Next TARGET 9/11: Kill the Mosquitoes in Your life: Part I: Prologue

Today is 9 of September 2015 .It remind me the episode of mankind history 9/11 .History channel describe it as “It was the day of grief and day of courage”. But everyday give us reason to cry and smile .Life goes on it will be now 14th anniversary of the people who lost their lives .They were not only citizen of America but they were part of human race. I just want to dedicate this series to those got killed in the attack on humanity in 11 September 2001.

I just want to spread more awareness about deadliest disease Malaria .i just want to dedicate this to every child who is getting dead before celebrating their fifth birthday in Africa .

I am working on a Liquid Natural Gas LNG project in Australia. Like all construction jobs .I was employed on contract. I was given my assignment completion letter by my personnel department. It is in our company’s policy they give us letter before eight weeks; if they give us offer within three weeks for any other assignment one has to mandatory accept the offer. if one reject the offer some of the post completions bonus will be held . if they give us offer after that we have power to either accept or reject the offer .

I was planning to go to India Because of my family commitments, So I  was happy and sad at the same time .In order to disclose this to my wife in comic , I told this to my wife,” I got a gift from my company” . I received my assignments completion of my marriage anniversary. She asked me,” You are just joking, how does your company knows that it’s your marriage anniversary”. Still being a lady she is more interested in gift so she asked, “What is the gift “. I told her that I got the assignment completion letter and I may have to leave on 19 of December .She was happy she said now at last after a long year you can spend more time with me and kids.

On the following day I made my made my travel plans from Melbourne to India, as my company will only going to provide me expense from my point of hire. During Christmas time air tickets are really costly. I bought only one-way ticket it cost me just double the price. Our company’s head office is in Huston. One of executive has been assigned to me to help me out in getting or searching new assignment. My company has operation across the globe. We have in house vacancy portal.

Huston guy called me up and talked to me after 3 days it .There is time gap between Huston and Gladstone. But still he made call to me .he listen to me .he sought my preference like would you like to join immediately after this assignment? Do you have any geographical preferences? What role you think will be suitable for you? I sent him a mail to follow up

Hi ,xxxx

It was Nice to talk to you this morning (In Australia) and really appreciated you honest opinion and guidance. I think it will be a great help to be get involve with …….I am closely monitoring the vacancies in talent works. So far I have applied for

But I haven’t got any information or feedback .I will remain you intimated for whatever effort I will put up for my next assignment.

Wish you a good time…



After a couple of days that I got a mail from him, I was happy to see that he told me that there is opening in south Africa . Initially I hesitate in my mind but I than I made my mind , “ lets see it . “


I have good news from Angola. They would like you to join their project right away on a Short term assignment.  I will give you a call later today to discuss.

Best Regards,


I saw a hope to be relocated to a new assignment in Angola. I found that some of my colleague were already been to that project .They told me job site is Ok in Angola but you need to take the precaution about malaria .One of my colleague told me when you will reach there just be aware of mosquitoes and take the medicines regularly . I explore internet to find the information about the malaria and mosquitoes. I found very useful information and I would like to share with you in this series . You may be aware of some of the facts about it but refreshing knowledge and precautions is always better.


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