Magic in You Series : 4 : You should not wait for enough to start …there won’t be enough always.

I want to share small brief of great physics scientist Ernest Rutherford . He was born on 30 August 1891 at Spring Grove in rural Nelson, New Zealand to James Rutherford, a mechanic, and his wife, Martha Thompson, who had been the schoolteacher at Spring Grove. He was fourth in all of 12 siblings.

In 1919 ,When he was working at University of Cambridge’s Cavendish Laboratory , a group of US team of scientists visited him .They said ,”they were not impressed by the equipment “.

Rutherford’s emphasis was on Simple ideas and simple apparatus, but powerful, conclusive results. Simple, unpretentious appearances, but striking inferences. In 1997 , element 104 of periodic table was named after him “Rutherfordium “in order to recogainse his contribution to   science.

If he would have been waited for the perfect apparatus to be in place .then he will start experiments . Or if he had waited to have doctorate in his then he start experiments. We have numerous examples in sacristy / need or shortage of resources give birth to innovation . You should not wait for enough…there won’t be enough always.

I would be remained happy with good Government job in India ,But I said to me why can’t be now .When I will earn enough to build my emergency fund . I was paying my home loan since 2009 till 2014 . 60 to 70% of my loan payments were going to cover the bank interest only . The installment was 1/3rd of my of monthly earnings. I was thinking ,”Do I am working for me or for the Bank ?“. My wife was also working .I never asked her to contribute for family expenses .Still she was helping on regular expenses .I had a dream to make that true buried under my heart since ages .i want to make that true as well .I said to me now or never. I won’t wait for the things to be turned to right of in my favor. I decided for go to avail Ex-India leave and fly to Australia to explore the possibilities. I was Permanent resident since 2009 .Only went to Australia once since than with my wife and daughter for short visit in 2010 .After that I live with my family in india .Both of us have Government’s secured jobs .I decided to come to Australia in June 2014 to explore the unknown.

I stay with my ex-colleague of Excise and Taxation, Punjab in Melbourne. After one year now I had achieved the target what I was aimed for. Now I am free from debts I have build emergency fund for my family so that I can explore the field I had dreamt for long.

We all are driven by fear. The most common fear is fear of unknown . We don’t want to be out of our comfort zones . We are afraid of changes. Most of us are addicted to certainly. We don’t want to explore the unknown. People want to explore once they are fully equipped with all the guards on place. If on your body you have full iron armor and body if fully protected by heavy metal in order to protect you from hurt in the game of rugby would you be able to move or play. Believe me ,You won’t .

YOU should not wait for the perfect conditions .You should start taking actions. YOU should start making decisions. You should always try to go to the other side of the unknown, because grass is always growing on the other side. The opportunities are getting bigger and bigger everywhere .Don’t be afraid of failures thus stopping you to take actions. If you won’t take action someone else take….. because Ideas are not only conceived by you … it can come in someone else brain also. The winner is one who executes the idea…


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