPING YOU TO SPREADING HATRED AND BELIEVE IN POWER OF GIVING AND SHARING


Be Tough to YOU to became a REAL man.


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